Tuesday, 30 June 2009

life is what you make it

it is nice to have such great company always by our side
it feels good to be accepted just as the way we are
it is great to have the time to create new memories, to venture new things and gain new experience
it means a lot to be appreciated on the things we have done

and isn't it a lot nicer for us to say how we really feel?
it feels greater to be truthful and it feels really good to get to say how much we care
and how much we appreciate the presence of the people around us
without them, we can't be what we are now...

i come to realise that other people play a big role in making who i am right now. i am very grateful to have each and every one of you in my life. no matter how small you may think your role is, it makes a big difference in my life.

to ayah, mami, abang and kak aini... you all are the heart and soul of my life. =)
to my friends, you are like the sunshine in my life.
and to everyone who has ever crossed my path, thank you for being a part of my life and give some spark into my life. ;)

love all of you to pieces

yup, i am as happy as this cat... hehe

**saje je meroyan takde keje... i miss my family a lot!! ayah mami, balik la malaysia cepat!**

Sunday, 28 June 2009

camera and i

i just love cameras. seriously i do. just bring a camera along, and i can entertain you all day long. =)

i do have my own camera but lately i rarely use it. since primary school, i used to like taking pictures, that i ended up taking more pictures of others. (well, as i was more confident in my picture-taking skill.) however, when the pictures were developed, i felt disappointed for not having many pictures of myself. :(

hurm~ i have now learned my lesson. as i prefer to be in the pictures, i always let my pictures taken using other people's camera. i'm amazed myself how i can be in so many pictures. (hahaha, yeah right!) aren't we grateful to have cameras in our life that memories can remain and be remembered even when we are old and grey? i was just looking back at some old pictures of mine and it was hard not to smile thinking of the good old days.

yeah, the days when i was so 'selebet' and ugh... sangat tak anggun... i don't feel like explaining, so i hope these pictures will do the explanation for me ;)

early days in standard six

a few days before i moved to kelantan

yeah, still the same day

form two (2001)

i must have thought i looked so nice and presentable at that time, but just look at those pictures!! hahaha.... must be the way i used my tudung. hurm, these are some other old pictures but i am glad to admit, i look much better here... =D

form 5 with my dear dorm mates

with G5 girls during aaj days~

sending oya off to aussie

small reunion with my ex-dorm mates before going to japan

and now for some recent photos... =)

ooops, wrong picture.. nih selebet la! next please~

visiting shera with mimi ^-^

in sydney with the future architects

so, what do u think? any changes since small? hahaha (saje letak gmbr nih, konon2 muke serious)

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

what women want. what women want to hear.

the very moment people say something, what do they actually want to hear in return? what kind of reaction do they expect? for example,if you were to say something like this,

"i'm having a hard time at work"

what kind of reply do you really want to hear from other people? would you want to hear comforting words or would you rather get some solutions to your problem?

men and women are very different in the way of thinking. women naturally want to hear comforting words from their partner. they don't really need the solutions to the problem. all they want to have is someone who can listen to their problems and understand well how they feel.

however, on the other hand, men totally have a different idea. when they tell you something or share some problem, what they really want to hear is the solution. that is exactly the reason why men tend to tell directly to women what they think is right and rational to do, but sadly it only ends up with a fight. just don't be surprised with this kind of situation. (kesian gile...)

men always find it weird when they are told by women that they don't listen well when they thought they have done great enough. (not mentioning with the solutions they have given out.) oh no no no~ men out there, please, you don't have to crack your brains giving out opinions and stuff as what you need to do is nothing else but just to be there and comfort them with some soothing words.

