Sunday, 24 May 2009


it's dark outside. it was a bright sunny day this morning. funny how the clouds can move from one place to another that fast. while i was still enjoying the sun, the clouds had to spoil my mood. not a bad thing though. it actually lowers the temperature a little.

but since my mood can really depend on the weather,this kind of weather makes me feel tremendously low with no expectation. everything seems dull and no life. should i go back to bed?


i really feel like shouting and throwing myself into the sea. floating on the water and looking at the sky. it would be a great way to relax a bit. boy, how i miss pulau perhentian. the crystal clear water with bright sky and glittering spotless beach. colourful fishes and big turtles in the sea.

this kind of weather always brings back a lot of memories. i don't want to be here! i am physically in kobe but spiritually in malaysia. haih.... what can i do. man, i'm bored!! ~_~


  1. Just look at it this way. If you feel bored being stuck in your cubicle in Kobe, imagine the tourist who arrives at his holiday destination, and is compulsorily quarantined at the airport or hospital. He only has 10 days of holiday in that country and has to fly back in no time. At least for 7 days he will be stuck, grounded, speechless, frustrated....What a waste of money, time etc. Hmmm. Maybe for the next trip visit Kuala Pilah. Kahkahakah!

  2. hahaha... yeah, that is true. but i wasnt actually thinking of the swine flu. out of the blue i got so depressed by the weather that i couldnt think straight. nothing was intriguing enough... huhu...
    ok, i might consider kuala pilah for our next trip. mesti ayah rase cam balik kampung! hahahahah =D

  3. hish, jaga2.. takut2 ada org kuala pilah kat sini...nanti org offended, susah pulak..huhu

  4. hish... mane de nak offend sesape.. memang kite slalu balik negeri sembilan pun kan... boring la jugak kalau dok sg buloh je :P
    a change of environment would be great

  5. Cakap nk pegi pulau , tapi dah balik Malaysia skang macam asyik duduk office je .. :P

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  7. jom pantai .. cuma since OBS i dah mcm taknak pergi pantai .. sebab time OBS takde air lain .. rinse pun guna air minum .. hu hu .. sungguh limited ..

    1. alaaaa OBS is different.. jom jom jom... gi laa jommm... hehehe..