Wednesday, 6 May 2009

crawling in my shawl


it was really traumatising. i still got goosebumps because of this disgusting hundred-feet-animal. ugh... yeah, i just saw a centipede in my laundry.(lipaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!!!) i was just about to fold my clean, washed clothes when i saw a 6 to 7 centimetres long centipede. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeppp!!! it was so gross!!

i got so freaked out that i jumped and shrieked out. luckily my housemate wasn't home and also unlucky for me as i had no one to help out.

with hands half shaking, i took the shawl where the centipede was crawling on and hurriedly i tossed it out of the window. oh, not to worry, actually i threw it outside, where i hang and dry my clothes. (still not that stupid to throw a good and nice shawl away.)

okay, i was totally horrified by the sight of the centipede. it sure can crawl fast enough.

feel like vomiting. shall have no appetite for the rest of the day.

feel sick. gonna hate crawling creatures for the rest of my life.


  1. ko geli tgk lipan..aku pulak takut kena gigit..haha

  2. hahaha, agak la... actually both... geli tgk n takut gk kene gigit... ugh... T_T

  3. mami:i hope that creepy crawly did not end up in your neighbour's soup!imagine eating centipede soup. eeeeek!

  4. that's a digusting thought! ewwwww~~~
    but dont worry mami, the neighbours' windows are well shut. =D

  5. what a cute picture.. huhu

    kak aini

  6. i was about to upload a picture of a centipede but i was afraid everyone will get goosebumps over it. hahaha, luckily i chose this picture. cute~

  7. nasib baik bukan katak....ewwwwwww

  8. tuh dah penah. katak kering found dead in my locker kat sc selangor dulu. amat memuntahkan... ewww~

  9. you sure that someone didn't put that in your locker??

    miss paranoid.


  10. In Putra Hills we find ular senduk in the drawers...ha ha ha

  11. hahahahahahaha!!!! thats funny! i dont think i will pull any drawers when i go home later. cuak!

  12. lipan in pulau gaya during our OBS was so big ... My friend saw one on coconut tree, almost as big as the coconut ..
    he didnt sleep that night ..

    ok .. u takut lipan .. noted ..

    1. Heyyyu sape yang berani sangat ngan lipan? Dah la... ewwww... ughh.... please be my hero to toss them out of my view if i find any...