Thursday, 14 May 2009

feel like selling some fish? oh, u wish!

mr A : god, im hungry. lets have some bread, shall we?
miss B: yeah, me too! my stomach is growling. bread sounds good to me.
miss C: oh, that's a great idea! lets go to the coffee shop near the post office and have some bite.
mr D : i cant wait to have my favourite mozzarella and tomato croissant. what do you say, X?
mr X :no can do. i am not hungry. i feel like going to the gym and get a good workout. i am sure everyone understands. we need to be there pronto. it closes in 2 hours' time. plus, i am the driver now. u can always go to the coffee shop some other time.
so what do call a person like mr X? yes, exactly! he is no other than a selfish person. just because he doesnt want to have what other people want, it doesnt mean he can deprive other people's cravings. even if he were to have the thing that people need. (in the above case, he has the car). why does everyone else have to give up their plans?
it drives me up to the wall when someone can be really heartless and selfish. all he ever care is his own needs without considering other people's feelings. i am a great believer that older people should be wiser and more considerate. but i guess i am wrong as older people can be totally ignorant at times. anyway, majority should win hands down, shouldnt they? =)


  1. least X can do is drop them at the cafe and pick them up in 2 hours time kan ...

    If I were becoming more like X in the future please let me know eh ..

    1. kan~ let him do what he wants, but at the same time let others do what they want too... susah sangat ke... :P
      okieee, i'll give u a good spanking if u become one! :D