Friday, 25 December 2009

reporting from hong kong

sleepless night.

yeah, i had one last night. normally i have no problem getting to sleep, but yesterday was a different story. all my senses and organs worked perfectly well. i mean, overly well and beyond their needs. okay, let me explain.

my eyes had captured all the lights it could possibly capture and i could see everything perfectly clear in the dark gray night.

my ears had successfully sensed all the voices and noises which i cant normally hear during the days. i could hear every single motorcycles that passed my apartment, the footsteps of my neighbours,the cracking sounds of the windows, the water leaking from outside the window, the clock ticking (damn, it was annoying. it was consistently ticking. i mean, every single second!...... oh, i forgot that it was called a clock >.<).

my skin felt as dry as my lips and my throat.

my nose was breathing in cold air which wasn't comforting at all.

my heartbeat was faster than usual. (i could almost here my own heartbeat).

my stomach was growling like mad. ( oh dearie little tummy, didn't u just have a buffet for dinner?? what else could u be wishing for??............nasi beriyani.......)

and most of all, my brain was at the most productive state, if i must say. it had been giving me loads and loads of flashbacks, dreams, hopes, memories and everything. oh, i even decided that i should try being a wakil rakyat when i grow up. (whoa, at the most weird time, and all of a sudden i got a new ambition??? baaaah!!)

ok, so it was yesterday night's story. a sleepless night christmas eve. like seriously, i only had maybe 15 minutes of sleep. anyhow, now, im in hong kong, transiting for malaysia. feeling completely different. fully energetic, extremely excited, anxious, and so looking forward for............tomorrow!!!!! my sister's wedding. in half an hour, my flight is departing to malaysia!! weeee~~~

p/s: merry Christmas to all my christian friends!!!!

p/p/s; happy birthday mala!!!!! my bff!!!!

p/p/p/s: thanks to my lovely neighbours, izyan and ashfa for the wake up messages. i was still quite wide awake when izyan's msg came in. hehehe. when i got ashfa's msg at 5.10am, i was neither here nor there. and i only woke up when suddenly one of my alarms went: 'gemuuuuuk!! banguuuun!!!!! gemuuuuk!!! gemuuuuk!!!!' >.<

ok.... that's my brother's voice. i've been using it as my alarm for almost a year now. huhu, abe, please be proud. though you are always so faraway, i practically hear your voice everyday!!! heheh ;)

p/p/p/p/s: oh, and of course, happy holidays everyone!!!!! (can anybody tell me what p/s actually means???)

blogging off!

Friday, 18 December 2009

how do you like your winter?

i kinda disliked winter when i was in my first year in japan. i hardly survived outside or even inside my house. wonder why? because i had no heater of my own at that time. there is only one heater/aircond inside my housemate's room. we just moved into our present house and at that time i was so determined to wait for a hand-me-down heater from my senior who would be leaving for malaysia in a few months from then.

yeah, call me cheapskate. T_T served me right for being one as i had the worst winter of my life. i wore just as thick inside and outside the house. i would be wrapping myself with mofus and futons and swinging myself back and forth, having my hands under my armpits, while sitting on the floor of my housemate's room, trying very hard to focus on my studies. at times i would be hugging a jug of hot water to warm myself up. heh, by the time i poured the water into the cup, it was no longer hot. >.<

so now, i feel more at ease having my own heater. (oh, it is actually from my senior... ;P) no more hugging hot jugs, sleepless nights and mofus and futons all over my body. and the great thing is, i am getting more positive towards winter.

i like winter because.......

i do not have to worry about my clothings! no point wearing cute blouses as they can't be seen through the thick coats. all i have to do is to have more variety of coats/winter clothings. i very much enjoy this because i am too lazy to iron my clothes. or even my tudungs! you will see me wearing more pashminas than normal tudung during this season due to my laziness! LOL

so, how do you like your winter?

i hope you like yours coz i definitely like mine! =)

winter in the UK

2nd year winter in ebina

Monday, 7 December 2009

hello and goodbye

i can still remember
the day we met
i smiled and you smiled
we exchanged hellos
so much we talked about
suddenly it was time for bed

days and months and even years passed
we were so close
people thought we were inseparable
you gave me strength
i gave you hope
we supported each other
even we thought we were inseparable

no matter how dark
and how gloomy some days were
our friendship was alive and bright
that everyday looked shiny and full of light
the spark in our eyes showed
you cared for me
and i wanted the best for you

hellos will always end with goodbyes
it was equally hard for the both of us
well, who are we to decide
as all that we could do
was to stay forever in each other's heart

i am here you are there
though things are different in many ways
i'm hoping you are fine in everything you do
and i am pretty sure
you are thinking the same way too

this one goes to all my friends whom i miss so much! (if you think i miss you, then this is definitely dedicated to you. ;P)

