Thursday, 26 November 2015

Competitive much?

Sometimes i don't understand. I rarely want to compete with people. Though when i do, i am very competitive. Usually it involves competitions or exams when you obviously need to switch on your competitive mode.

However, in just everyday life, i see nothing that appeals to me to become a competitive person. I don't see the need to compete in getting people's love and attention, i don't see the need to compete in winning people's heart, i don't see the need to compete in showing how nice and likeable i am to people around me.

I am basically happy with myself, my circle of people, my beliefs and where i am. I don't need people's assurance of what i should and shouldn't do in becoming a model stereotype lady.

I sincerely can't see what is there in me that people need to be so jealous about to actually compete with whatever i do. I am just being myself. Loud, annoying, sometimes chatty (or overly chatty..depends on how people see it really :p), easily agitated, too frank, not ladylike enough and many other not-so-wife-to-be-material characteristics.

Despite being all that, i am veryyy grateful to have people liking me for who i am. I don't ask everyone around to like me. There is no such thing, is there? Hence, when i have a friend who is always acting sweet in front of others but finding fault in me each time and not exactly that sweet towards me, as if trying to show that she is better off than me, i kinda feel weird.

What are you trying to prove actually Missie? Why are you always not happy with what i do and forever trying to show that you are always better in every single thing you do or have? Yes i might be annoying, but i don't bother you, do i? Can't you just be happy for me once in a while?

Oh's my birthday today and somehow that person's real self has been reflected clearly today. Though my sister always says, that she has seen that side of this friend of mine since long time ago.

Anyway, happy birthday to me. I love everyone around me who takes me for who i am. Also, thanks for the lovely wishes people! I feel loved ♡ hehe..

P/s: i miss my partner so much :( i wonder how you are doing there...

Friday, 20 November 2015

Perfect day

The sky was clear as the clouds drifted away. Giving way to the bright yellow sun to perfectly distribute its warmth.

Came then the friendly wind. Blowing gently onto our faces. Slowly wiping away the sweat that was about to trickle.

The leaves on trees collided among themselves. Making soothing sound to our ears which probably we didn't often hear.

Even the birds were chirping a melodious happy melody. As though they were enjoying the moment, equally as the both of us were.

Together we lay down on the grass that felt like a carpet. Neither it was sharp, nor it was wet. It was simply green, soft and comfy.

We gazed into the sky, the beautiful clear blue sky. Appreciating every moment of tranquility while breathing in slowly the freshness of the air.

And we closed our eyes. It was a perfect day.


As we opened again our eyes, the sun was already setting, the clouds were already nearing. The wind started blowing a bit stronger, giving the both of us a bit of shiver.

The green grass turning dark, as the sky was slowly losing its light.

Although such moment was brief, it was not the end. We both know that another perfect day shall come again.

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Reminiscing through old notes

I am right now waiting for Isya' prayer at the office. Have a lot of readings to do but I am giving myself a little break. Hence, I browsed my old notes at my Facebook account. I figured that I was quite active with my Facebook back then. And it seems like I was quite excited to write some real lengthy stuff about myself there. >.<

Phew.. Just take a look at what I wrote:


Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.

(To do this, go to “notes” under tabs on your profile page, paste these instructions in the body of the note, type your 25 random things, tag 25 people (in the right hand corner of the app) then click publish.)

lots of people have tagged me. hurm, so here goes~

1 - i am a muslim, and proud of it.

2 - i love my family and i would give my life for them. ayah, mami, kak aini, abe!!!! i miss all of u!!! iqa nak balik!!! huhuhu

3 - i can talk very fast in one breath, without stopping! (somebody! plz stop me)

4 - i love cats!!! they dont have to be siamese cats or persian cats, just normal cats are cute enough... owww... i miss my cats!!!!!

5 - i like when people say my name when talking to me. i seriously do! :P

6 - friends come next after my family.

7 - and i learn to appreciate them as much as they appreciate me.

8 - i love travelling!! i really dont mind spending much money to see the world.

9 - i am a nature lover~! jangan tak caya!! im serious!

10 - i love the sea!! i can sit by the beach doing nothing just to relax and enjoy the beauty of life. oh, and i enjoy watching sunset!!!~ sangat cantik! ^_~

11- soothing and sentimental songs are nice! (dygta best!)

12- personally i feel old songs are much better. that's why im still stuck with the 80's and 90's songs.

13- i have moved to a lot of places since small. i have been to johor bharu, kelana jaya(yeke?), ttdi, malacca (oh, i miss skjpians so much >_

14- i am now studying in kobe university and i love it here! kobe is such a great place to be in. not too kampung yet not too crowded. just nice!

