Tuesday, 7 July 2009

another month of patience


exactly in one month's time i'll be heading home. oh dear malaysia, my beloved country, please wait for me! =) it surely makes anybody happy to be back with the beloved ones. but that also means............ my exams are just around the corner!!!
aaaaghh~~~!!!! why do we have to suffer before being happy.... huuu~~

so, yesterday, the exams' timetable was out. once the timetable is out, it practically means no more playing and start studying!! 7 papers to go, starts on the 27th july and finishes on the 5th of the following month. 2 weeks of seriousness and i just hope my face doesn't get cramp due to the lack of smile. (i look horrible without a smile on the face, yeah, i know T_T)

dear readers, please do your part as i will do mine... hahaha... ok2, i mean, i hope everyone can pray for my success. seriously, i really mean it this time. huhu... thank you in advance by the way ;)


  1. good luck cayang..mwah3....wat yg terbaik!!

  2. thank u cayang!! insyaAllah i will!!! semangat terus nih...hehe :D muah2!!

  3. i pray 4 ur excellence la dear!
    oww starts on 27th! mine's 2 days later..ends on 11th..so kurushisou >.<

    gambarimashou apeqeq!!

  4. we pray for u all the time darl. keep working! =)

  5. To each his need from each his power. Motto of my primary school. Come my secondary it reads: vini vidi vici (I come I see I conquer)...that's what Julius Caesar said. I say: "Study, study,study,study....x5!" Good luck sayang. Allah will be with you.

  6. pekah~~ thanks so much dear!! all da best in ur exams too!! saigo made gambarou! p(^-^)q
    yosh2, we can do it! hopefully after that kat msia bole la enjoy sakan!

    n, thanks so much darl!! u r the greatest sister ever... keep working for ur exams jugak!only a few days away... i pray for ur success too! muah2!!!! =)

    ayah, thank u so much!!! im so touched with that... huhu, thanks for the never ending motivation n prayers!!! miss u n love u like crazy!! =)