Thursday, 23 April 2009

what blood type are you?

i am still in the mood for novels. currently reading 'thanks for the memories' by Cecilia Ahern. it is basically about a man who donated his blood and to spice things up, the woman who received his blood actually got his memories. she could remember faces she had never seen, she could speak Latin, French and Italian without even learning them and so many other indescribable things happened right after she survived a terrible accident. spooky~ huh! the story line is great and undoubtedly makes me want to keep on reading. bravo to the brilliant writer! 5 star from me to you! clap clap clap =) (does anyone even care? lol!)

and IF this kind of stuff could really happen, whose blood would u want to receive from? a total stranger wont be quite promising though. can i get it from my lecturers? i really would love to score my exams with their knowledge. but i am sure their lives are not so interesting. and i bet the familiar faces i could ever remember would be the faces of other lecturers. yawn! how boring~ hahahaha...

i have once asked my friend and he replied it would be great to get it from his own best friend. it would be easier to know what his friend thinks of and there would never be any misunderstanding between them. that is one way of looking at things. would be interesting. especially if we have forgotten something, the memories gained from the blood donor which is our best friend would really help!

hahhaha.... here i am talking crap. somebody! kick me to reality please. =D

talking about blood, the japanese believe that each type of blood has a personality profile. it is kinda funny because they have a tendency to group people depending on the blood type. i feel especially sorry to the AB group. to the japanese, AB is considered the worst blood type. i am relieved though that i am from the O group and is considered the best type in japan. hahahhaha... (ok, again, i feel so lame if i were to believe at this crap. T_T)

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p/s: one of these days, i might consider donating some blood. what do u say? oh, i hope i wont get freaked out by the needles.


  1. Hi ,

    Im also typo .. type O ... yeah, I read somewhere that Japanese treat blood types like horoscope. You are a universal donor, OMG. Have I asked if you donated blood before ?

    1. Hooray! So we are considered the best type in Japan! *clap clap clap* :D

      Oh man... how i wish i could say yes. But... noooo i have never got the chance... *cry a river*

  2. Ok .. list this down as things that we will do together next time eh .. :D