Tuesday, 26 May 2009

dear diary....

does writing in a diary make you feel any better? i don't really know because i don't really write in diaries. i have tried many times but somehow i failed to continue because it just took so much time of my time. (so does this blog actually!)

i kept postponing my entries and sometimes i only wrote half way. well, maybe i am the expressive type that i tried to insert every single detail of what had happened without leaving out my emotions in the diary. and guess what, i just couldn't stand writing them anymore. my hand and fingers got numb only after 2 pages of writing. i can't help feeling regret with my laziness that half of my life might have been forgotten. well, bits and pieces of exciting times will surely remain but i am just scared i would lose something which i shouldn't have.

i put up a blog just to share some of my thoughts, some of my inner feelings, but it does not actually act as a diary. some people might have used blog as a daily diary, but i choose not to as it might just bore people to know about my daily boring life. :P

that is also the reason why i always share my day and my feelings of happiness, anger, frustration and loads more, with those whom i trust the most. i barely see the need to write because i find it easier to talk and once i have got the stories out of my head, i feel more at ease. actually i do have a notebook where i jot down the events that happen on some particular days. nothing much on my emotions though. i express better when i talk, i guess.

however these few days i feel like something is mounting up within me. i feel like sharing something with someone but i just couldn't reach that person. it is hard not to let something out when you really have to. some things are suitable to be shared only with the right people. haih....

so, people! what do you suggest? should i start writing in a diary again? does it really help people feel better? or perhaps you want to lend your ears to listen to my boring stories? =D


  1. boleh2..kol laa aku..hehee..softbank kan free je..
    i'll spare my time 4 u..

    n..klu ade bende nak cter jgn simpan2 tau..nnt makin tension je..igt tu..aku da pham sgt dah..

  2. mimie~ thank u so much 4 always always always being there. i feel like there are loads to share with u. but i think i can wait till u finish up ur most important exam this 13th june. cant wait to meet up in gunma n the 3 of us will share a lot of stories together!! heheh... muah2!!! cayang sangat kat ko! ^-^

  3. Writing in a diary you have absolute privacy unless someone takes a peek at it. Writing down your thoughts in a blog? No problem if you like sharing your inner soul with the universe. But can you honestly say you can bare your actual problems or thinking and make it into a collective secret without fear? Sikit sikit boleh cerita to the world at large, but there are things better kept very close to your chest (dan makan hati), in order not to destroy relationship and sanity.

  4. that is exactly why i only share my ideas in my posts. i dont share my emotions and big secrets in this page. only a few people might know the real me.and in this case, family and best friends. so dont worry ayah, i guess no relationship or sanity will be destroyed. hehehe... and about makan hati, err, i dont think i could bare with that. that's why i got u to teach me right from wrong. =D

  5. Reading this is like a revision about you. I already knew about it but somehow I learned about it by practical, If i came here first I could learn about it theoretically. Nevertheless you are still the same you 6 years later. :)

    Oh yes... you should start writing a diary. maybe a 100day challenge ... :P

    1. U know me too well even without reading my write ups actually. Hahaha! Thanks for always wanting to know about me. Erm... about the 100 days challenge.. Err.. that's... pretty hard.. How that one time had been difficult... Never knew 100 days lasted so long! Or... maybe we can do it together? hee...