Monday, 20 July 2009

I am a cheapskate

who likes free things? raise your hands! yeah, i do! well, in this case, i really am a cheapskate.

lately i tend to study at nearby cafes. i don't know why, but i just can't concentrate at home or even libraries. too much distractions at home, while libraries are so boring and too quiet. i fear i might easily pass out there. since i have no mp3 player, music played at the cafes can easily entertain my ears. even the smell of coffee makes me feel a lot fresher.

(gambar sekadar hiasan, saya bukan minum nescafe pun. :D)

however, i have to go to town to find suitable cafes(in my case, i go to sannomiya) for me to study. and whenever i get tired of studying, i tend to go to the best places where i can get free services. yeah!

like this evening, after almost 3 hours of sitting and studying, finally i got bored and decided to go to the nearest electrical shop. guess what... once i got there, straight away i went to the 4th floor. to the chair massager. (seriously,the only reason i went there was to get my body massaged.) 15 minutes of free massage and i was ready to face the world again. =)

my next stop was to the music shop to play the drum. oh, i am not at all an expert. i have only learned a few beats from my junior and that were all i have been playing all this while. (tuh pun kecoh. hahhaa...gaya je lebih cam pro... ye, saya poyo... T_T) seriously i didn't care what people around think of me whenever i play the drum. at one time people gathered to look my playing, but of course, only a few seconds later they went away. hahahah! don't ever get deceived by me. i managed to act like pro for about half an hour before i went to junkudo, a bookstore.

everytime i go there, i will read a few english story books for free. (mengaku cepat, semua orang pun penah buat! kan kan kan?) in malaysia, i always go to mph bookstores or kinokuniya in klcc whenever i have to wait for somebody. hurm, not a weird thing though, reading for free! at least it shows that we have a community of book lovers! LOL

lastly,before i started studying again, i looked through the new released cds and listened to the music using the headphones provided. i like looking for new nice songs just to look up in the internet. and once again, i save my money not buying the cds. :D

now, can you see what i meant by being a cheapskate? takde la teruk sangat kan! :P


  1. oi gile cheapskate. aku tak pernah ajar pun ko buat benda for free..kuiikuikui lawak2. hari ko penuh ngan free stuff. i thought there's no such thing as free stuff in this world anymore. hmm

  2. yeah, all u have to do is be more creative to find free stuff.its ok to be a cheapskate once in a while. bende terletak, kite gune je la~ :D ngeh3

  3. iqa sayang, you are definitely brilliant. Confirm iqa akan jadi kaya macam bill gates! amin.


  4. amin!! does that mean bill gates pun cheapskate cam iqa? hahahaha!! love u mami!

  5. Funny! Funny! Simply written and effective. Ha ha!

  6. rindu nk pegi yamada urut2, pg sannomiya cari lelaki kacak, pg skolah smpi cair mekap, n xlupe saizer kesygn

    uwaaaaaaa~~~~ :(((((((

  7. nampak sangat lame tul dok nihon sampai dah tau sume2 tmpt tuh macam kitorg jugak..hahahah!! orang kat kobe nih pun sure rindu ko! ;P
    rajin2, datang lagi tau! pegi tokyo pulak nnt k!

  8. Okay .. I remember this story .. you pergi cafe .. untuk study .. and kerusi urut dekat tingkat atas kedai apa tah.. cuma xde pasal all those free things ... :)

    Owh .. in 2015 .. we still try to find free and cheap books too syg .. hohoho .. :D

    1. i hope there are still that many free stuff in years to come... we can enjoy those things together maybe? being cheapskate together would be less embarassing kot.. hahaha