Monday, 8 June 2009

to be a girl or a boy?


7.15am-woke up and slowly took her shower
7.45am- was preparing to go to school.

blue. red. blue or red? hurm, green is much better. okay, then green it is for today! :)

she took out her favourite green blouse and ironed it. she has got everything planned in her head.

yeah, a white cardigan to go with this and also a pair or jeans. as for tudung? errm... a white one will do.

after ironing the blouse, she immediately put it on together with her white cardigan. done! she looked into the mirror, smiling as she felt satisfied with her looks. next, she looked for the white tudung.

it should be here. somewhere... ugh, where is it? oh oh...

she saw the tudung laying in the used basket together with other used clothes.

sigh~ erm, it's ok. a cream tudung can still do the trick. ....... damn! someone has borrowed it last week!!! how can i be so stupid to forget something like this!!!

looking at the clock, she realised that she was running out of time. class was about to start in half an hour's time. as fast as she could, she ran back to the wardrobe looking for other outfits. yeah, back to the drawing block. blue? red? blue or red??

5-10 minutes later- she only could take a glimpse into the mirror before running off to school.


8.10am- woke up. took a shower.
8.30am-grabbed any shirt his eyes first laid on and yesterday's trousers and already set to go to school.

as the class was about to start, the boy and girl arrived at the same time.

boy: looked ok
girl: looked red and blue. she wore a blue pair of shoes by mistake to go with her red dress. (please take note: gambar hanya hiasan. tiada kaitan ngan blog ini... ;) )

doesnt this sound familiar? girls need more time to prepare for something dont they? hahaha... just at times when time is running out, everything turns upside down. well anyway, i actually love the challenge. the decisions-making-challenge early in the morning ;P

oh, what shall i wear tomorrow for class.... hurmmm ^-^


  1. nice post. typical behaviour of men and women. :)

  2. oh please,guys ain't that simple la..but of cos,there are who do like that..yg gi skola x mandi toka..haha

  3. art syndrome---> thanks 4 agreeing~ hehe.. ;)

    ameirul azraie---> hurm, easier but less interesting i guess... hehehe... jk

    amzar---> yup, not all guys are like that. but majority are much simpler than most women. harap2 ko mandi gi skolah! =D

  4. well,no doubt that guys are much more simpler than girls,but then,it's the girls who always get the attention,so,kena bersiap tu atarimae la..haha

    p.s.aku mandi la..x penah tak mandi..huhu

  5. hahahaha... does that mean, women get ready to get attention? ;P
    fuh, bagus... lega ko masih mlayu n mandi pagi .. hehe

  6. xpe2..dun worry..the nature of girls mmg camtu..girls like challenge!!so giv more challenges to afiqah...hahahaha..aku cabar ko pakai tudung biru ngn baju kaler merah...kasut kaler kuning..

  7. yeah right!! ko start dulu ar mala... then baru aku tiru gaya ko... ingat truth or dare nye game ke nih.. wakakakakka.. sengal!

  8. ko kan fashion engineer..ko r start dulu..hahahahaha...

  9. wah~ fashion engineer la sangat...
    so, nanti kalau aku mula buat fashion statement, ko kene ikut ye~ hahaha

  10. yesterday's trousers ? mana adaaaa .... *gosok hidung*

    You cakap you siap siap cepat .. owh .. your tudung fashion pun skang dah cepat .. pakai shawl je skang .. :P

    1. Rightttt.... yesterday's shirt la kot kalau camtu? :p
      I memang slalu cepat. But secepat2 i, can't beat guys.. tudung i mmg simple :p anything that doesn't require to iron on the spot is goood