15- i am so glad to have such great company in kobe. fridays are the best!! ske main ping pong ngan korang~!! saturdays and sundays are great too, especially when we can get together. dear kobeians!! u guys are my family here!! thanks so much!

16- i love malaysian food!!! especially spicy food. podeh, sodap! nyum2! sambal belacan is my favourite. sambal belacan kedai sila rasa in UM sangat besh! ^_^

17- i love sports!! though im not that athletic. hehe... i contributed so little to perwira back in school years. but i really enjoy basketball! badminton!! ping pong!! and juge, futsal, kalau ade lagi... hehe

18- my mood depends on the weather. at times! heheh... i smile widely as i wake up early in the morning if the sun shines brightly. (utk kes tido balik pas subuh, ok!)

19- i can talk on the phone for hours. it's easier, and less confusing compared to sms.

20- i got stuck here, not knowing what else to write.

21- i kinda feel like a loser talking about myself. hahahah.... tapape....

22- i think i was so poyo, grayo, gile kuasa when i was in primary school. especially when i became a prefect.

23- i am postive that i am more mature now. heheh (does anyone want to second this?)

24- i was so selebet(selekeh) during my school days. somebody said so. hahaha... i admit it. but hey, i am still selebet now! not much difference though.

25- i try to live in the present, but of course, the past would not be forgotten. time flies, so i wil try to live life to the fullest. appreciate everything around while we still have the time to do so ^_~

yey! tamat! penat dah

(those who are tagged, feel free to do this tag. tapi, kalau malas takpe ;P)


I smiled the whole time I read through this note. It sure is funny how much I have changed since then.

Or, haven't I? :P

Monday, 9 November 2015

To be happy

To be happy is to be able to enjoy little things in life,
To be happy is to feel contented with whatever things we have.

To be happy is to be able to love and feel loved by people around,
To be happy is to always feel secure, and to be safe and sound.

To be happy is not always about the things we earn,
But to be happy is to be able to smile without any reason.

To be happy is not how our success is being shared,
But to be happy is to feel good without being compared.

Either to be happy or to be sad,
Is a choice that we have always had.

Be happy and be grateful,
It shall be a life that will always rule.

Monday, 26 October 2015

There is always hope

I guess when people already have some perception of you, even before you can answer their query, they have probably sketched a plot of how you might answer and how they are going to reply.

There is no use trying to give an impression when people have already put that judgement on you way before you are given any chance to win their heart.

This judgemental attitude is difficult for some people to get rid of. Maybe only someone superior can talk to them and let them open up their mind to have a change in perspective.

However, I do believe that somehow...

There is always hope for a person to change.

There is always space for acceptance.

There is always room for improvement.

And there is always time for a heart to heal.

Wednesday, 21 October 2015


It sure is funny when people keep on changing their minds. Especially when they keep on justifying their own words to make them look like they didn't mean it such way.

It's especiallly fun to see how people twist and turn their own words. When at the end, their words are used again by the other party to go against them.

To win the battle, they just have to be creative. And.. to have loaaads of practice.

Good luck people. Good luck in convincing others!

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Big Bang Theory

Have you ever experienced one of those days that nothing seems to go right?

Yesterday, on Saturday the 17th of October, I started my day with my usual basketball session with my brother. I lost the game, which wasn't really a big disappointment to me, but after coming home, I decided not to have my breakfast coz I had to rush for my nephew's aqiqah at Bangi. There I was feeling a bit hungry and not stable, I slammed the door at my back before leaving the house, realising my fourth finger got stuck at the door.

My sweet little finger, was screaming in pain. *or was i imagining things?*

Trying not to swear much, I rushed to my car and drove off to pick up my partner for the aqiqah. Right before reaching his place, I gave a call to reconfirm his location. After putting down the phone, I started to drive again and heard a LOUD screeching sound coming from the left side of my car. Yes, I had just scratched my precious precious car at the evil devider which I didn't see well enough. *cries*

Feeling hungry, angry, down and eveything you could think of, off we went to Bangi once my partner jumped into the car. Luckily he drove and I sat grumpily next to him, secretly feeling glad he brought along some energy bar for me. While munching away, we started to talk and talk. I was cool again and feeling glad to have someone who was cool enough to accept my unstable state at that moment.

Alhamdulillah the aqiqah went well. Met some family and good food was served, so I was okay again. We left my brother-in-law's house and went to the surau nearby for Zohor prayer. Oh so when I thought everything was going well, something just had to happen.