what normally happens:-

w: i am so tired of work nowadays.
m: i think you have been working too hard. try take some holidays. you are entitled to do so, aren't you?
w: but i still have loads to do in the office. i can't just leave the office at times like this.
m: seek help from your colleagues. surely they can give you a hand.
w: they themselves have so many things to finish up.
m: seems like everyone is having a hard time then. get a cup of coffee in the office when you get the chance to do so. hehe
w: you're not listening to a word i say! (widens her eyes and walks away)
m: ...............................haven't i been listening?? (feels surprised and also walks away)

what women really want to hear:-

w: i am so tired of work nowadays.
m: really? any problem in the office lately?
w: i have deadlines to meet and a lot of presentations to do.
m: hurm, it sounds tiring. (gives a sympathetic look)
w: almost everyone is complaining about work these days. we even had to work on saturdays and sundays for the last two weeks.
m: seriously? it doesn't sound fair to the staff. all of you have already worked so hard on weekdays. but don't worry, i guess it won't be for long.
w: yeah, i really hope so.
m: well, you must be tired. since it is no longer office hour, let's get a cup of coffee and relax a bit.
w: sure, why not! thanks for listening anyway! =)

two similar situations, but very different results. well yeah, surely you might think women are a bit difficult to understand. but once you know how, and the right things to say, you might reduce the conflict in your relationship. good luck in trying~ =D

Saturday, 20 June 2009

sometimes you just gotta laugh

after 3 long weeks, at last, i managed to finish up one very good story book: the tenth gift, written by jane johnson. seriously speaking, i am really proud of myself for reading this particular mesmerizing book as it's not a chick lit novel but instead, an adventure story which is full of history. (a round of applause for afiqah... yey... thank u thank u!! )

ok,due to the addiction of reading, i found myself buying another new book yesterday. i tried to look for something as interesting as 'the tenth gift' but i ended up buying a chick lit novel. hahahah.... another marian keyes novel by the way. back to my old self i guess. ^-^

i find it really entertaining to have a book to fill up my time (duh~ as if i have so much time on my hands...). at times i enjoy reading serious books because they make my mind wonder about a lot of things which i don't even know. however, most of the time, i just love to read light and simple stories, especially the funny ones. i really admire witty writers who can make me laugh out loud. oh, pity my housemate. i hope she doesn't feel that miserable to share a house with a high pitched voice girl. (-_-;)>

hurm, actually there are a few things that really enlighten me. i can actually laugh so hard or at least smile by myself when i do these things:
  1. when i online my facebook account and reply to every comment made at either the status, photos or walls of my friends. it can be very addictive since my friends, especially my high school friends are soOo attached to facebook lately. we keep on replying and chatting on everybody's wall. we also *ehem* purposely mark them as 'like' and comment at every pictures of ourselves to appear as highlight on other people's page... (sangat mancapab dan tak senonoh ok! T_T err isn't this supposed to be a secret? sshhh~)
  2. when i read ranma comic books. man, they are so funny. i bought more than 10 series last month as the books were sold at very low prices. i have read them again and again and they never fail to make me laugh like i only read them for the first time. i wonder, am i considered as childish to still read comic books? hehehe... i really hope not!
  3. whenever i read HANIS ZALIKHA's blog. seriously i suggest everyone who still doesn't know who she is, to check her blog out. she's damn funny and sincere in her writings. try clicking here for more info: http://www.inibelogsaya.blogspot.com/ she is one funny and creative girl who is surprisingly, 2 years younger than i am. oh well, nothing to be surprised actually. i just find it amazing how a young girl can capture the attention of so many people. cool huh?
  4. everytime i watch the happyslip videos. you can just type happyslip at youtube or just click here: http://happyslip.com/ try it out! christine presents so many funny videos that from the first time i watched her videos, i couldn't help but love them all. she is one talented girl who can perform very well. she acts, sings and plays the piano and also guitar like a pro. oh, how i wish i could be more spontaneous like her. =)
  5. after i get back from meeting the malaysians in kobe. there are more or less 25 people of malaysians here in kobe. we always meet up and do some activities together. whenever we have the opportunity to do so, there are always some gossips or stories to share that make me feel like laughing my heads off. like this afternoon, i had lunch with izyan, redza and dan. redza and izyan had an interesting debate whereby izyan blamed redza for not saying hi when they pass each other. and in defense, redza said he had always greeted her but he fails to get any response. so he told us that he greets izyan by raising his eyebrows. (-_-;) some effort~~~~~sigh
  6. whenever i read my grateful lists. guess what, i don't have a diary, but i own a 'gratitude book'. it is filled by all the things that i am grateful for. the notebook is almost full now and everytime i read it, i will surely smile. it makes my day just to remember how lucky i am in so many ways. so, let's be grateful in everything!
yes, laugh is indeed the best medicine. laugh like these people folks! *wink* ;)

