Saturday, 18 April 2009

love notes.... ;P

ohayou! ^_^ it's saturday morning people! better get moving for the daily chores....

it is a bright saturday morning, good weather to go out for a jog. well yeah, kind of.
however, all that im doing is waiting for the baticrom's man to deliver our food stock that could probably last only for a month. (sigh~)... and yet, still no plans for this weekend. i have actually planned with our seniors to go down to rokkomichi and get some massage... aaah~ it would be relaxing............(just the thought of it has made me more relaxed... ;P)

so yesterday, after got betrayed by the height-measuring machine(it made me shorter by 0.6cm! damn! i got all sulky because of it) we went to kaikan to play ping pong. it has been quite some time for us to play together. got back my smiles after managed a few hits. hahahaa... it feels good to move your body around! =)

as usual, after ping pong, we had dinner around kaikan. went to saizer with ina, dan and redza. we shared a few laughs together listening to the stories everyone had to deliver. really had a good time talking that we didnt realise how much time we had spent there. at one point, we talked about girls who have been ignored by boys whom they approach. hahahaha! and guess what, redza said, he had been one of those boys without him realising it! yeah right. and the story goes like this:-----

the girl in his school has put a *love letter/note* inside his bag, hoping for something to happen between them. i suppose! hahaha... but well, as we know, boys' bags are not exactly the cleanest or well-managed place to put 'something really important' in. hurm, im guessing u all know the outcome of it right? yeah, he didnt realise the letter till the next 2 years. and 2 years later, he actually wondered what is this black n dirty paper doing in his bag, and when he opened it... tadaaa.... the girl was actually waiting for his reply the next day. she was hoping him to put a reply under her desk or something like that. hahahahha, n of course, it didnt happen. at all! because of that, he had some reputation during his school days. pity the girl, but pity my junior here so much more. T_T hahahah

ok, in a nutshell...... attention to all girls out there! who might want some attention by some boys.. pleaseeee remember! not to accidentally or purposely drop a love note in boys' bags. so not helping the situation.
hardeeharhar! :-))

till then!(oh, my food stock just arrived a few moments ago. hooray! )


  1. omg...pity her..fiqah, dun do tat ok..haha..

  2. mala, u got to stop doing that.... giving out love notes is so~ yesterday! hahaha

  3. "but well, as we know, boys' bags are not exactly the cleanest or well-managed place to put 'something really important' in"

    oh,i din know that girls are any better tho..huhu

  4. hahaha! but surely girls wont take 2 years to notice that piece of note. well, i guess girls are just more observant then! =D

  5. be aware of the note and protecting it r 2 diff things rite?i suppose,wut u said in ur post is referring to the latter,not the former :p

    anyway,honestly..i din know,n i want to know more abt them from other ppl,esp outside my current close circle of friends :p,if girls r like dat,maa ne..

  6. so i suppose u want to learn more about girls. but why not from ur current close friends? takut any unwanted remarks ke? hahaha...

  7. haha..xdela..saje nak dapat diff views :p

  8. Hi Iqa,

    So this is where you learned to just send me a postcard instead of surprise love notes. Love theme nevertheless .. :X

    1. Hi Asyid,

      Omg, u make me read all my old posts again.. hahaah! Yes indeed i shall never give secret love notes like that. I only give real postcards to someone special.. hehe

  9. untunglah that someone special ..... hope he's not the messy type.. ^_^