Guess what? After i changed my outfit to something more comfortable to be worn the whole day, I went to the mirror to adjust my scarf only realising some guys entered the toilet. I was thinking at that particular time: "err... why are they here? There must be some problem with their toilet that they have to come in here". Gosh, how wrong could I be? Just a few seconds later it struck me that it was ME who got the signs wrong!!

So apparently all these guys had been waiting for me the whole time when i was changing my outfit. Oh the humiliation!! Thank God I am the type who can keep a straight face, so there I was walking out slowly towards the right toilet..... ughhhh...

Anyway, after that eventful morning/afternoon, I tried to put everything behind and just enjoy the day. Despite me having a slight headache that we had to find some actifast, my partner and I had the best day ever pretending to be tourists. We took the bus, the train, walked at touristy areas, took videos and pictures, and ended our day at one of the most glamorous events of the year: Citrawarna2015.

I couldn't have asked for more. That was my first time spending more than 5 hours at Dataran Merdeka. The crowd was huge, the performance was stunning, and the experience was once in a life time. We got there as early as 5.30pm and we got the chance to eat at the food truck festival, sing with the performers at the chillax corner on the huge bean bags, watch Mud the Musical for free (although we had watched it previously at the Dewan Bandaraya), receive some goodie bags for free, and watch the awesome performances on the big stage introducing Malaysian culture.

Around 10.15pm I was getting a bit tired and we decided to leave the crowd. Right before calling the uber to get back to where we parked our car, we decided to take a look again at the food from the food trucks, only realising the fireworks were starting to shoot right on top of our heads! It was beautiful and I was stunt. I was mainly speechless because we were at the right spot at the right time with not many people around us. That was my first time being at the right spot for fireworks.

I remember when I was a student either at Japan or London, each time I had to go for Hanabi or Bonfire events, I had to struggle to find a good place in order to enjoy the beauty of the fireworks. But yesterday, we were simply lucky to be at that spot where the crowd was behind us and no cars were on that road since it was closed for the event, hence making me feel sooo comfortable and free to enjoy the beauty of the colourful fireworks without being blocked by anything or anyone. The fireworks were shooting right on top of our heads!!

Seriously, though my day started quite bad i must say, it turned out to be one of the most memorable days of my life. Well, no doubt having a good company is also important in creating such memory. :p

Thanks to you, my #1 listener, no matter how my day started, it somehow ended with a bang! A BIG, HUGE BANG! :*



Friday, 18 September 2015

True friends are hard to find

Sometimes I feel like hugging my best friends for being so supportive. Be it in voicing out their opinions or ideas on any possible issues I have ever raised, they always know the right things to say. However, since most of them are very far away from me, the least I can do is to give them a virtual hug or some smileys through our whatsapp conversations. :P

Many a time I feel like ranting about some weird things which to me, are merely petty issues. However, despite the pettiness of the issue, they never really ignore my problems but instead give me their never ending support.

A normal acquaintance might just give some general statement to the issues I raise due to the unattached feeling she or he has to me.

However, true friends will make sure I feel good, loved, not abandoned and confident in myself. True friends make time and shall never come up with excuses.

Thanks darlings. You all know who you are! :) *hugs*

Monday, 24 August 2015

Let it go for real

One of the posts that I have in my draft is entitled 'Strangers Again.' Somehow I couldn't bring myself to publish it, neither could I finish the entry, to be honest. It has been in my draft for a few months already.

I do understand that sometimes we are reminded of our past unconsciously. When we walk pass an area that we are quite used to visit, when we listen to songs that we once played over and over again, or due to any other occurrences that might transport ourselves to the past.

To be fair, I am reminded of my past quite frequently and that heart twinging feeling occurs quite often. However, I can't find a good reason for me to talk about it to other people, so I somehow just write somewhere that only I have access to it.

I feel that I rather not burden anybody else with any history that I have. Though I have no problem opening up if people ask me directly or sincerely want to know about it as I think it is better to know things like this directly from me rather than to get the source from a third party.

Somehow, isn't it weird if we keep mentioning of our past rather than living in the present?

Don't blame people if they think you are weird of not letting go of your past. Everybody has their own old stories. Whether the old stories are to be kept or to be shared is one's choice. I just feel that only when the time is right, the stories might be brought up.

And only, if it is to the interest or for the benefit of the listeners.

Gambar sekadar hiasan :p

Saturday, 15 August 2015


Some people when they are tired they are easily agitated. Even nothing can turn into something. Even when u are smiling they might see like u are scowling. Which ever way, let them eat first. Or else, u might be eaten instead.

Famous phrase: A hungry man is an angry man.