Friday, 5 June 2009

small brat

ooh yeah~ it feels really good when the entire house is spotless from any habuk2 n kesan degil. though it is very cloudy out there, i dont seem to be bothered. i had a great time cleaning up the house, washing my clothes and.... singing out loud like nobody's business with the speaker turned on full blast. hahaha, oops! so sorry dear neighbours. i am just in the mood for singing today. =)

when suddenly i realised something:

blog beta sudah lame tak bersentuh!!!! i havent touched this blog for quite sometime!!!

ooh! that is not a good sign. yeah, i have been doing more of reading and less writing lately. geez~
so, whats up? yesterday i went out looking for some presents for kak siha's cute children. coz tomorrow, guess what? there will be a birthday party for our dear numa~!! weee~~ really cant wait for tomorrow. but it was pretty hard for me to look for the presents as i am so inexperienced with little kids! i ended up not buying anything yesterday and hurm~ probably i'll be going out again this evening. better find something quick as i still have other things to prepare for tomorrow. (sssh, it's a secret: i'll be preparing a birthday cake for numa! hahaha... okay2, i shouldnt have taken the credit as i am only going to be a mere helper and the real chef is no other than izzat... hehehhe ;P)

talking about small children, how it reminds me of being a small brat back in school.

venue: skjdp melaka
year: 1995

the very 1st day in primary school, i had a big fight in the class with a friend of mine. well, you know how girls fight. i pulled her hair, and she pulled my tudung... (yes2, i wore tudung in class since standard 1... hahah, very cute eh?). to make things more interesting, everyone in the class including the boys cheered us on. it really felt like wrestling ok! since that day, the both of us got popular, or notorious should i say? but it was alright as we got along pretty well after the incident. not exactly as best friends, but more of a rival. yeah, in everything. funny though how small children can be so competitive.

hurm, we were like gangsters in the class that we actually bullied some other kids who were less brainy than us... huhu, sangat la kejam bila pikir2 balik. i dont intend to go into the details but as a result, the vice-headmaster himself came to my class(1 anggerik <--- i was still in standard one... baaah~ how stupid) and gave me a warning to stop bullying this particular poor child. or else, i will be expelled from the school...? whoa! that was harsh! i was only an innocent standard 1 girl... (^-^) *wink*

(my friend-rival here: siti suhailah jasmi!! we lost contact since she moved out from the school in standard 4. i f u happen to read this, huhu, buzz me!!! )

so that was some crucial part of my life. heheh, i dont think my parents knew about this. well, but it was just some history. i am now much cooler and more matured. pleaseee say yes and agree with me, people~! :D

ok sannomiya, wait for me!! i shall be hunting for some presents! yeah! semangat2! ^-^
oh shit! i forgot to take the clothes out from the washing machine... huwaaa... k, daa~


  1. da lame da aku kene buli ngn afiqah ni..
    tp last2 die yg kene bulik balik..
    omg, u r so sweet..hahahaha..

  2. hahahha!! omg~ mala, u r so not sweet! how can u bully me back after all this while! hahaha... tipu gile weyh~

  3. owh ... man ... If only I knew about this earlier ...
    Im shaking right now ... please please please don't repeat any of this yeah ... :(

    owh .. quick google of suhailah jasmi shows that she graduated law from MMU kot ... :)

    1. Hahahaha u have sooo much to know about me. And me too, wanna know a looott about u sayang. Please share some stories ok?
      I won't harm u lah.. ganas acah2 ok kot? Hee..
      Oh actually we are fb friends now. But not that we contact each other or anything. Just the fact that she is doing ok soothes me :)