Wednesday, 29 April 2009

a better person, a better tomorrow

at last, i got the opportunity to shop alone. not that i hate going out with anybody. it is soOo far from the truth. hey, someone even says im a social buttefly. (hahahahha! that's funny!) but somehow i think i just need time for myself. going in and out the shops without feeling guilty that other people are waiting, and for a much better reason, i just dont need to wait for other people too =D
being anywhere i want at my own pace, that is what i like the most. i come to realise that i end up buying more stuff when i go out alone. and also, i dont do any shoppings if i go out with boys.
the reason is simple. i know how much boys do not like shopping and plus, i, myself really dont feel comfortable testing clothes on or even looking at stuff when they are around. well, boys can be very outspoken with their comments that it can really kill my spirit to continue shopping. T_T

well,it is not easy to find a soulmate who makes me feel comfortable to be with. till now, i still think that my family members are the best. they know me well and can give honest opinions without hurting my feelings =)

hurm, maybe i am a bit choosy on picking company. but somehow, i dont really think so. there are no actual rules on behaving when we go out with other people. it's just common sense though. yeah, i guess i might list down the things that might offend other people during an outing.

1) listening to ipods or mp3 players when there are only the 2 of u.
-hey, come on. dont be ridiculous. it is only right to have proper conversation. it is also rude to have your earphones plucked in your ears when someone is talking.

2) looking away when somebody is saying something.
-it shows how uninterested you are with your friends' story. even if you are, can't you at least play along just to make your friend feel a lot better? and of course, you yourself need to watch your friends' face when talking. if not, your friend can suspect you talking to the wall. not their fault if they think so.

3) not addressing your friend's name.
-this is the most common fault people do. doesn't it make you feel more important when people can address ur name well? it shows that they have some effort to know your name and how they care about you. it makes a lot of difference. trust me.

4) not using these 3 simple words - thanks, sorry, please - often enough.
-this is what people nowadays are lacking. manners. i'm really sorry to actually say this. am i wrong when i say that we have learned these really simple but meaningful words since small? but from the looks of it, people are very very difficult to say 'thanks' after getting something, 'sorry' after making some faults and last but not least, 'please' when asking a favour. please try saying these words everyday in your life. it can really make you a much better person.

well, actually i have lots more to put, but im afraid it will bore everyone to death. 4 is enough i guess. anyway, all da best in being a better person ok! of course, this is a reminder for me too.

Monday, 27 April 2009

blessings in disguise

heard a couple of great news concerning my friends. also heard a heart-breaking story from a really close friend. really happy for the former and cant help feeling so sad for the latter.

we can always plan but HE is the one who determines everything. if we dont get what we want now, me may get it a lil bit later. and sometimes, it also means, its not even suitable for us. Allah knows best. keep telling ourselves that there are always blessings in disguise.

no doubt we need colours in our life. sometimes everything is beautiful n colourful and sometimes everything is dark n turns black. and if that ever happens, just remember that black is also a mixture of colours. =)
p/s: cant get this song out of my head:- i cant stop loving you by whiskey falls. *wink*

Saturday, 25 April 2009

things to do on a rainy day

a raining saturday is the last thing i ever wanted. and yet, it happens today. i have known about this since monday but i still hoped that the weather forecast might be wrong. stupid me, the weather forecast in japan has always been accurate so far. (sigh)

and now, everyone is practically stuck at home, probably doing reports. a good thing i suppose, but it is so not like saturday~!! huwaaa... my housemate has left the house early morning to attend her dancing practice. i hate being at home alone doing nothing. (weyh, belajar la afiqah! ...eeeppp~!)

what are the things u might consider fun on lifeless days like this? ideas needed here!! hurm, is making crank calls considered fun? i might just try it once. (sape nak kena angkat tangan!!! ;P)

okay, let me just list down some ideas on what u can do on a rainy day.

