Monday, 20 April 2009

married girl is not married, yet..

Hi married girl, how r u ?which batch were u in smss?Wat r u doing rite now?

so this is the message i got from a senior who added me as a friend in facebook. to tell the truth, i really have no idea who he is. guess what? he is actually 20 years older than i am. hebat! means he is a super super senior to me. lol! what attracks me is the word 'married girl'. hahaha, yeah, i actually put my status as married in facebook. kinda interesting and it is so not gonna happen for girls around my age to be married. and so, i thought! but look, just how wrong can i be! not only girls at this age could be married, but even boys could! T_T

unbelievable~~~ i chatted with my friend this evening and got soOo shock to get to know that one of my friends will get married soon! like, this summer? whoaAA~ who could have guessed? and he might get married here in japan. (oops, kantoi insan ini lelaki)....

like what my friend has just said, kalau dah sampai seru, kahwin jugak...
ohoho, this kind of statement can really really make someone think. bile seru itu? hahaha... but ayah and mami, dont worry, i am still your cute little daughter. innocent and still have loOong way to go! :D (please ignore my status in facebook ok!)

me, looking very innocent and happy. i can really smile from cheek to cheek. hahaha

looking at old photos really makes me feel old. not old enough to be married though. *wink*


  1. alalala~ mala jeles eh? hahahahahah

  2. waaa .. sungguh cute awak waktu kecik....

    waaa .. so you were married before ..

    why I never heard of this before ? :P

    1. Waaa sungguh cute saya dulu.. dulu je ke? Huwaa sampai ati.. :p
      Yes, i was married. Only in a non existing world.. hahaha maybe that's why u've never heard of it.. :p

  3. Yes .. I only heard something about 2017 pun belum tentu .. haha ... still not sure what is it all about .. :P