Friday, 27 November 2009

a big THANK YOU to you.... yeah, YOU!

i know i should be sleeping by now. but i just dont feel like going to bed yet. too many happenings and yet i havent updated my blog as i am supposed to do. feeling a little bit worried and at the same time feeling bad for abandoning my blog, i decided to be here. yeah, writing a little something. at least. (but i guess it could turn out to be a very long post.... oh well, who cares. hehe)

so yesterday was my birthday, and today, is our hari raya haji!! salam eidul adha to all mulims in the whole world!!! =)

actually, before my birthday, seriously i felt a bit depressed at home as i just got back from a quite long and laid back holiday with my girlfriends in saitama and also a night in tokai. thanks to my ever good friends, jua, pekah n shera for spending ur time with me!!!! and yeah, not forgetting jimu and apek! it really was quite a holiday. 5 great days!! ^___^

those lovely days really meant a lot to me as as at that time i had a really strong reason just to be out of kobe. hahaha! and it really turned out to be one of the best holidays ever. the moment i arrived at jua's place, i was soOo surprised to be celebrated with a candled birthday cake. awww.... that was real sweet of u guys to prepare such surprise. :')

huda, jua, me n pekah at jua's place~

i dont think i will write too much as what ive mentioned earlier on, that blog doesnt actually work as a diary. i guess what i really wanna say is that, im just like everyone else: that i am easily touched with some simple words, sincerity and care that others show for me.

sometimes it may appear too random that out of nowhere someone ure not even closed to suddenly write on your wall at facebook wishing u happy birthday. however, im telling u, they have really really made my day. receiving more than a hundred wishes, presents from them whom i really appreciate and surprises after surprises can make me feel appreciated, and even better, i feel im loved by people around. =P (oh, saya tak gedik ok!)

it really doesnt matter to me at what time people wish me, whether it is too early or too late, i feel so warm inside, getting those sweet words. and of course, this eidul adha also makes me realised how the muslims can unite. it touches my heart looking at muslims in kobe whom are not that many can make the effort to gather in the mosque in the morning to perform eidul adha prayer. it's such a good view to look at. shaking hands and giving salam to each other, it does make people feel connected to each other.
muslims in kobe after prayer. really great weather =)

malaysians who went to the mosque =P

hurmmmm.... what am i babbling here?? so yeah, by now everyone can understand well enough that these past few days have been really great. with great people always being there for u, great moments can never be erased.

all i could say is, THANK YOU you lovely people for continuing making my days as precious as you all are to me. :')

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

lets not be too secretive shall we? ;)

some people love to be the center of attraction, while some people just enjoy a sit-back-and-relax kind of life. i guess at many times i may appear as someone who loves all the attention, but seriously, as far as i love the attention *ehem*, there are also times when i prefer to be a silent watcher from afar.

it really is interesting getting to know many kinds of people. however, the one type of people whom up until today, i can't totally figure out is the ones that prefer being mysterious. WHOA! sounds scary huh? T_T
oh, no no no. not that kind of mysterious! what i really mean is those who are too secretive. i repeat, TOO secretive.

yeah yeah i know. it is not wrong to be secretive, especially when everyone has something, well at least a little something to hide from others. i may have some secrets too (seriously, i do??) which i don't wish to share with people. anyway, what annoys me the most is when it is not even at all a secret, but since they want to appear mysterious, they tend to give unsatisfying explanations when having conversations with others. i guess, rather than claiming they have great and interesting life, (which they MIGHT have, who knows?) they just love making people in puzzles and expecting that people might check them out for some reason. HAHAHAHAH! oh come on, as if people have that much time to be that interested in their lives. at least not me. =P

i am not pinpointing to anyone, but i happen to know a lot of people who have these kind of habits. it can really irritate me to the max. can't people just be more straight-forward, more honest and more communicative so that no misunderstandings could be created? if you are asked, 'is it important?' could you please give a straight answer such as, 'yes', if you feel it is important to you. don't reply as 'im not sure' or any kind of confusing answers. it is also funny when people can reply with only one sentence, or sometimes, one word when being asked something. can't they at least tell and give more information so that people do not have to ask so many times. people might misunderstand and what's worse, people can sometimes get really worried of you because of your too-little information.

i understand well enough that not everyone is born expressive, but at least i hope people could think of what kind of situation others might be in because of their mysterious selves. if you are naturally a mysterious person, i guess it's fine. but please do not do it just to get on others' nerves.

Friday, 6 November 2009

aku-kau versus kita-awak

a few days ago, i logged into my facebook account, and there it was.

a friend request.

no friends in common, no mutual friend at all.

well, normally in this kind of situation, i will just click ignore and never again here about the person.

but this time, it's a bit different. i clicked accept, and wallaa~ in a second, she and i are friends. as simple as that. well, the reason i accepted her as my friend is that i remember her name well enough to know who she is. she is no other than my really good friend from primary school. due to the excitement, the adrenaline rush took over me, and before i knew it, i had written something on her wall.

