Tuesday, 19 May 2009

money versus time

is money really everything to us? is it true we cant enjoy life without money? i totally disagree with it though i am a big fan of money myself. ^o^
we are able to enjoy simple life even we have very little money with us. it all depends on how we define the word 'happy'. to me, it is very simple. as long as i have good company, family or even close friends, i am happy. yes, that simple.
people nowadays tend to have the idea of 'no money, no life'. yeah, it might be a little bit troublesome when we don't have enough money to buy something. however, money is not everything to create a good life but time is. as long as we still have the time and we make full use of it, no doubt we could have the best life we ever wished for.
to us students, it is most challenging on weekends and holidays to make use of the time. the rate of money spending is the highest on holidays. almost everyone wants to go out and plans like that normally require a lot of money, such as going out-station, going to concerts, shopping and also having big meals outside with friends.
here i would list out some activities which i find very interesting yet not much money needed. all you need is company.
  1. take a stroll with your friends at nearby park.
  2. make pot-luck picnic with your close friends near the river or anywhere nice.
  3. invite your friends over to your house and cook together. it is the time when you can talk everything and update about yourselves.
  4. make your own concert at home with your colleagues.
  5. rent some DVDs and watch them at home.
  6. go under the sun and play Frisbees.
  7. go to the playground and play with the swings. would be more fun if you take videos of yourselves.
  8. if you are not far from the beach, just sitting by the beach would be great. enjoy the sunset and relax. =)

these things can be more interesting compared to having expensive dinner at exclusive restaurants or even buying expensive stuff at the malls. so, why spend more? =)


  1. Hm .. no 3 .. I see what you did there :P
    we never do any of those list ... -_- ... banyak kena plan balik ni .. Huuuu

    1. Whaaaat? I cook cekodok ke.. pun ok lah kann :p
      Sayang.. InsyaAllah 2016 we can do a looottt of stuff together. :) kita buat list jom?

    2. Jom .. first buat blood donation eh .. :D

    3. pastikan x amik apa2 vaccine before nak gi blood donation macam i hari tu.. huhu... can't wait to have our own bucket list :P