Tuesday, 21 April 2009

home sweet home.... (no matter how small it is!)

my house here in kobe is small. two rooms, 1 small kitchen, a dining together with the living, 1 small bathroom and 1 toilet. nothing more. nothing less. n the windows are made of wood. so antique. ayah and mami said my house is just like a doll house. hahaha, yeah.... so true. even the ceilings are low.

(the picture says it all. the kitchen is so small. only one person at a time, ok! ;P)
when it gets windy, every little thing in my house vibrates so hard. oh, i might have exaggerated a little there. my windows and doors shake and produce very uncomfortable sounds. just imagine at night with no lights on.... hahaha, kinda scary but im already used to it. but i really hope it could stop. yesterday's wind was so strong and it had been raining since morning. the weather really killed my mood.

with no mood to do anything, i decided to pick up the phone and called my parents. falling asleep would be a bad idea since i had to get ready for my experiment today. i made a good decision on that! after an hour of borak2 kosong with ayah mami, i got my mood back. yippee~ but the wind was still having a good time hitting my windows. sigh! but i guess we cant get everything our way. so i continued with my revision. (bising la tingkap nih dentam dentum)

today, once again, my partner and i managed to finish up everything very early. (so~ happy!! ^_^) i also took a picture of our experiment. 'playing' with the wires was so much fun. kesimpulannya, jadi la electrical engineer. =D


  1. Kat sini pn smlam ngn hari ni angin kuat..nak kate ade taifu,tenki yoho tak ckap pape plak..huhuu.pastu klau malam dgr angin kat luar scary semacam je~~

    n..I love ur home vr much..hehee..bilelaa nak g sane lg..

  2. deshou~! macam puting beliung la plak. rugi tak record keadaan umah aku time tuh.... it was so scary! T_T
    thanks mimi! umah kecik nih sentiasa mengalu2kan kedatangan ko! really would love to have ur company again! ^-^

  3. tu mcm blaja kemahiran hidup je..hahaha wat music box

  4. music box? tak main la weyh... buat keje pateri n keje kayu... lawak2! dah aar tak dapat blk mende tuh. cikgu wat perkasam projek kitorg tuh kat skolah. nk balik!!!

  5. Hi Iqa,
    I think I recognize few of your friends in your room there. The elephant and sheep mcm the one like you have right now.

    owh . I dah agak dah you kat sana mmg memasak. tgk dapur mcm complete je. :)

    btw dulu i pernah belajar logik digital. but my board was much simpler than yours. :D

    1. Hi Asyid! Presentinggg my favourite place of all in Kobe, i.e., my own house. I love it so much coz i had the chance to decorate it by myself :) ditemani oleh my cute soft toy friends. Yes indeed, they are the same ones in my room now. Peneman setia. Hehe.. my kitchen is quite nice actually. The kitchen is a witness of my disastrous cookinh skills. (Eh, ada skill ke?)

      Oh if u ask me about that board, i can say that i cant remembwr a thing! So much about encouraging people to be an electrical engineer.. hahaha :p

  6. frankly Im interested in Arduino project ... you study la balik .... :D