Sunday, 28 June 2009

camera and i

i just love cameras. seriously i do. just bring a camera along, and i can entertain you all day long. =)

i do have my own camera but lately i rarely use it. since primary school, i used to like taking pictures, that i ended up taking more pictures of others. (well, as i was more confident in my picture-taking skill.) however, when the pictures were developed, i felt disappointed for not having many pictures of myself. :(

hurm~ i have now learned my lesson. as i prefer to be in the pictures, i always let my pictures taken using other people's camera. i'm amazed myself how i can be in so many pictures. (hahaha, yeah right!) aren't we grateful to have cameras in our life that memories can remain and be remembered even when we are old and grey? i was just looking back at some old pictures of mine and it was hard not to smile thinking of the good old days.

yeah, the days when i was so 'selebet' and ugh... sangat tak anggun... i don't feel like explaining, so i hope these pictures will do the explanation for me ;)

early days in standard six

a few days before i moved to kelantan

yeah, still the same day

form two (2001)

i must have thought i looked so nice and presentable at that time, but just look at those pictures!! hahaha.... must be the way i used my tudung. hurm, these are some other old pictures but i am glad to admit, i look much better here... =D

form 5 with my dear dorm mates

with G5 girls during aaj days~

sending oya off to aussie

small reunion with my ex-dorm mates before going to japan

and now for some recent photos... =)

ooops, wrong picture.. nih selebet la! next please~

visiting shera with mimi ^-^

in sydney with the future architects

so, what do u think? any changes since small? hahaha (saje letak gmbr nih, konon2 muke serious)


  1. same je sampai skrg..xde perubahan..kejam x aku?

  2. tuh la.... sampai skrg aku same cun kan... :D

  3. You have more memories of your looks compared to oldies who do not have a camera worthy talking of. To develop a pix would cost one week's allowance. Certainly your comotness has been captured adequately by the pictures!

  4. hahahahahahaha!!! how true... no matter how comot i looked like in those days, im so grateful that in my days it's not that difficult to get some nice n decent pictures...! thank you to all the cameramen n women who have captured my pictures... heheh

  5. oh.em.gee.comot gile time f2 tu tatahan!!!! hahahaa (saya merujuk kepada diri sendiri)

    tapi bile tgk balik..

    skang pun comot gak. haha daym!

  6. hahahah! mane de comot! comey la~ ye ye,kite kene yakin ngan kecomelan diri... >_< hahah

  7. owh ... mmg dari dulu you mcm ni ... I mean .. anggun ... comel ...

    dulu u selalu ambik gambar org .. now orang selalu ambik gambar you .. and videos too .. especially when you are at your worst angle .. :P

    1. sape laah yang suka amik i nye worst angle tu... :P yeah, i kinda enjoyed taking photos dulu.. now not so much... even my handphone's camera is rarely used compared to other people's handphone's camera... too lazy i guess.. thanks i have someone who is rajin enough to take photos now kan :)