Tuesday, 30 June 2009

life is what you make it

it is nice to have such great company always by our side
it feels good to be accepted just as the way we are
it is great to have the time to create new memories, to venture new things and gain new experience
it means a lot to be appreciated on the things we have done

and isn't it a lot nicer for us to say how we really feel?
it feels greater to be truthful and it feels really good to get to say how much we care
and how much we appreciate the presence of the people around us
without them, we can't be what we are now...

i come to realise that other people play a big role in making who i am right now. i am very grateful to have each and every one of you in my life. no matter how small you may think your role is, it makes a big difference in my life.

to ayah, mami, abang and kak aini... you all are the heart and soul of my life. =)
to my friends, you are like the sunshine in my life.
and to everyone who has ever crossed my path, thank you for being a part of my life and give some spark into my life. ;)

love all of you to pieces

yup, i am as happy as this cat... hehe

**saje je meroyan takde keje... i miss my family a lot!! ayah mami, balik la malaysia cepat!**


  1. love you loads mok. make sure you stay away from drugs. huhu

    takde kaitan i know.

    kakak ko yg cun

  2. tuttet... hahahaha!! what drugs?!!
    sangat takde kaitan...
    nway, love u too kep! muah2!!

  3. When you are young, the type of people who passed through your life will be limited in number, and hence the chances of meeting nasty types are limited. By now you would be able to distinguish the relevant and the irrelevant. But be prepared to be meet the 'not so nice ones' in the future. Be thankful that life has been 'so far so good'. We are the nice ones and we love you like crazy!

  4. hehehe, yeah, ive been so lucky through these years... hope the 'not so nice ones' wont affect my life that much :P
    love you all like crazy too!! muah2! ^_~

  5. I hope im also among the nice ones .. :)

    kan .. kan .. kan ???

    1. yes you are! you are the miracle one sayang. alhamdulillah! :) <3