Friday, 22 May 2009

eyes cant lie

everyone can laugh, everyone can smile.
but can everyone smile
sincerely from the bottom of the heart?
the mouth can lie, but eyes cant.
even if we try very hard
to make a curve on that lip
without sincerity,
somehow people can see through us.
thats just not what we really want to convey.
if we really r sincere,
just a small smile is enough.
our eyes will smile together
and also the people around.

(kalau hebat, teka la, yang mane satu tengah senyum)

so, dont worry. even if we r wearing a mask to protect ourselves from swine flu virus or whatsoever, people can still see our smile. not exactly on the lips, but at least from our eyes. not bad, huh.

smile more everyone! it makes you look younger! =D


  1. pejam tak semestinya tidur..maybe sometimes eyes can lie too..hehe
    anyhow, nice eye..keep on smiling

  2. hahaha, betul jugak kan... then, eyes cant lie when they are wide open kot. hehe... thank u! i'll keep on smiling~ ^-^

  3. Senyum sikit! .... ok ..

    Ill try to smile more .. :D

    1. yesss please do!! to me, and to everyone else jugak... but... err... bukan untuk ngorat orang ye sayang.. hahaha

    2. dulu I ngorat you pun I x senyum kan ... bagi smiley emoji je .. :)

    3. even bagi smiley emoji pun kena sincere okay! hehe...