Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Little things

Last night I had a dream of revisiting a place that I really love upon an invitation. I saw familiar faces at the room, and I realised that the same team we had previously was also invited for the second time.

The difference was however, everyone there didn't seem happy to be there. No smiles on their faces that it got me thinking (yes, thinking in the dream) that people tend to be ungrateful the second time we receive the same thing.

It then got me thinking this morning, how true my dream was. Isn't it right to say that when we get something easily, we tend to be less excited and harder to be pleased?

I remember being happy over the little things like getting my favourite biscuits from my parents, playing at the playground, being read a story book by my mother, or even being in the car just looking at the lights of KL at night while my dad was driving.

Now, even when we have the money to buy things or to move around, the joy to have something is not as much as when we were much younger and more difficult to get it.

Sigh... How I wish people can start feeling like a kid. Maybe with that we will all be more grateful towards everything.

Kids... They know how to amuse themselves even without money..

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Do we need a reminder for everything?

I don't know how people prioritise things. I thought people will always know what should be done first and what can wait.

There are things that we do not need any reminder. Especially things that are really important to our lives. Or our hereafter.

I can't imagine not going to an important exam if my mother doesn't remind me to go to go the exam hall on the exam day.

I can't imagine not waking up early to prepare for important meetings if my boss does not remind me to do so.

It is MY responsibility. That is something I SHOULD DO despite being reminded or not.

But then again, people might not prioritise what we think is important. Maybe what is important to us, is not that important to them.


Sunday, 31 December 2017

To another great year! InsyaAllah

The highlight of 2017 came a bit late. It was in August and September whereby I went to the holiest city with my hubby for Hajj. Yes, indeed it was a beautiful opportunity for the both of us. 

I just can't believe how lucky I am to be one of the chosen ones to perform one of the 5 pillars of Islam this particular year. To be able to perform Hajj while we are still young is a true blessing.

I definitely hope that the coming years will be as great or even better for my family and I. I am really really looking forward for next year as you might have read in one of my previous posts. PROJECT 2018 is going to be my next focus.

Wish me luck people! 

Hugs and kisses! Xoxo

As per usual! My 2017 #bestnine 

Thursday, 28 December 2017

Love is all that I need :)

I am indeed a lucky girl.

I might not have what my other friends at my age currently have i.e. big salary, pretty handbags, expensive makeup sets or even a child yet, but I know that what I have now is so much valuable than what I can ever imagine having many years back.

And that, is to have the love from people around me.

You know how people think once you are a grown up, you may not get that much attention from people anymore? From what I experience, I receive just as much love from my parents as how much I received many many years ago when I was a kid.

I am not so sure if it is merely due the fact that I am the last child or I am still a little baby girl in my dad's eyes, my dad will never allow me to go anywhere alone and do things that might be harmful to me.

The other day, I told my dad that I was going to step out of the car for a while to top up the touch n go card. To my surprise, my dad accompanied me just to make sure I was okay. It was not even a quiet area with suspicious looking  people around. We were only at RnR Sungai Buloh and the touch n go booth was very near to where our car was parked but my dad still insisted to accompany me just in case anything bad might happen.

Terharu gila..

In another instance, I was driving back home from the office one evening and I saw my parents' car at Duta Toll. They were driving back home from Mid Valley. As they saw my car, they wound down the window to wave at me. I thought that was it, and I just drove home as usual. However, as I was driving, I could see from my mirrors that my parents' car was behind mine. And guess what, each time I wanted to change lanes, my dad would cover the lane for me. They were actually taking care of me on the road even when we were not in the same car.

Sobs... terharu lagi..

My mom, being a good mom as she is, she is always concerned of my well being. Everyday without fail she will ask of the happenings in my office, and she always remembers every little detail that I have told her even of the things I have told her from 10 years ago. (Mom's memory is just scary). Till at my age, she always cares of the little little things about me such as what bedsheet I want to use next, what dress I want to wear for an event, and even if i have a good toilet brush in my toilet. Yes, she cares about me that much...

Huhuhu... You don't know how much I love you ayah and mummy!!