'izni~ halu! thanks 4 the add. waaa~~ aku ingat ko lagi :P ingat ke aku? =)'

only after writing on her wall i realised that i used the term 'aku-kau' with her. as far as i can remember, i never used the word 'aku-kau' with my friends back in primary school. i normally used 'kita-awak' with everyone. hahahhha!! yeah2, i know. so cute, eh? *wink*

however, i was so relieved when she also replied with 'aku-kau'. heheh.... i guess no one uses 'kite-awak' anymore once people enter the secondary school, no? i really can't remember since when i got used to the term 'aku-kau', and when the last time i used 'kite-awak' with people. heheh... how i missed those days!

it can get really difficult adjusting with people on which word to use. with different people, we tend to use different terms. i hate when i forgot which pronoun i use with some people.

hurrmmm..... what do you do when you got stuck and don't know which one to use?

pening sudey~~ >.<

Sunday, 1 November 2009

31st october =)

31 st october is Halloween for some people.

but for me, it is a much bigger and important date, i.e my parents' anniversary!!!

so, on the 31st October of this year, my parents celebrated their 27th anniversary. weheew~ again, i wanna wish, congrats and happy anniversary ayah n mummy!!! =) you are the best parents and the cutest pair in the whole wide world! im really proud to be your daughter, and i really really hope that your 3 children will have blessed marriage like yours! amiiiin!!

sad though, that i wasn't at home to wish the both of you directly. T_T all i could do was to celebrate Halloween with my friends, instead. haha!

guess what? we ( jua, pekah, atil, hanizah n i) celebrated Halloween at the Universal Studio of Japan in Osaka. as we all know, the Japanese don't really celebrate Halloween, but i was quite surprised how it turned out to be. we took more pictures with those who were in halloween costumes rather than with the universal characters themselves.

boy, we really had fun!! we took hundreds of picture that day. no, i'm not exaggerating here. we really did, take hundreds of pictures. how can we not, we were there even before the gate was opened, till it was closed again. hahahahahah!!!

for more info of our visit there, you better visit atil's blog on happy halloween.
sorry atil for exposing ur blog to the world! hehe, u wouldn't mind would you? ;) *wink*

ayah, mami, i miss the both of you so much, that i wanna dedicate this song to the both of you! muahxXX! =)

Sunday, 25 October 2009

weird dream

have u ever had weird dreams? hurm, i had one yesterday. maybe i had lotsa things on my mind last night. yeah, that must be it. >.<

i always have more than one dream at one night. so yesterday one of the wildest dream is that someone back from school told me......







i had actually got married to him?

in other words, i am his WIFE!!!


that.... is....... just..... so..... stupid!!! so absurd!!!!!! aaghhhh, ridiculous!!!

and i can actually remember the procedures of how i agreed to be his wife in that dream. it was soOo weird. i even remember screaming out of depression. (yeah, depressed because i have a husband... whom i have forgotten. yeah, so stupid... duh~) but i guess i didnt scream for real as i asked my housemate this morning and she didnt remember hearing me screaming... huh~ that's a relief.

weird dream, weird people, weird places and most of all, the weirdest timing.

though i had many things on my mind last night, i dont remember thinking of getting married. T_T
must be in the excitement of my sister's upcoming wedding. and ended up, i am the one getting cold feet...??

again, WEIRD.

* oh, also, yesterday night i dreamt of having growing eyelashes. i cut them with scissors but they grew even longer like hair. they grew so fast that i freaked out. i could see them growing even when i looked into the mirror. it was so hard for me to wear my tudung. seriously.
nothing is funny about that. it was damn SCARY. T_T

Monday, 19 October 2009

my sister is officially engaged! weheww~

oh my God, oh my God, OH MY GOD!
come on, just tell me how can i not be excited??
my sister just got engaged yesterday!!! and only god knows how happy and excited i am for her!
well, she wasn't actually at home when the rombongan meminang came to our house yesterday, so the engagement ring is not on her finger, but it is still safely placed in the box. =)
(tunjuk kotak je la eh, cincin dalam kotak tu... heheh =P)

hurm, now i am more than ever looking forward to go home for this winter holiday. for what?? u should get a hint already. for my sister's wedding!! i had a tough time with myself thinking a way how to get back this winter holiday as the wedding is on the 26th of december, and u know what? i will be having my experiment on the 25th? damn!! it's so annoying, ok! (plus,it is on christmas.... geez). i've tried to look for a suitable ticket so i won't miss my own sister's wedding. but it is practically impossible to get a ticket on the 25th, night, after i finish off the experiment. grrrr....
i went crazy for almost weeks thinking of the situation.

well, i did what i could do.

knock knock knock

so i knocked the door n finally i got to meet my sensei. he was at his desk when i knocked, and he jumped out of his chair when he saw me.