1) clean the house (boleh training jadi suri rumah bejaya)

2) ring the bell of every house in the apartment (sumpah kene campak kluar dari apartment lepas tuh)

3) cook something special n give them to your neighbours (opologise for ringing their bells earlier)

4) rearrange furniture in your room (kate takde keje kan)

5) try on all of your clothes in your wardrobe. mix n match everything. if u are a camwhore, dont hesitate to capture your own picture n upload it in facebook of flickr account (mesti korang slalu buat kan? )

6) play with your dolls (kembalikan memori kanak2 anda)

7) turn on raya songs and sing at the top of your lungs (slalu jugak buat time2 rindu malaysia)

8) continue sleeping (okay, i know... so not productive)

9) call your loved ones n tell them how much u miss them (sounds decent)

yeah, i am actually just killing time doing this blog. hahaha.... and the thing i might want to do is no 9. yeah, i am calling my parents now. u should do it too.

till then! adios amigo! ^_^

Thursday, 23 April 2009

what blood type are you?

i am still in the mood for novels. currently reading 'thanks for the memories' by Cecilia Ahern. it is basically about a man who donated his blood and to spice things up, the woman who received his blood actually got his memories. she could remember faces she had never seen, she could speak Latin, French and Italian without even learning them and so many other indescribable things happened right after she survived a terrible accident. spooky~ huh! the story line is great and undoubtedly makes me want to keep on reading. bravo to the brilliant writer! 5 star from me to you! clap clap clap =) (does anyone even care? lol!)

and IF this kind of stuff could really happen, whose blood would u want to receive from? a total stranger wont be quite promising though. can i get it from my lecturers? i really would love to score my exams with their knowledge. but i am sure their lives are not so interesting. and i bet the familiar faces i could ever remember would be the faces of other lecturers. yawn! how boring~ hahahaha...

i have once asked my friend and he replied it would be great to get it from his own best friend. it would be easier to know what his friend thinks of and there would never be any misunderstanding between them. that is one way of looking at things. would be interesting. especially if we have forgotten something, the memories gained from the blood donor which is our best friend would really help!

hahhaha.... here i am talking crap. somebody! kick me to reality please. =D

talking about blood, the japanese believe that each type of blood has a personality profile. it is kinda funny because they have a tendency to group people depending on the blood type. i feel especially sorry to the AB group. to the japanese, AB is considered the worst blood type. i am relieved though that i am from the O group and is considered the best type in japan. hahahhaha... (ok, again, i feel so lame if i were to believe at this crap. T_T)

for more info, u can click here :

p/s: one of these days, i might consider donating some blood. what do u say? oh, i hope i wont get freaked out by the needles.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

home sweet home.... (no matter how small it is!)

my house here in kobe is small. two rooms, 1 small kitchen, a dining together with the living, 1 small bathroom and 1 toilet. nothing more. nothing less. n the windows are made of wood. so antique. ayah and mami said my house is just like a doll house. hahaha, yeah.... so true. even the ceilings are low.

(the picture says it all. the kitchen is so small. only one person at a time, ok! ;P)
when it gets windy, every little thing in my house vibrates so hard. oh, i might have exaggerated a little there. my windows and doors shake and produce very uncomfortable sounds. just imagine at night with no lights on.... hahaha, kinda scary but im already used to it. but i really hope it could stop. yesterday's wind was so strong and it had been raining since morning. the weather really killed my mood.

with no mood to do anything, i decided to pick up the phone and called my parents. falling asleep would be a bad idea since i had to get ready for my experiment today. i made a good decision on that! after an hour of borak2 kosong with ayah mami, i got my mood back. yippee~ but the wind was still having a good time hitting my windows. sigh! but i guess we cant get everything our way. so i continued with my revision. (bising la tingkap nih dentam dentum)

today, once again, my partner and i managed to finish up everything very early. (so~ happy!! ^_^) i also took a picture of our experiment. 'playing' with the wires was so much fun. kesimpulannya, jadi la electrical engineer. =D

Monday, 20 April 2009

married girl is not married, yet..