The love that I receive doesn't stop there. Now that I am married, the love from a husband might be normal. (This part i can write an entry on its own, hoping that all the readers won't vomit.. hahahah). But I am indeed super lucky because I have lovely lovely in-laws.

Each time I spend time with my husband's family, I feel at ease and never at any point of my life, I have felt like an outsider. My husband has the friendliest brothers, sisters, and to top that, my parents-in-law are the most generous and have the kindest of hearts. And I sincerely love them to the core.

I remember the first time I went to Kuching, not one person, but I guess 5 different people actually whispered to me, saying how lucky I am to have Mak and Bapak as my parents-in-law because they really are nice people. I can see in their eyes how they really mean what they said.

Once in a while when I drive alone in the car, I have my eyes wet thinking of how lucky I am to be blessed with caring and beautiful people in my life.

2016 and 2017 have been really meaningful to me in terms of knowing my family and my hubby's family more. Nothing more can I say except to be very very grateful of this partifular gift from Allah.

ALHAMDULILLAH YA ALLAH.. ALHAMDULILLAH... Aku bersyukur atas segala kurniaan Kau dan Kau lindungi dan rahmatilah keluargaku dan keluarga suamiku sentiasa Ya Allah. :)

Thursday, 21 December 2017

Self reflect

Once in a while, I give myself some time to think of what my presence means to some. How I affect other people's lives or how they see myself.

I am very much aware of how much I have changed through all these years. To be honest, I think I like myself a little bit more back then compared to recent days.

I remember how much more energetic, happy-go-lucky and positive I was a few years back. To be precise, when I was a student. I guess time has made me more mature and taught me to take things more seriously.

Now, people may see me as someone older than my real age and a that's a bummer. Is that what working life makes us all look? Old and boring? Ugh..

As I get older, I realise that when people say a thing or two, and start blaming me for some things I may not have control of, I might take offense and keep my distance a bit from that person. As absurd as it may sound, I might even be quiet and say less things around the person..It might not be for a long time, probably for just a day or two, but it does affect my whole personality.

I don't remember being easily offended when I was a student. Those days I might just move on to another friend and ignore the stupidity of things that happen around me at that time.

Now I give myself too much space I guess. The space to think and take it to the heart. I know this is just some sort of a stupid rant, but isn't self reflect is what we all should be practising?

Anywayyyy.. As my personality starts shifting from one to another, my spirit actually came back to life just a while ago upon hearing from someone quite neutral that I am an energetic and happy-go-lucky person.

WOW.. That's just like a boost that I haven't got for quite some time.

I guess I should keep that in my mind rather than other negative comments. That sure is one good impression for me to build my Project 2018. :)

Sunday, 17 December 2017

Robot or Human?

Just a week ago I went to Global Entrepreneurship Community Summit 2017 at KLCC. I find the event really interesting and beneficial to a lot of people in different industries.

The talk which I liked the most was the one that shared about Artificial Intelligence. The speaker explained to us how everything now may be considered a computer. Even us human is a living computer.

Every little expression, movement and act we do can be recorded and become a data which is useful for our future. We might one day have a life that is fully digitalised where robots are doing all the jobs that we do today.

And that, may be a bit scary don't you think?

We used to think that robots can't really do what us humans may do emotionally. We think robots are programmed to only do the scientific and critical thinking jobs.

What we may not realise is that the robots are now trained to be more like humans. In that talk, the speaker said that robots can even play poker now. Something that we thought only humans may be good at which is to bluff others, the robots apparently can do it too.

We thought robots can't conquer the right brain, but in Japan, a pre-programmed robot has unknowingly joined a writing contest and got top 5.

Hurm.. I won't be surprised if one day we may even have a robot composer and song writer where the song would become a hit.

It is apparent from the event that people are a bit nervous of the idea that robots become more human to the extend that they might take over our world all together.

But truthfully, I had something else in my mind...

With less interaction with other people, less emotion and more programmed to the daily life, don't you think that actually humans are becoming more like robots?

Something to ponder..

Sunday, 10 December 2017

Back down to Earth

When I feel low, I realise that I should just put my head or feet even lower.. Yes, lower, as in lower myself to the ground. :)

Somehow green colour of the Earth does give me some peaceful feeling that is indescribable.

