Sunday, 17 May 2009

i dont need holidays!!!

due to the fact that one person was confirmed having the swine flu in kobe, our university is closed for 1 week. i heard that later that night, this disease has spread to more than 5 people. pretty scary but i hate to have instant holidays!

do you know why? the reason is that, after lazying for about a week like this, we will surely be pushed and will be given a hard time later on. this situation has once happened 2 years ago when someone from our university was suspected getting measles and because of that, the whole school was closed. at first, we were so excited to get the holidays. but after the school started to reopen, we had to attend saturday classes to replace the classes that we have missed before. it was really tiring and i hate the fact that i only have 1 day of holiday per week. things can get even worse because there is a chance of our examinations and summer holidays getting rescheduled. that 1 thing worries me the most.

i have just booked a ticket back home on 7th of august!!!! i dont want to delay my flight and it would cost me a lot just to change the date... huuuuu~~ people, help me to calm down when those days come, ok?! right now, the only thing i can be happy about, is my mid term exam will be postponed till school reopens. hahahha....

hurmmmm.... what should i do for today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, so on and so forth....


  1. dah beli tiket murah pun nak complain byk ka?haha

  2. gi laa wat kuih ke..bljr masak ke..hahaa
    yg pntg jgn kuar sgt..nnt bjangkit plak..

  3. tiket murah? oh sorry amzar, aku tak dapat tiket murah tuh... balik time2 obon ok... skrg, kalau tukar tiket, akan menambahkan lagi kesusahan...

    oh mok, jgn terkejut, gmbr babi itu sebenarnye amat comel... hahaha

    tuh la mimi, aku baru pas balik dari umah izat. kuih mazzola kitorg buat sgt sedap! =)

  4. haha...aku pun xmau cuti pasal tiket flight...takut kan klu dier curik cuti kite nnt...
    xpe2...suemr utk kebaikan ko..smoge ko sihat walafiat..
    n when i say take care,i always mean it..
    n rajin2 sabun tangan n gosok gigi more than yg ckp cmtu..n makan plenty of sayur*(basuh bersih bersih bersih bersih jugak)

  5. tuh la... sangat2 terharu ade orang yang care cam ko! i will take care of myself more than i used to, insyaAllah... smoga dgn cucian tangan n gosokan gigi yg kerap, aku akan bertambah wangi n wangi~ heheh...
    i pray that this virus wont get to gunma. smoga ko pun sihat walafiat! =)

  6. Hi Iqa,

    chill ok. InsyaAllah everything will be okay. Hope everything is good there. Stay indoor je. Anything just text me ... love you .. :X

    1. Phew.. i most definitely will stay indoor. Swine flu is no joke... I'll remember to text u ok. Love you toooo :*