Friday, 1 May 2009


i feel hopeless. more like useless actually, for not being able to help someone who is important while he/she is in trouble. having a good time while someone is having a hard time doesnt at all make me feel good.

somehow i hope i can do more than just giving words of wisdom as if im a miss-know-it-all. it does make me feel sick. coz i know im no miss perfect afterall.

true, that sometimes all we need is someone who can listen to our problems. but how far am i as a good listener? how supportive can i be when someone ever needs one? is my shoulder good enough for someone to cry on?

i really wish i could do more than just being there for those who are in need.



  1. Ben: Everyone has a shoulder but not everyone has a good heart, and the willingness to hear other people's problems. Whether you are successful depends on the patience that goes along with the good heart and intention.

  2. hurm... that's true. as long as one has a good heart, it is more than ample. i really wish i have one. =)

  3. u'r such a good listener..dun worry dear..

  4. mala~ thanks so much dear!! u r a much better listener than i am. =)

  5. darl, no worries. sometimes there's just so much we could do. just give our best. the things that we are not able to do, nak buek macam mano kan..

    kak aini

  6. huhu, betul2... thanks so much darl! all i have to do is to give my best. i really learn a lot from u! muah2! =D

  7. hi sayang you have always been there when i needed you. you took care of me when i was in the hospital after the operation ,you were there to help me out with the house chores when the maid went home to Indonesia during fasting month, you were there to calm me down when i was really depressed just by holding my hands when you were just about 5 years old!you are definitely a good, kind and thoughtful daughter . so don't ever give up on anything or anybody ok because i will always appreciate your help.Love you so much my dear iqa.

  8. thank u so much mami~!! i am so touched to know that. it is my pleasure to be there whenever my family needs something. just to be there beside u has made me a lot happier. love u so much too!! i wont give up on anybody, especially on our family. no worries k mama! miss u loads~! muah2!!!! =)

  9. ure one of my best shoulders honey =)
    glad sungguh ko n mimie boleh dihubungi secare houdai..
    knowing that ur there 24/7 sangat bersyukur..

  10. uhuk2, terharu~ thanks pekah! im glad that my besties r not that far from me. i really can rely on the both of u! muah2 for being there too dear! ^_^

  11. Although we are far apart most of the time. Just knowing you share the same concern and problem as i'm facing is enough to make feel more strong in going forward. Your thoughts and kind words do make me feel at ease and confident to strive. Thanks Sayang. Really I sangat bersyukur having you by my side when I need you the most. :X

    1. Sayang never have thought that one day someone like u would read this post and comment. I appreciate ur presence so much and u are too, my pillar of strength. Thanks for having me in ur life <3