**oh, it's getting so hot lately. and it is not at all a laughing matter. sigh~ T_T **

Monday, 15 June 2009

best buddies~

beep beep

i woke up from hearing a message tone . i looked at my phone: 1 message received. it was from my dad, telling me that they have arrived safely in london. =)
ayah mummy, have a great time there k! huhu, how i wish to be in london with everyone!

putting my phone down, i tried to imagine my family spending quality time together. waaaah!! already i feel so left out!! huhu, i will surely feel lonely these two weeks as i can't call them freely through phones. haih, and the thought of getting back to the real world after spending 4 beautiful days in gunma with my best buddies.

i am glad that i took some time off in the very middle of the semester. some people must think it as inappropriate. hehe, but why not? for the sake of rejuvenating. ;P

reasons why i love my true friends:

  1. we can talk about anything under the sky
  2. we share a lot of things together
  3. we understand each other very well
  4. we care about each other
  5. i can be myself around them!!!!!!! (sangat senang hati)
oh i miss them so much!

(saat2 berlakon kesejukan.... erkss)

(usaha menolak mimi jatuh ke dalam sungai)

(semangat nak melawat sungai kiryuu)

(tuan rumah yang sangat semangat)

**hope to meet up again one day guys~ eh, silap... girls!**

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

do you believe in science? do you believe in religion?

how do you react when your lecturer mentions your name in front of the class many times during the lecture? what kind of expression do you normally give? do you just smile or blush? hehe

so this morning my lecturer once again mentioned my name when explaining something. he normally started the class by giving some questions to the students as attendance. however today, out of the blue he asked something different.

do you believe in science? and, do you believe in religion? give reasons to your answer.

i was quite surprised for him to ask such question as we all know very well that majority of the japanese do not believe in religion. how did i answer to this question? hurm... it's a secret. heheh... as i had to write in japanese, i hope he could understand well what i tried to convey in the small paper.

anyway, after he collected the paper back, he said something about people and religion. as i have thought, he mentioned my name about being a muslim. he also mentioned about ramadan and how we all have to control ourself from eating. but~ he actually got the facts wrong when he said we have to fast for about 2 weeks?? and we have to be home during this period?? eh... bukan la sensei~! it should be a month. and it also doesn't matter where we are during ramadan, we can always fast anywhere. however, i did not want to embarrass him in front of everybody else that i just smiled. and half laughing actually. (dont get me wrong, i felt like laughing because ----> budak2 lab ramai minta nak balik malaysia time puasa dalam 2 minggu camtu sebab nak raya jugak. sebab tu kot? hahahah)

but i was also quite surprised that after the class, a lot of my friends had asked me about ramadan and how thay had known about our lecturer's mistake. so they know that we have to fast for one month. (rupenye dorang pun hampir tergelak time sensei cakap 2 minggu... so i wasn't the only one... ;P) oh, they also know that we have to fast till the sun goes down. wow! amazing huh? how they actually know about the facts though themselves do not have faith in any religion. kagum~~ =)

anyway, i hope one day i can really tell them about what islam is all about. at least i am happy that they do not hold any grudge or have any negative view against islam. alhamdulillah....

Monday, 8 June 2009

to be a girl or a boy?


