Wednesday, 29 April 2009

a better person, a better tomorrow

at last, i got the opportunity to shop alone. not that i hate going out with anybody. it is soOo far from the truth. hey, someone even says im a social buttefly. (hahahahha! that's funny!) but somehow i think i just need time for myself. going in and out the shops without feeling guilty that other people are waiting, and for a much better reason, i just dont need to wait for other people too =D
being anywhere i want at my own pace, that is what i like the most. i come to realise that i end up buying more stuff when i go out alone. and also, i dont do any shoppings if i go out with boys.
the reason is simple. i know how much boys do not like shopping and plus, i, myself really dont feel comfortable testing clothes on or even looking at stuff when they are around. well, boys can be very outspoken with their comments that it can really kill my spirit to continue shopping. T_T

well,it is not easy to find a soulmate who makes me feel comfortable to be with. till now, i still think that my family members are the best. they know me well and can give honest opinions without hurting my feelings =)

hurm, maybe i am a bit choosy on picking company. but somehow, i dont really think so. there are no actual rules on behaving when we go out with other people. it's just common sense though. yeah, i guess i might list down the things that might offend other people during an outing.

1) listening to ipods or mp3 players when there are only the 2 of u.
-hey, come on. dont be ridiculous. it is only right to have proper conversation. it is also rude to have your earphones plucked in your ears when someone is talking.

2) looking away when somebody is saying something.
-it shows how uninterested you are with your friends' story. even if you are, can't you at least play along just to make your friend feel a lot better? and of course, you yourself need to watch your friends' face when talking. if not, your friend can suspect you talking to the wall. not their fault if they think so.

3) not addressing your friend's name.
-this is the most common fault people do. doesn't it make you feel more important when people can address ur name well? it shows that they have some effort to know your name and how they care about you. it makes a lot of difference. trust me.

4) not using these 3 simple words - thanks, sorry, please - often enough.
-this is what people nowadays are lacking. manners. i'm really sorry to actually say this. am i wrong when i say that we have learned these really simple but meaningful words since small? but from the looks of it, people are very very difficult to say 'thanks' after getting something, 'sorry' after making some faults and last but not least, 'please' when asking a favour. please try saying these words everyday in your life. it can really make you a much better person.

well, actually i have lots more to put, but im afraid it will bore everyone to death. 4 is enough i guess. anyway, all da best in being a better person ok! of course, this is a reminder for me too.


  1. fiqah!!
    sejak bile kau ade blog ni??taktau pun! linking u k?
    btw,hisashiburi desune.haha.dtg hiroshima tak taikai ni??sila datang ok.:D


  2. atil!!! wawawa~ thanks for dropping by! baru je ade blog nih ;P
    hisaburi desu~~ sangat2 nk pegi, tapi tak dapat la dear. ade tetamu nk dtg... have fun during taikai k!

  3. guess what dear..aku pn kuar sorg td...hahahhaaa..
    gi shopping n end up beli brg ntah pape..huhuu

  4. hahaha!! seriously? if only i knew, i would have called u while shopping. rase cam berteman sket kan. hehehhe... i bought a new pair of sandals! yey! so happy =)

  5. hahhaa..tu laa..n guess what again..I bought new pair of wedges!!hahhaa..adik beradik sandal..huhuu

  6. mimi, cop! actually i bought a pair of wedges. bukan sandals pun.... hahahahahah!!!! so lebih kurang la kite. great minds think alike =D

  7. agree!
    to be satisfied with ur outings,company is the major padang pasir pun jadik best klu company tu mmg soulmates kite..

    tp ak gyaku laa ngn ko...xleh beli barang klu kua sowang2..waw o.o

  8. really? wawawa... i thought u buy a lot each time u get the opportunity to do so. tak kire sorang or berteman.
    so, pekah! lets go to padang pasir together. we will surely have a good time there. =D

  9. i was stuck in a bus for 14 hours.there was not enough leg-room and i was constantly waking up every 2 seconds. having people who kept talking around me was never helpful when all i needed was some rest. but hey, i was on the bus with someone who made everything so much easier and more fun for me and the whole journey seemed like it was less than 2 hours long. that was possibly the shortest of the longest bus ride i have ever had in my entire life.

    the moral of the story, we need someone in our life who could make things so much better and easier for us. and if that person ever comes along, accept him as he is. but if he can never listen as good as he can talk, then leave.

    kak aini

  10. ooohkay~ so u were talking about ur beau all this while... hahahah, i was a lil bit slow there. well, u r totally right darl! a good talker is not good enough when one cannot be a good listener. =)

    (oh, i just hate riding on a bus. it hurts me all over T_T)

  11. Ben A: Hmm. Allowance should be reduced. hehehehe

  12. hahaha, i dont think i spend that much =D

  13. ayah sgt kelakar....

  14. hahaha! sangat!! n who is this anonymous by the way? =))

  15. mami:one who does not know how to listen is definitely an egoistic person. i hope you don't make friend with this type of's not worth it!
    iqa balik nanti kita shopping sama ok. love you dear.

  16. betul2!! i definitely have no intention to get close with this kind of people. cant wait to go home!!! waaa~! love u to mama!

  17. Can i say u have a 'spot on' on term number one!, even my bestfriend do that to me, simply rude kan. I thought I was boring to her all the way. Spoil gile kot mood~ heh~

    Ran into your blog, out of boredomness. =)

  18. hahaha! it can annoy just anybody by doing such simple thing. seriously, it's like we are told right to the face that we are such a bore. haih~ people can be really mean at times! >,<

    thanks for reading nway! =)

  19. So you don't do shoppings when you are out with boys .... so spending more time together with you is the more economic .. :) so true la since last time you went out with your mother ... and you end up with half a dozen of ... em .. not going to disclose it here .. save your waterface .. :P

    You haven't met eh someone you are comfortable when you are writing this .. when I'm writing this, I found mine already ... why only 4 .. I thought being a student you should have more time to write. . :(

    Sayang ... I hope Im a good listener .. so many people hope you found one ... hu hu hu ..

    1. Yeah, true indeed... I had a lot of friends back then. But i usually keluar lepak with them, never shopping coz... well... guys prefer to lepak borak2 i guess. Actually, i have never gone out shopping with u yet, have i? Should try one day. :P

      Ini cerita dulu.. Everyone seems worried of me maybe because i talk a lot. So, as you know sayang.. I call u as my #1 listener, hence... u should know already.. u are indeed a good listener sayang. Love you loads! xoxo