'do u have got some time sensei?'

he looked concerned and walked towards me, wondering what could be so important that an international student was there meeting him out of the blue.

after explaining the circumstances, and telling that kak aini is getting married on the 26th of december, he still looked calm.

'it's ok, i don't think it will be any problem if u were to miss only one class.'

'are u sure? is it ok for me to buy my tickets now?'

'yeah, please do.'

huh? that simple?

hahaha! i couldnt help smiling. and i almost cheered in front of him. well, but i could still control it. and guess what? ive bought my tickets~!!!!! alhamdulillah!!!!! =)))))))
(yang tak tau, nih tepak sireh namanye... hahah! =) )

Thursday, 15 October 2009

raya can also be tiring =D

raya fever is still here.

well, if you know what i mean. just take a look at your facebook account and you can see that most of the highlights are still on hari raya. so, just like everyone else, i am myself having fun in kobe too! without further ado, let me present to you some video of ours~ ^_~

actually i have compiled all the videos together, but it took me forever just to upload the video. sigh! so, you just have to watch the videos seperately. for the compiled video, click here

yeah, like what u can probably see, our university is situated on the hill. hoo~ very tiring yet the view from up there is worth it!

lastly~ say cheese everyone~!!

yes, i DO love kobe very much! =)

Friday, 9 October 2009

imagine if you could meet your younger self...

everything happens for a reason. but i wonder what it is this time? will i give a second chance to those who were outright rude and got so emotional for some weird reasons? haha! i don't know about that.

but really, as much as i do love my life right now, there are still a few things that i regret in doing. such as, sucking my thumb up till standard 6? hahaha! i got all my teeth wired up and i had to go to the dentist for the rest of my secondary school. i used to make faces when my my friends called me betty (from yo soy betty la fia). hurm, but then again.... i think i like wearing braces! not many people got the opportunity to have colours on their teeth! =D

ok, so i don't exactly regret sucking my thumbs. hehe... well, what i really regretted is to have spent my time wastefully with those who can't appreciate my existence. duh~ why bother anyway? and i guess i will regret even more if i were to give them second chance and then, they start doing it all over again.

i am currently reading ' Who's That Girl?' by Alexandra Potter. it's about Charlotte Marryweather who got the chance to meet her ten years younger self! and there were a lot of advices she would give to her self. it's really funny and to those who love chic lit kinda novels, please read this one, ok!

if i got the chance to meet my younger self:

1) i will definitely ask myself to learn how to cook proper meals. staying very far away from home really makes me feel less healthy by not eating nutritious food. luckily i have a housemate here. it makes my life much easier, if u know what i mean! =P

2) i will ask myself to jump a lot more so that i'll get taller. 158cm? man, i'm so short! >.<

3) i will remind myself to take a lot more videos of my life. now i regret for not remembering a lot of things in the past. or maybe i would ask myself to write diaries. huhu, only now i realise the importance of it!

4) surely i'll make more time with my family and express my gratitude and love for them even more! ^^

5) i will make sure i choose the right person to get closed to. not some passers by whom i don't really know. there is no such thing like instant best friends right? to my real best friends, you are the best! =)

6) hurm.... i can't think of anything else.

hahah! i must have felt contented with my life. actually, i really have not much to regret as this is the ideal and best life i have ever wished for. i love my life as it is, and nothing can change that. =)

Thursday, 1 October 2009

express your love

good night yah, good night mi, i love you! see you tomorrow. tata titi tutu!

those are the exact words i used to say when i was small. every night before i went to bed, i would hug and kiss my parents good night. actually right to this age, i still say those words if i am in malaysia with them. hurm, now i am back in japan after almost 2 months of holiday with my family. i feel ever so grateful to have such lovable and caring parents. though i felt sad to get separated from them that night at the airport, i still felt good to get to hug and kiss them goodbye.

there are just some people who would feel ashamed to express their love for their family in public. yet for me, i am glad that i can express mine freely without feeling ashamed to do so.

i miss my family so much! i hope time flies that i can go back and hug and kiss them goodnight each and everyday.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009


selamat hari raya to everyone!!! huhu, this may sound quite weird, but i somehow feel the wish 'selamat hari raya, maaf zahir batin' doesn't sound nice anymore.


well, it simply because everyone wishes the same thing to everyone nowadays. they look like just some fixed words that have been used since ages ago.

maaf zahir batin? hahah, i really hope we mean it when we use it. not just some yearly wish to everyone we kow.

anyhow, i just hope i am not too late to say selamat hari raya. since i am also just a human being, i am sure i have done a lot of mistakes in life. ampun dan maaf in every single thing that i have done or said wrongly to anyone. >.<

have a good hari raya everyone! =)

