Saturday, 20 June 2009

sometimes you just gotta laugh

after 3 long weeks, at last, i managed to finish up one very good story book: the tenth gift, written by jane johnson. seriously speaking, i am really proud of myself for reading this particular mesmerizing book as it's not a chick lit novel but instead, an adventure story which is full of history. (a round of applause for afiqah... yey... thank u thank u!! )

ok,due to the addiction of reading, i found myself buying another new book yesterday. i tried to look for something as interesting as 'the tenth gift' but i ended up buying a chick lit novel. hahahah.... another marian keyes novel by the way. back to my old self i guess. ^-^

i find it really entertaining to have a book to fill up my time (duh~ as if i have so much time on my hands...). at times i enjoy reading serious books because they make my mind wonder about a lot of things which i don't even know. however, most of the time, i just love to read light and simple stories, especially the funny ones. i really admire witty writers who can make me laugh out loud. oh, pity my housemate. i hope she doesn't feel that miserable to share a house with a high pitched voice girl. (-_-;)>

hurm, actually there are a few things that really enlighten me. i can actually laugh so hard or at least smile by myself when i do these things:
  1. when i online my facebook account and reply to every comment made at either the status, photos or walls of my friends. it can be very addictive since my friends, especially my high school friends are soOo attached to facebook lately. we keep on replying and chatting on everybody's wall. we also *ehem* purposely mark them as 'like' and comment at every pictures of ourselves to appear as highlight on other people's page... (sangat mancapab dan tak senonoh ok! T_T err isn't this supposed to be a secret? sshhh~)
  2. when i read ranma comic books. man, they are so funny. i bought more than 10 series last month as the books were sold at very low prices. i have read them again and again and they never fail to make me laugh like i only read them for the first time. i wonder, am i considered as childish to still read comic books? hehehe... i really hope not!
  3. whenever i read HANIS ZALIKHA's blog. seriously i suggest everyone who still doesn't know who she is, to check her blog out. she's damn funny and sincere in her writings. try clicking here for more info: she is one funny and creative girl who is surprisingly, 2 years younger than i am. oh well, nothing to be surprised actually. i just find it amazing how a young girl can capture the attention of so many people. cool huh?
  4. everytime i watch the happyslip videos. you can just type happyslip at youtube or just click here: try it out! christine presents so many funny videos that from the first time i watched her videos, i couldn't help but love them all. she is one talented girl who can perform very well. she acts, sings and plays the piano and also guitar like a pro. oh, how i wish i could be more spontaneous like her. =)
  5. after i get back from meeting the malaysians in kobe. there are more or less 25 people of malaysians here in kobe. we always meet up and do some activities together. whenever we have the opportunity to do so, there are always some gossips or stories to share that make me feel like laughing my heads off. like this afternoon, i had lunch with izyan, redza and dan. redza and izyan had an interesting debate whereby izyan blamed redza for not saying hi when they pass each other. and in defense, redza said he had always greeted her but he fails to get any response. so he told us that he greets izyan by raising his eyebrows. (-_-;) some effort~~~~~sigh
  6. whenever i read my grateful lists. guess what, i don't have a diary, but i own a 'gratitude book'. it is filled by all the things that i am grateful for. the notebook is almost full now and everytime i read it, i will surely smile. it makes my day just to remember how lucky i am in so many ways. so, let's be grateful in everything!
yes, laugh is indeed the best medicine. laugh like these people folks! *wink* ;)

**oh, it's getting so hot lately. and it is not at all a laughing matter. sigh~ T_T **


  1. this post itself made me laugh.. 1 erkss...bukti gile glemer.haha! (hoy sape suruh kau umumkan muslihat kite!),..tapi aku pun agree nice ku sumer skoolmet leh online at the same tyme..cant imagine how meriah it'd be..hehehh
    still,regarding on FB lagi,agak mengganggu kehidupan aku kat klas teringat dialog2 mala ngan epul pastu tergelak sorang.mati aku nk cover.~ hish kacau !!

    hanis zalikha,nice.i follow n i respect her laa..n i *like*

    happyslip-yes2 ko introduced to me lastyear,shes entertaining kan !

  2. mmg kite nih kaki mencapab n gile glemer. mmg terbukti ade org kate asik group kiteee je ter'highlite' kat page dorg. harap2 org tak iyaa la.. hehe... epul yg aku rase busy pun, nmpk cam himasou je... lawaks!

    hanis zalikha n happyslip... two characters yg boleh disukai ramai... ;)

  3. wah .. ada grateful book ... I should have my own Syukurlah book .. :D

    buku tu ada lagi ke ?

    hanis Zalikha dah kawin la iqa ... with hairul azreen .. :P

    1. oh my god, back then she wasnt as famous as now! time really flies! hurm... i think i still have it.. but some are just memories.. hahah! i will try looking for it soon :D try having ur own.. it's a nice feeling to think of good things constantly