Saturday, 25 April 2009

things to do on a rainy day

a raining saturday is the last thing i ever wanted. and yet, it happens today. i have known about this since monday but i still hoped that the weather forecast might be wrong. stupid me, the weather forecast in japan has always been accurate so far. (sigh)

and now, everyone is practically stuck at home, probably doing reports. a good thing i suppose, but it is so not like saturday~!! huwaaa... my housemate has left the house early morning to attend her dancing practice. i hate being at home alone doing nothing. (weyh, belajar la afiqah! ...eeeppp~!)

what are the things u might consider fun on lifeless days like this? ideas needed here!! hurm, is making crank calls considered fun? i might just try it once. (sape nak kena angkat tangan!!! ;P)

okay, let me just list down some ideas on what u can do on a rainy day.

1) clean the house (boleh training jadi suri rumah bejaya)

2) ring the bell of every house in the apartment (sumpah kene campak kluar dari apartment lepas tuh)

3) cook something special n give them to your neighbours (opologise for ringing their bells earlier)

4) rearrange furniture in your room (kate takde keje kan)

5) try on all of your clothes in your wardrobe. mix n match everything. if u are a camwhore, dont hesitate to capture your own picture n upload it in facebook of flickr account (mesti korang slalu buat kan? )

6) play with your dolls (kembalikan memori kanak2 anda)

7) turn on raya songs and sing at the top of your lungs (slalu jugak buat time2 rindu malaysia)

8) continue sleeping (okay, i know... so not productive)

9) call your loved ones n tell them how much u miss them (sounds decent)

yeah, i am actually just killing time doing this blog. hahaha.... and the thing i might want to do is no 9. yeah, i am calling my parents now. u should do it too.

till then! adios amigo! ^_^


  1. ala ciannye bosan ye..pegila duk tgh2 padang mandi ujan..

  2. kecewa nih.. kat sini cam takde padang seswai nk mandi ujan la... mala, aku tau ko slalu mandi ujan utk save bil air kan

  3. ME ME ME ME ME !!! .. Call me!!! (angkat tangan)

    ooo .. nk jadi suri rumah eh .. but im interested in no 3.

    yang no 9 tu .. dah lama i tunggu okayy .. :P

    I rasa list u buat ni adalah benda yang selalu student buat bila xnk study .. hohoh .. especially musim exam .. :P

    1. wait till i buy a new simcard... i kacau u ok? but like i always say, each time i give you a call, slalu kena turn down :P
      suri rumah? hahahaha! training for others kot~ not me... neeehhh... masak lah sangat. tunggu main masak2 ngan u lah one day :D