Thursday, 10 September 2009

attention seeker

i have learned my lesson. never again to enter klcc at 10 am sharp.

the moment i arrived at klcc, the doors were about to be opened. i entered from isetan and when i made my entrance, every salesperson in there was standing as if respecting the national anthem. well, there was a song played(must be the isetan song i guess). almost a hundred of them were standing up straight on a line, at the same time greeting me 'good morning' and giving me the most pleasant smile.

hooo~~ i felt like a vvip on the red carpet. i had to refrain myself from laughing! i was alone that i really didn't know what kind of expression to make at that time. all i could do was to smile back and replied 'good morning' to them. but i think it was more a grin than a smile.

i felt so relieved to make it through all the staff and most of all, succeeded to get out of isetan. fuh~

than i realised that i really couldn't take that much of attention.

hurmph, so much of an attention seeker i am. not anymore i guess! >.<

Sunday, 30 August 2009

good things come to an end

yeah, this is perfectly true. good things will always come to an end.

my sister is now on her way back to london. huu~ i will definitely miss her although insyaAllah in 4 months' time we will be meeting again. =)
starting tonight onwards, i will be back in my room sleeping alone.
no more gossiping before entering the other realm.
no more laughing at each other's stupid jokes.
and no more getting advices on our eating habits.

thanks sis for taking a good care of us when you were around! u are such a good doctor, u know that? gonna miss u loads!! all da best in your final year darl! muah2! have a safe journey to london. bon voyage~

*but of course, not all good things are coming to an end. i am now very excited to wait for my brother! abang, balik cepat! lawan iqa main basketball jom. ^.^

Saturday, 22 August 2009

salam mubarak

it's Ramadan again!!! =)

happy fasting everyone, and lets hope that this year's Ramadan is much better than the previous ones. again this year, insyaAllah i will be fasting the whole month in malaysia! weeheww!! so, to my friends out there who want to meet up or wish to break your fast together, contact me ok~! (budget artis kah!) you know how to contact me. ^.^

lets fill this month with lots and lots of ibadah. smoga Allah menerima segala amalan kita. amin~!

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

padang & bukittinggi trip

since my sister and i are on holiday together, we use this opportunity to go on a vacation with my family. this time around, we planned to go somewhere different. yeah, padang and bukittinggi. besides to see the world, my father also wanted to visit some of the families there. hurm~ guess what, i am actually half, or maybe, a quarter minangkabau. heheh... oh~~ saya ada darah minang!!! =)

my father who was born in seremban, has once lived in bukittinggi for about 4 years. and till then, this was actually his first trip back to bukittinggi! our trip there was very memorable. we actually experienced big earthquakes and we were lucky that tsunami didn't happen. since padang is very near to the sea, it's not the earthquake that people are afraid of, but it is the tsunami. it was just an earthquake with 6.9 richter scale. (just ke tu?)

i love each and every moment spent there. i don't really feel like writing everything, so i think i'll just upload some photos and a video. a very low quality video though(bodoh2 je, sbb takde keje) :D

objek wisata cagar alam lembah anai air mancur

the delicious nasi padang! ;)

us, wearing the minang outfit at rumah gadang

my sister's catch of the day!!! sulam ayak! so pretty! =)

meeting ayah's cousin in padang

ayah's cousins and nieces in bukittinggi

Sunday, 16 August 2009

that was close

clinging sound of seat belts can be heard right after the landing announcement has been made. everyone is properly seated at their respective seats. i can feel the aircraft is descending and already on its way down. i take a look at the side window. the weather is really bad with heavy rain. in silence, i pray hard that nothing goes wrong to the aircraft. through the small window, i can already see the ground and the ocean vividly.

must be the indian ocean.

i close my eyes waiting anxiously for the landing. with my eyes shut, i can still see kuala lumpur very clearly in my head.


about 2 hours ago in kuala lumpur

all passengers to padang were already at boarding gate number 4, waiting to get on board. i glanced at my watch.


we should have been flying off to padang but not a single sign of the gate to be opened soon. not much later, there was an announcement saying that our flight was delayed for about half an hour as the plane from padang had yet to arrive.

i smiled a bit.

yey! i am able to go to the ladies first. (lamo dah den tahan, sebab takut terlepas flight) :P


i reopen my eyes when my body is taken aback. all of a sudden our plane is going upwards. this is not a landing, i tell myself. our aircraft makes a sudden sharp turn with a full speed. something is definitely not right. everyone else around me looks just as puzzled as i am. people are buzzing among themselves trying to figure out why. padang is becoming very small and slowly disappears from our sight. we are now again surrounded by dark clouds. a few moments later, our pilot's voice is heard.