7.15am-woke up and slowly took her shower
7.45am- was preparing to go to school.

blue. red. blue or red? hurm, green is much better. okay, then green it is for today! :)

she took out her favourite green blouse and ironed it. she has got everything planned in her head.

yeah, a white cardigan to go with this and also a pair or jeans. as for tudung? errm... a white one will do.

after ironing the blouse, she immediately put it on together with her white cardigan. done! she looked into the mirror, smiling as she felt satisfied with her looks. next, she looked for the white tudung.

it should be here. somewhere... ugh, where is it? oh oh...

she saw the tudung laying in the used basket together with other used clothes.

sigh~ erm, it's ok. a cream tudung can still do the trick. ....... damn! someone has borrowed it last week!!! how can i be so stupid to forget something like this!!!

looking at the clock, she realised that she was running out of time. class was about to start in half an hour's time. as fast as she could, she ran back to the wardrobe looking for other outfits. yeah, back to the drawing block. blue? red? blue or red??

5-10 minutes later- she only could take a glimpse into the mirror before running off to school.


8.10am- woke up. took a shower.
8.30am-grabbed any shirt his eyes first laid on and yesterday's trousers and already set to go to school.

as the class was about to start, the boy and girl arrived at the same time.

boy: looked ok
girl: looked red and blue. she wore a blue pair of shoes by mistake to go with her red dress. (please take note: gambar hanya hiasan. tiada kaitan ngan blog ini... ;) )

doesnt this sound familiar? girls need more time to prepare for something dont they? hahaha... just at times when time is running out, everything turns upside down. well anyway, i actually love the challenge. the decisions-making-challenge early in the morning ;P

oh, what shall i wear tomorrow for class.... hurmmm ^-^

Friday, 5 June 2009

small brat

ooh yeah~ it feels really good when the entire house is spotless from any habuk2 n kesan degil. though it is very cloudy out there, i dont seem to be bothered. i had a great time cleaning up the house, washing my clothes and.... singing out loud like nobody's business with the speaker turned on full blast. hahaha, oops! so sorry dear neighbours. i am just in the mood for singing today. =)

when suddenly i realised something:

blog beta sudah lame tak bersentuh!!!! i havent touched this blog for quite sometime!!!

ooh! that is not a good sign. yeah, i have been doing more of reading and less writing lately. geez~
so, whats up? yesterday i went out looking for some presents for kak siha's cute children. coz tomorrow, guess what? there will be a birthday party for our dear numa~!! weee~~ really cant wait for tomorrow. but it was pretty hard for me to look for the presents as i am so inexperienced with little kids! i ended up not buying anything yesterday and hurm~ probably i'll be going out again this evening. better find something quick as i still have other things to prepare for tomorrow. (sssh, it's a secret: i'll be preparing a birthday cake for numa! hahaha... okay2, i shouldnt have taken the credit as i am only going to be a mere helper and the real chef is no other than izzat... hehehhe ;P)

talking about small children, how it reminds me of being a small brat back in school.

venue: skjdp melaka
year: 1995

the very 1st day in primary school, i had a big fight in the class with a friend of mine. well, you know how girls fight. i pulled her hair, and she pulled my tudung... (yes2, i wore tudung in class since standard 1... hahah, very cute eh?). to make things more interesting, everyone in the class including the boys cheered us on. it really felt like wrestling ok! since that day, the both of us got popular, or notorious should i say? but it was alright as we got along pretty well after the incident. not exactly as best friends, but more of a rival. yeah, in everything. funny though how small children can be so competitive.

hurm, we were like gangsters in the class that we actually bullied some other kids who were less brainy than us... huhu, sangat la kejam bila pikir2 balik. i dont intend to go into the details but as a result, the vice-headmaster himself came to my class(1 anggerik <--- i was still in standard one... baaah~ how stupid) and gave me a warning to stop bullying this particular poor child. or else, i will be expelled from the school...? whoa! that was harsh! i was only an innocent standard 1 girl... (^-^) *wink*

(my friend-rival here: siti suhailah jasmi!! we lost contact since she moved out from the school in standard 4. i f u happen to read this, huhu, buzz me!!! )

so that was some crucial part of my life. heheh, i dont think my parents knew about this. well, but it was just some history. i am now much cooler and more matured. pleaseee say yes and agree with me, people~! :D

ok sannomiya, wait for me!! i shall be hunting for some presents! yeah! semangat2! ^-^
oh shit! i forgot to take the clothes out from the washing machine... huwaaa... k, daa~