Wednesday, 10 June 2009

do you believe in science? do you believe in religion?

how do you react when your lecturer mentions your name in front of the class many times during the lecture? what kind of expression do you normally give? do you just smile or blush? hehe

so this morning my lecturer once again mentioned my name when explaining something. he normally started the class by giving some questions to the students as attendance. however today, out of the blue he asked something different.

do you believe in science? and, do you believe in religion? give reasons to your answer.

i was quite surprised for him to ask such question as we all know very well that majority of the japanese do not believe in religion. how did i answer to this question? hurm... it's a secret. heheh... as i had to write in japanese, i hope he could understand well what i tried to convey in the small paper.

anyway, after he collected the paper back, he said something about people and religion. as i have thought, he mentioned my name about being a muslim. he also mentioned about ramadan and how we all have to control ourself from eating. but~ he actually got the facts wrong when he said we have to fast for about 2 weeks?? and we have to be home during this period?? eh... bukan la sensei~! it should be a month. and it also doesn't matter where we are during ramadan, we can always fast anywhere. however, i did not want to embarrass him in front of everybody else that i just smiled. and half laughing actually. (dont get me wrong, i felt like laughing because ----> budak2 lab ramai minta nak balik malaysia time puasa dalam 2 minggu camtu sebab nak raya jugak. sebab tu kot? hahahah)

but i was also quite surprised that after the class, a lot of my friends had asked me about ramadan and how thay had known about our lecturer's mistake. so they know that we have to fast for one month. (rupenye dorang pun hampir tergelak time sensei cakap 2 minggu... so i wasn't the only one... ;P) oh, they also know that we have to fast till the sun goes down. wow! amazing huh? how they actually know about the facts though themselves do not have faith in any religion. kagum~~ =)

anyway, i hope one day i can really tell them about what islam is all about. at least i am happy that they do not hold any grudge or have any negative view against islam. alhamdulillah....


  1. We have a tendency to underrate others whilst at the same time seriously believe that 'we know everything', and then we are pleasantly surprised when 'Ghenghiz Khan' outdo us. Ask youself this question: As the Japanese teenagers know about Islam, how much do you know of Shintoism and/or Buddhism? If you know very little then it is about time you upgrade your knowledge by reading more factual documents!

  2. sigh~ that's right... i know almost nothing on shintoism... hurm, it is about time for me to upgrade my knowledge. cant wait to be home and hit those kind of books.. heheh...

    i do to, kak ros! :)

  3. you dont need to go home to read those books. google je.

  4. are you somebody in japan ? asyik sebut nama you je .. :P

    yeah .. I suppose 6 years is enough of learning about shintoism ... so tell me more about it .. :D

    1. I was quite famous ok.. trust me *bluek*

      U think i have googled? Hahahahahah please teach me instead...