'to all passengers, please keep calm. we are not able to land due to an earthquake that just happened in padang.'


alhamdulillah, we landed safely. it is such a good thing that our flight was delayed. also, i couldn't imagine an earthquake while landing. something bad could have happened for all we know. (oh, i don't even want to imagine it... *_*)

Monday, 10 August 2009

home sweet home

hohoho..... i have been so busy with my exams in the previous month that i didn't have the chance to update my blog. oh, and now i am posting this entry at home from malaysia! yey! my summer holiday has started. =) and i am all smiles now....!!!

feel like updating a lot of stuff, but im just not mentally and physically ready for it. as i am not feeling really well since yesterday morning. oh malaysia, what do u have that japan doesn't, which can make me feel unwell.... haih~~

so, people out there. better drink a lot of water and please take a good care of yourself. or else, you will only spend your time in your room during the long waited holiday till you get better. sigh!

till then! =)

Monday, 20 July 2009

I am a cheapskate

who likes free things? raise your hands! yeah, i do! well, in this case, i really am a cheapskate.

lately i tend to study at nearby cafes. i don't know why, but i just can't concentrate at home or even libraries. too much distractions at home, while libraries are so boring and too quiet. i fear i might easily pass out there. since i have no mp3 player, music played at the cafes can easily entertain my ears. even the smell of coffee makes me feel a lot fresher.

(gambar sekadar hiasan, saya bukan minum nescafe pun. :D)

however, i have to go to town to find suitable cafes(in my case, i go to sannomiya) for me to study. and whenever i get tired of studying, i tend to go to the best places where i can get free services. yeah!

like this evening, after almost 3 hours of sitting and studying, finally i got bored and decided to go to the nearest electrical shop. guess what... once i got there, straight away i went to the 4th floor. to the chair massager. (seriously,the only reason i went there was to get my body massaged.) 15 minutes of free massage and i was ready to face the world again. =)

my next stop was to the music shop to play the drum. oh, i am not at all an expert. i have only learned a few beats from my junior and that were all i have been playing all this while. (tuh pun kecoh. hahhaa...gaya je lebih cam pro... ye, saya poyo... T_T) seriously i didn't care what people around think of me whenever i play the drum. at one time people gathered to look my playing, but of course, only a few seconds later they went away. hahahah! don't ever get deceived by me. i managed to act like pro for about half an hour before i went to junkudo, a bookstore.

everytime i go there, i will read a few english story books for free. (mengaku cepat, semua orang pun penah buat! kan kan kan?) in malaysia, i always go to mph bookstores or kinokuniya in klcc whenever i have to wait for somebody. hurm, not a weird thing though, reading for free! at least it shows that we have a community of book lovers! LOL

lastly,before i started studying again, i looked through the new released cds and listened to the music using the headphones provided. i like looking for new nice songs just to look up in the internet. and once again, i save my money not buying the cds. :D

now, can you see what i meant by being a cheapskate? takde la teruk sangat kan! :P

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

you know it's hot when.....

it's getting super hot as july has entered. i feel like melting on the road and have wild imaginations of being in the desert. not only we have to bare the heat of the fierce blazing sun, we also have to climb the hill everyday to make it to the university. reaching class is like the greatest success ever achieved.

the situation looks pretty much the same these days. everybody has the same expression on the face and pretty much the same thing on the mind. one word to describe it all: HOT!

yes! you know it's hot when:
1) you feel like taking a shower everytime you get home.
2) people are eating ice-creams as lunch.
3) all kind of insects are happily flying outside and also inside the house. they also tend to have tragic death on the roads. (yeah, dead centipedes and other gross creatures are always found dead on the way to kobe university.)
4) everyone holds extra accessory on the hand i.e the fan
5) extra smell in the class that can make you feel dizzy. ughhh
6) you feel like going out very early in the morning and get back only when the sun has set.
7) the fan in the room is never strong enough.
8) you get freaked out looking at yourself. yes, stripes like zebras. T_T

i can list hundreds more but let just say i have to study for my upcoming exams. heheh... 2 more weeks to go! and i'm having a hard time trying to study in my room as it's HOT! help!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

another month of patience


exactly in one month's time i'll be heading home. oh dear malaysia, my beloved country, please wait for me! =) it surely makes anybody happy to be back with the beloved ones. but that also means............ my exams are just around the corner!!!
aaaaghh~~~!!!! why do we have to suffer before being happy.... huuu~~

so, yesterday, the exams' timetable was out. once the timetable is out, it practically means no more playing and start studying!! 7 papers to go, starts on the 27th july and finishes on the 5th of the following month. 2 weeks of seriousness and i just hope my face doesn't get cramp due to the lack of smile. (i look horrible without a smile on the face, yeah, i know T_T)

dear readers, please do your part as i will do mine... hahaha... ok2, i mean, i hope everyone can pray for my success. seriously, i really mean it this time. huhu... thank you in advance by the way ;)

