Monday, 15 June 2009

best buddies~

beep beep

i woke up from hearing a message tone . i looked at my phone: 1 message received. it was from my dad, telling me that they have arrived safely in london. =)
ayah mummy, have a great time there k! huhu, how i wish to be in london with everyone!

putting my phone down, i tried to imagine my family spending quality time together. waaaah!! already i feel so left out!! huhu, i will surely feel lonely these two weeks as i can't call them freely through phones. haih, and the thought of getting back to the real world after spending 4 beautiful days in gunma with my best buddies.

i am glad that i took some time off in the very middle of the semester. some people must think it as inappropriate. hehe, but why not? for the sake of rejuvenating. ;P

reasons why i love my true friends:

  1. we can talk about anything under the sky
  2. we share a lot of things together
  3. we understand each other very well
  4. we care about each other
  5. i can be myself around them!!!!!!! (sangat senang hati)
oh i miss them so much!

(saat2 berlakon kesejukan.... erkss)

(usaha menolak mimi jatuh ke dalam sungai)

(semangat nak melawat sungai kiryuu)

(tuan rumah yang sangat semangat)

**hope to meet up again one day guys~ eh, silap... girls!**


  1. wawawawa...jeleshnye...
    balikla cepat...
    nk borak2 jgk...

  2. malawi~~~ jangan la jeles2... arituh pun macam ko ade ngan kitorg kat gunma... ehehhe...
    nnt kite tangkap gambar bebanyak,aku capab kan ko dalam blog aku k! ;P

  3. love this post!!!huhuuu..
    miss u girls so much too!!!

    wait..u always be urself rite..even u're not with us:) ke ttbe jd ayu plak wit org len??hahaaa

    n yg best sgt2 kite always ade je crite yg nak diceritakan evn kite tak slalu jumpe..i mean more to gossip maybe;p n we always be there for each other which is very important! :)

  4. thanks mimi!! miss u loadS~~

    yep, uve got a point there! ive always been myself. but i guess the word i should use is 'relaxed'. i feel so relaxed with my besties~ ^-^

    betul2, macam2 nk cite though jauh n slalu je update ngan korg macam2... thanks 4 being there girls!! :D

  5. yezza..aku tengah mandi smalam terfikir..(again)
    wut a miracle it is to have u guys being in the same place,breathing the same air of japan..
    n i juz cudnt imagine if i were without laa kan,bile rase nak nanges etc,i'd rather use the fon than kesimpulannye,aku bersyukur boleh call korang secare free everytime aku nak bercakap dr hatiku ini..cewahh~~ siyesly i believe dat HE loves me dat HE grant me you girls to accompany me here..

    n of cos..mala n the rest u are here on my comp.glad=)))

  6. Tryin' to help but don't mind if u don't like it.try the link.
    For the sake of ALLAH there is no virus or spyware.Just trying to help.

  7. seriously we are so lucky to have each other not that faraway. betul la pekah, if i were to be here alone, especially without u n mimi, i dont know how i would survive here. alhamdulillah~~ love u all to pieces!!! (mala, u too, ok! ;) )

    mushang! nice work! like it, n i guess i could use that for my blog. thanks so much!! :)

  8. waa!! i feel the same way too..syukur sgt2 u and peqah were here..obviously we're not seeing each other very often but the thought that u guys are HERE really make me strong:)

    to mushang..rajinnye tlg seni laa kate kan;p

    love always..mimi

  9. that is so sweet of u to say that mimi~ heheh... doukan ngan ko... u guys make me stronger!

  10. Pergi mana niiii ? tak ajak pown .. -_-

    1. Sayang.. gi gunma jom? Uni lama pekah.. heheh.. not too far from tokyo :D

  11. jauhnya ... kita try Melaka dulu la ok .. :P