Find le hubby in this photo :p

I am indeed very much in love with Nature. Alhamdulillah for the ability to see, smell and listen to the nature. I know that I am soo soo blessed. :)

Indulging the fresh air at KL Perdana Botanical Garden. Perhaps you guys should join me someday? ;)

Thursday, 30 November 2017

Find Happiness in Whatever You Do

Open instagram: A friend is in Europe.

Open Facebook: A friend is taking a flight to Japan.

Open instastory: Friends eating burger and lobster in London.

More in instagram: Some people are taking a stroll in Dubai.

Okay.. it seems like all these posts at social media just make me feel left out. *sigh*

Anyway, I thought of having some good relaxing staycation during hubby and my birthday last weekend (yes, we share same birthday week. 23rd and 26th Nov by the way :p), but we ended just lazying at home on that weekend..

Since I no longer have any annual leave left, I am now just trying to be positive by only looking at the positive sides of my everyday life. :)

A cup of coffee at home with my family is just as fulfilling as having coffee in London coffee shops. ♡

Eating good food at home is just as good as having big dinner or lunch in some European countries. ♡

And driving in KL overlooking the tall green trees is just as fun as driving in New Zealand. :)

Nope, I am not exaggerating.

Things do seem more interesting when we put our minds into it.

To those who are on a holiday, enjoy your free time. And those who will only work till new year like me, never take small2 things for granted. Remember that if you are born interesting, nothing around you can make you feel otherwise. :)

Good food with good company is enough to make a happy ME. :)

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Project 2018

Since I came back from Hajj, I haven't got the chance to update this little corner of mine. Work has been rather on the busy side, which I am totally happy about because that means we have the business running well. Alhamdulillah.

The only down side is I have one of my good subordinates resigning during my absence. Shitty things do happen once in a while and I know I just have to accept it. As much as I am affected by her move, I am sure our boss is even more disappointed. But who am I to say anything to her.

I know very well of her reasons of leaving, but once she said it's what her husband wants, what else can we in the company say?

Redha je la..

So here I am, getting a wee bit stressed out of taking over her work while at the same time doing my own files.

I think it's just about the right time for me to start thinking of my future. Family and many friends have pushed me towards my own goal that I am becoming more determined to achieve it soon.

So let me call it, PROJECT 2018.

It seems like my learning process has to speed up and let's us all hope this big project becomes a reality.

InsyaAllah.. amin :)

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Safety first

In regard to one shocking news of tahfiz school that has been the talk of the town, I can see two types of people. 1, a group that says that safety feature is a MUST and 2, a group that is saying that people of group 1 are simply bashing tahfiz schools to their own benefit.

Most of the people in group 2 are pro tahfiz schools. Some might even come from there, or some even plan to send their kids to study there.

I have nothing against tahfiz schools. I know many successful people from there and I can say without a doubt, being a hafiz/hafizah has so much benefit. Even I hope I can become a hafizah myself one day.

The only thing is how group 2 people are being sensitive and defensive. It is in fact a fact that most tahfiz schools (I say most because I know some are really well maintained) are not well equipped with safety features. And that is DANGEROUS and sad.

The issue raised was merely on the safety feature and even our firemen have mentioned it. It is never an issue of blaming the owner of the tahfiz being the cause of the fire.

I find it's funny that some even agrees and starts sharing when this one guy wrote:

"Selepas punca sebenar di dedahkan, akhirnya Allah tunjukkan siapa yang bertanggungjawab. Allah muliakan Us Zahid Mahmood Al Hafiz."

Hurm... group 1 people did not say the owner started the fire did they? From what I see, people are angry that it is PERCEIVED as if he takes this issue lightly by saying that the kids mati syahid.

So, I guess we should still stick to the issue of safety here. Don't get carried away by emotion just because we probably do not favour the person that comes out with a certain statement.

p/s: I personally feel that it is better to have your own view than reading an article somewhere and agree to it and thereafter tell people as if it is your own view. Especially those who love to copy and paste or forward personal view articles. Please think before you send.