Sunday, 10 December 2017

Back down to Earth

When I feel low, I realise that I should just put my head or feet even lower.. Yes, lower, as in lower myself to the ground. :)

Somehow green colour of the Earth does give me some peaceful feeling that is indescribable.

I am so much in love with Nature. Alhamdulillah for the ability to see, smell and listen to the nature. I am soo soo blessed. :)

Indulging the fresh air at KL Perdana Botanical Garden. Perhaps you guys should join me someday? ;)

Thursday, 30 November 2017

Find Happiness in Whatever You Do

Open instagram: A friend is in Europe.

Open Facebook: A friend is taking a flight to Japan.

Open instastory: Friends eating burger and lobster in London.

More in instagram: Some people are taking a stroll in Dubai.

Okay.. it seems like all these posts at social media just make me feel left out. *sigh*

Anyway, I thought of having some good relaxing staycation during hubby and my birthday last weekend (yes, we share same birthday week. 23rd and 26th Nov by the way :p), but we ended just lazying at home on that weekend..

Since I no longer have any annual leave left, I am now just trying to be positive by only looking at the positive sides of my everyday life. :)

A cup of coffee at home with my family is just as fulfilling as having coffee in London coffee shops. ♡

Eating good food at home is just as good as having big dinner or lunch in some European countries. ♡

And driving in KL overlooking the tall green trees is just as fun as driving in New Zealand. :)

Nope, I am not exaggerating.

Things do seem more interesting when we put our minds into it.

To those who are on a holiday, enjoy your free time. And those who will only work till new year like me, never take small2 things for granted. Remember that if you are born interesting, nothing around you can make you feel otherwise. :)

Good food with good company is enough to make a happy ME. :)

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Project 2018

Since I came back from Hajj, I haven't got the chance to update this little corner of mine. Work has been rather on the busy side, which I am totally happy about because that means we have the business running well. Alhamdulillah.

The only down side is I have one of my good subordinates resigning during my absence. Shitty things do happen once in a while and I know I just have to accept it. As much as I am affected by her move, I am sure our boss is even more disappointed. But who am I to say anything to her.

I know very well of her reasons of leaving, but once she said it's what her husband wants, what else can we in the company say?

Redha je la..

So here I am, getting a wee bit stressed out of taking over her work while at the same time doing my own files.

I think it's just about the right time for me to start thinking of my future. Family and many friends have pushed me towards my own goal that I am becoming more determined to achieve it soon.

So let me call it, PROJECT 2018.

It seems like my learning process has to speed up and let's us all hope this big project becomes a reality.

InsyaAllah.. amin :)

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Safety first

In regard to one shocking news of tahfiz school that has been the talk of the town, I can see two types of people. 1, a group that says that safety feature is a MUST and 2, a group that is saying that people of group 1 are simply bashing tahfiz schools to their own benefit.

Most of the people in group 2 are pro tahfiz schools. Some might even come from there, or some even plan to send their kids to study there.

I have nothing against tahfiz schools. I know many successful people from there and I can say without a doubt, being a hafiz/hafizah has so much benefit. Even I hope I can become a hafizah myself one day.

The only thing is how group 2 people are being sensitive and defensive. It is in fact a fact that most tahfiz schools (I say most because I know some are really well maintained) are not well equipped with safety features. And that is DANGEROUS and sad.

The issue raised was merely on the safety feature and even our firemen have mentioned it. It is never an issue of blaming the owner of the tahfiz being the cause of the fire.

I find it's funny that some even agrees and starts sharing when this one guy wrote:

"Selepas punca sebenar di dedahkan, akhirnya Allah tunjukkan siapa yang bertanggungjawab. Allah muliakan Us Zahid Mahmood Al Hafiz."

Hurm... group 1 people did not say the owner started the fire did they? From what I see, people are angry that it is PERCEIVED as if he takes this issue lightly by saying that the kids mati syahid.

So, I guess we should still stick to the issue of safety here. Don't get carried away by emotion just because we probably do not favour the person that comes out with a certain statement.

p/s: I personally feel that it is better to have your own view than reading an article somewhere and agree to it and thereafter tell people as if it is your own view. Especially those who love to copy and paste or forward personal view articles. Please think before you send.

Saturday, 19 August 2017

Not feeling well

The average temperature in Madinah and Makkah is around 40 degrees Celsius. I was okay in Madinah but I got a bit of fever and runny nose before pushing off to Makkah. But it was still under control.

When I arrived in Makkah, I got a bad cough. It is continuous till now and each time I cough, I can feel the temperature increases. Panadols after panadols have been consumed and bottles of water have been taken to cool down my fever.

At this point, I just miss my mother.

I miss going to masjid with her and I miss having her checking on me when I am not well.

Right after I posted this write up, my mom asked me of my well being here :'( right on cue

Can You Please Say Thank You and Please?

The moment I see someone who uses "please", "sorry" , and "thank you" often in conversation, he gains my respect.

When there is none, it is just a shame.

Such a pity that people can't change overnight. 

Friday, 11 August 2017

Amalan sunnah

Sometimes I just wonder why people would prefer something that is not sunnah. If we have a choice, shouldn't we go for what Rasulullah does?

I am not in the mood to talk what is bid'ah and what is not (don't want to be called wahabbi). But i just think it is logical if we do something when there is a clear Hadis saying that Rasulullah indeed said or performed a certain something.

Utamakan lah yang sunnah dulu.

Amik contoh senang, kalau tiba2 orang kata "Jom kita puasa sunat at least 3 kali seminggu. Taknak terhad isnin khamis je. Jom tambah, isnin khamis n sabtu? Kita amalkan sama2. Lagipun takkan orang nak marah kita sebab kita puasa? Puasa kan amalan yang baik."


"Puasa 6 hari je di bulan Syawal? Buat lah 8. Tiap2 tahun kita buat 8 hari.. bagi lebih sikit. Kan bagus.."

Apa perasaan kita kat orang2 yang tokok tambah ni? Kita jangan fikir apa kita tambah tu walaupun nampak baik adalah baik. Kalau baik, Rasulullah mesti dah buat awal awal lagi.

Ingatlah, apa yang Rasulullah ajarkan kita, itu lah yang sebaik baiknya.

Jadi, renung2kan lah dan selamat beramal.

P/S: Don't call me wahabbi. I just like people showing me some hadis sahih first before teaching me something just because it's what other people use to do in certain areas. There are still soo many hadis sahih that we haven't followed, then why should we go for something that is not sunnah?

Monday, 7 August 2017

New date!

Alhamdulillah.. we just got our flight details. Alhamdulillah my passport and visa issue has settled. Our new flight date to Madina is 8th August 2017 but we will have to check in tonight at 9.05pm.

Previously we get 52 days at Tanah Suci. But with this new date, we get 58 days!! Yayyy Alhamdulillah our rezeki :)

Though I have to extend my holiday for about 2 weeks, it doesn't matter! Cuti tanpa gaji pun takpe lah.. I am just happy that we can perform our Hajj ;)

Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah <3 p="">

Saturday, 5 August 2017

The 1 out of 51

Thursday, 3 August 2017

Our first real test

Real test has begun for hubby and I.

Flight is delayed to a later date. We will get a call as soon as they get us into a flight. Or once visa problem is addressed. Main problem, i still dont know.

Got stranded at Kompleks TH Kelana Jaya last night and we ended up being placed at Grand Blue Wave Hotel. About 50 of us missed last night's flight.

Apparently a lot of other people have been waiting for their turns too. Some even have waited for 8 days.

But i can see that TH is trying their best to settle this problem. Hoping for the best and really hope we can fly out soon..


Please pray for us..