Tuesday, 17 March 2009

it makes me wonder......

i wonder...
why do people keep giving promises
when they know they just cant keep them
or perhaps to show some effort
to make them really happen

i even wonder...
why people might easily say
that they will always be there for u
when they are nowhere to be found
during the most needy hour

have u ever wondered...
why people even bother to show they care
when the very next day they can totally abandon u
and why
oh why do people always talk about feelings
when they themselves can appear very heartless at times

i have always wondered...
why people need to talk about long-lasting friendship
when even a short relationship is so damn hard to achieve
and why do we bother to blame other people
when we ourselves are full of flaws

doesnt it make u wonder...
how lord is great
that we are given brains
to go hand in hand with the heart
though the heart might bleed
but the brain can tell it to stop and just be strong


  1. Hi 20 Years Old Iqa,

    Syukurlah for me being where I am with you right now :)

    1. Hi sayang,

      I am glad i found u! That's all i can say. :)