Tuesday, 30 June 2009

life is what you make it

it is nice to have such great company always by our side
it feels good to be accepted just as the way we are
it is great to have the time to create new memories, to venture new things and gain new experience
it means a lot to be appreciated on the things we have done

and isn't it a lot nicer for us to say how we really feel?
it feels greater to be truthful and it feels really good to get to say how much we care
and how much we appreciate the presence of the people around us
without them, we can't be what we are now...

i come to realise that other people play a big role in making who i am right now. i am very grateful to have each and every one of you in my life. no matter how small you may think your role is, it makes a big difference in my life.

to ayah, mami, abang and kak aini... you all are the heart and soul of my life. =)
to my friends, you are like the sunshine in my life.
and to everyone who has ever crossed my path, thank you for being a part of my life and give some spark into my life. ;)

love all of you to pieces

yup, i am as happy as this cat... hehe

**saje je meroyan takde keje... i miss my family a lot!! ayah mami, balik la malaysia cepat!**

Sunday, 28 June 2009

camera and i

i just love cameras. seriously i do. just bring a camera along, and i can entertain you all day long. =)

i do have my own camera but lately i rarely use it. since primary school, i used to like taking pictures, that i ended up taking more pictures of others. (well, as i was more confident in my picture-taking skill.) however, when the pictures were developed, i felt disappointed for not having many pictures of myself. :(

hurm~ i have now learned my lesson. as i prefer to be in the pictures, i always let my pictures taken using other people's camera. i'm amazed myself how i can be in so many pictures. (hahaha, yeah right!) aren't we grateful to have cameras in our life that memories can remain and be remembered even when we are old and grey? i was just looking back at some old pictures of mine and it was hard not to smile thinking of the good old days.

yeah, the days when i was so 'selebet' and ugh... sangat tak anggun... i don't feel like explaining, so i hope these pictures will do the explanation for me ;)

early days in standard six

a few days before i moved to kelantan

yeah, still the same day

form two (2001)

i must have thought i looked so nice and presentable at that time, but just look at those pictures!! hahaha.... must be the way i used my tudung. hurm, these are some other old pictures but i am glad to admit, i look much better here... =D

form 5 with my dear dorm mates

with G5 girls during aaj days~

sending oya off to aussie

small reunion with my ex-dorm mates before going to japan

and now for some recent photos... =)

ooops, wrong picture.. nih selebet la! next please~

visiting shera with mimi ^-^

in sydney with the future architects

so, what do u think? any changes since small? hahaha (saje letak gmbr nih, konon2 muke serious)

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

what women want. what women want to hear.

the very moment people say something, what do they actually want to hear in return? what kind of reaction do they expect? for example,if you were to say something like this,

"i'm having a hard time at work"

what kind of reply do you really want to hear from other people? would you want to hear comforting words or would you rather get some solutions to your problem?

men and women are very different in the way of thinking. women naturally want to hear comforting words from their partner. they don't really need the solutions to the problem. all they want to have is someone who can listen to their problems and understand well how they feel.

however, on the other hand, men totally have a different idea. when they tell you something or share some problem, what they really want to hear is the solution. that is exactly the reason why men tend to tell directly to women what they think is right and rational to do, but sadly it only ends up with a fight. just don't be surprised with this kind of situation. (kesian gile...)

men always find it weird when they are told by women that they don't listen well when they thought they have done great enough. (not mentioning with the solutions they have given out.) oh no no no~ men out there, please, you don't have to crack your brains giving out opinions and stuff as what you need to do is nothing else but just to be there and comfort them with some soothing words.

what normally happens:-

w: i am so tired of work nowadays.
m: i think you have been working too hard. try take some holidays. you are entitled to do so, aren't you?
w: but i still have loads to do in the office. i can't just leave the office at times like this.
m: seek help from your colleagues. surely they can give you a hand.
w: they themselves have so many things to finish up.
m: seems like everyone is having a hard time then. get a cup of coffee in the office when you get the chance to do so. hehe
w: you're not listening to a word i say! (widens her eyes and walks away)
m: ...............................haven't i been listening?? (feels surprised and also walks away)

what women really want to hear:-

w: i am so tired of work nowadays.
m: really? any problem in the office lately?
w: i have deadlines to meet and a lot of presentations to do.
m: hurm, it sounds tiring. (gives a sympathetic look)
w: almost everyone is complaining about work these days. we even had to work on saturdays and sundays for the last two weeks.
m: seriously? it doesn't sound fair to the staff. all of you have already worked so hard on weekdays. but don't worry, i guess it won't be for long.
w: yeah, i really hope so.
m: well, you must be tired. since it is no longer office hour, let's get a cup of coffee and relax a bit.
w: sure, why not! thanks for listening anyway! =)

two similar situations, but very different results. well yeah, surely you might think women are a bit difficult to understand. but once you know how, and the right things to say, you might reduce the conflict in your relationship. good luck in trying~ =D