Hi married girl, how r u ?which batch were u in smss?Wat r u doing rite now?

so this is the message i got from a senior who added me as a friend in facebook. to tell the truth, i really have no idea who he is. guess what? he is actually 20 years older than i am. hebat! means he is a super super senior to me. lol! what attracks me is the word 'married girl'. hahaha, yeah, i actually put my status as married in facebook. kinda interesting and it is so not gonna happen for girls around my age to be married. and so, i thought! but look, just how wrong can i be! not only girls at this age could be married, but even boys could! T_T

unbelievable~~~ i chatted with my friend this evening and got soOo shock to get to know that one of my friends will get married soon! like, this summer? whoaAA~ who could have guessed? and he might get married here in japan. (oops, kantoi insan ini lelaki)....

like what my friend has just said, kalau dah sampai seru, kahwin jugak...
ohoho, this kind of statement can really really make someone think. bile seru itu? hahaha... but ayah and mami, dont worry, i am still your cute little daughter. innocent and still have loOong way to go! :D (please ignore my status in facebook ok!)

me, looking very innocent and happy. i can really smile from cheek to cheek. hahaha

looking at old photos really makes me feel old. not old enough to be married though. *wink*

Saturday, 18 April 2009

love notes.... ;P

ohayou! ^_^ it's saturday morning people! better get moving for the daily chores....

it is a bright saturday morning, good weather to go out for a jog. well yeah, kind of.
however, all that im doing is waiting for the baticrom's man to deliver our food stock that could probably last only for a month. (sigh~)... and yet, still no plans for this weekend. i have actually planned with our seniors to go down to rokkomichi and get some massage... aaah~ it would be relaxing............(just the thought of it has made me more relaxed... ;P)

so yesterday, after got betrayed by the height-measuring machine(it made me shorter by 0.6cm! damn! i got all sulky because of it) we went to kaikan to play ping pong. it has been quite some time for us to play together. got back my smiles after managed a few hits. hahahaa... it feels good to move your body around! =)

as usual, after ping pong, we had dinner around kaikan. went to saizer with ina, dan and redza. we shared a few laughs together listening to the stories everyone had to deliver. really had a good time talking that we didnt realise how much time we had spent there. at one point, we talked about girls who have been ignored by boys whom they approach. hahahaha! and guess what, redza said, he had been one of those boys without him realising it! yeah right. and the story goes like this:-----

the girl in his school has put a *love letter/note* inside his bag, hoping for something to happen between them. i suppose! hahaha... but well, as we know, boys' bags are not exactly the cleanest or well-managed place to put 'something really important' in. hurm, im guessing u all know the outcome of it right? yeah, he didnt realise the letter till the next 2 years. and 2 years later, he actually wondered what is this black n dirty paper doing in his bag, and when he opened it... tadaaa.... the girl was actually waiting for his reply the next day. she was hoping him to put a reply under her desk or something like that. hahahahha, n of course, it didnt happen. at all! because of that, he had some reputation during his school days. pity the girl, but pity my junior here so much more. T_T hahahah

ok, in a nutshell...... attention to all girls out there! who might want some attention by some boys.. pleaseeee remember! not to accidentally or purposely drop a love note in boys' bags. so not helping the situation.
hardeeharhar! :-))

till then!(oh, my food stock just arrived a few moments ago. hooray! )

Friday, 17 April 2009

happy tunes in my head

ooo yeah, i better start blogging again. hurm, these past weeks i have been busy reading loads n loads of story books. and most of them are chick lit novels. hehehe... yeah, so lame n yet so me ^_^

i am so glad that 2 years have passed that it makes only a total of 2 years left for me to be in japan! yey! ops, should i be happy about this? i know, a lot of people might be so sad to leave this country but, for me, i am just too excited to get back home. to be in malaysia and to be where my heart has always been. in sungai buloh with ayah and mami of course! :D

hurm, 3rd year has been nice so far! my 1st experiment went well as i got a very cool partner. heheh, we did great as a pair i might say. though it was a lil bit confusing to connect the wires,(oh, before i forget we did an experiment on digital circuit.... loved it so much)but we actually did it and finished it up quite early. (all smiles that day... hahahah).

and today, friday the 17th(doesnt mean anything here does it?), is a holiday for me. for what? ahah, actually, every friday will be a holiday for me. i chose not to register the class on fridays. (macam la byk sangat credit hours... erm, boleh ar tahan cukup makan... happy~~~). so, 3 days of holiday for the rest of my zenki!!!

hip hip hooray! :)