Saturday, 20 June 2009

sometimes you just gotta laugh

after 3 long weeks, at last, i managed to finish up one very good story book: the tenth gift, written by jane johnson. seriously speaking, i am really proud of myself for reading this particular mesmerizing book as it's not a chick lit novel but instead, an adventure story which is full of history. (a round of applause for afiqah... yey... thank u thank u!! )

ok,due to the addiction of reading, i found myself buying another new book yesterday. i tried to look for something as interesting as 'the tenth gift' but i ended up buying a chick lit novel. hahahah.... another marian keyes novel by the way. back to my old self i guess. ^-^

i find it really entertaining to have a book to fill up my time (duh~ as if i have so much time on my hands...). at times i enjoy reading serious books because they make my mind wonder about a lot of things which i don't even know. however, most of the time, i just love to read light and simple stories, especially the funny ones. i really admire witty writers who can make me laugh out loud. oh, pity my housemate. i hope she doesn't feel that miserable to share a house with a high pitched voice girl. (-_-;)>

hurm, actually there are a few things that really enlighten me. i can actually laugh so hard or at least smile by myself when i do these things:
  1. when i online my facebook account and reply to every comment made at either the status, photos or walls of my friends. it can be very addictive since my friends, especially my high school friends are soOo attached to facebook lately. we keep on replying and chatting on everybody's wall. we also *ehem* purposely mark them as 'like' and comment at every pictures of ourselves to appear as highlight on other people's page... (sangat mancapab dan tak senonoh ok! T_T err isn't this supposed to be a secret? sshhh~)
  2. when i read ranma comic books. man, they are so funny. i bought more than 10 series last month as the books were sold at very low prices. i have read them again and again and they never fail to make me laugh like i only read them for the first time. i wonder, am i considered as childish to still read comic books? hehehe... i really hope not!
  3. whenever i read HANIS ZALIKHA's blog. seriously i suggest everyone who still doesn't know who she is, to check her blog out. she's damn funny and sincere in her writings. try clicking here for more info: she is one funny and creative girl who is surprisingly, 2 years younger than i am. oh well, nothing to be surprised actually. i just find it amazing how a young girl can capture the attention of so many people. cool huh?
  4. everytime i watch the happyslip videos. you can just type happyslip at youtube or just click here: try it out! christine presents so many funny videos that from the first time i watched her videos, i couldn't help but love them all. she is one talented girl who can perform very well. she acts, sings and plays the piano and also guitar like a pro. oh, how i wish i could be more spontaneous like her. =)
  5. after i get back from meeting the malaysians in kobe. there are more or less 25 people of malaysians here in kobe. we always meet up and do some activities together. whenever we have the opportunity to do so, there are always some gossips or stories to share that make me feel like laughing my heads off. like this afternoon, i had lunch with izyan, redza and dan. redza and izyan had an interesting debate whereby izyan blamed redza for not saying hi when they pass each other. and in defense, redza said he had always greeted her but he fails to get any response. so he told us that he greets izyan by raising his eyebrows. (-_-;) some effort~~~~~sigh
  6. whenever i read my grateful lists. guess what, i don't have a diary, but i own a 'gratitude book'. it is filled by all the things that i am grateful for. the notebook is almost full now and everytime i read it, i will surely smile. it makes my day just to remember how lucky i am in so many ways. so, let's be grateful in everything!
yes, laugh is indeed the best medicine. laugh like these people folks! *wink* ;)

**oh, it's getting so hot lately. and it is not at all a laughing matter. sigh~ T_T **

Monday, 15 June 2009

best buddies~

beep beep

i woke up from hearing a message tone . i looked at my phone: 1 message received. it was from my dad, telling me that they have arrived safely in london. =)
ayah mummy, have a great time there k! huhu, how i wish to be in london with everyone!

putting my phone down, i tried to imagine my family spending quality time together. waaaah!! already i feel so left out!! huhu, i will surely feel lonely these two weeks as i can't call them freely through phones. haih, and the thought of getting back to the real world after spending 4 beautiful days in gunma with my best buddies.

i am glad that i took some time off in the very middle of the semester. some people must think it as inappropriate. hehe, but why not? for the sake of rejuvenating. ;P

reasons why i love my true friends:

  1. we can talk about anything under the sky
  2. we share a lot of things together
  3. we understand each other very well
  4. we care about each other
  5. i can be myself around them!!!!!!! (sangat senang hati)
oh i miss them so much!

(saat2 berlakon kesejukan.... erkss)

(usaha menolak mimi jatuh ke dalam sungai)

(semangat nak melawat sungai kiryuu)

(tuan rumah yang sangat semangat)

**hope to meet up again one day guys~ eh, silap... girls!**