Tuesday, 14 July 2009

you know it's hot when.....

it's getting super hot as july has entered. i feel like melting on the road and have wild imaginations of being in the desert. not only we have to bare the heat of the fierce blazing sun, we also have to climb the hill everyday to make it to the university. reaching class is like the greatest success ever achieved.

the situation looks pretty much the same these days. everybody has the same expression on the face and pretty much the same thing on the mind. one word to describe it all: HOT!

yes! you know it's hot when:
1) you feel like taking a shower everytime you get home.
2) people are eating ice-creams as lunch.
3) all kind of insects are happily flying outside and also inside the house. they also tend to have tragic death on the roads. (yeah, dead centipedes and other gross creatures are always found dead on the way to kobe university.)
4) everyone holds extra accessory on the hand i.e the fan
5) extra smell in the class that can make you feel dizzy. ughhh
6) you feel like going out very early in the morning and get back only when the sun has set.
7) the fan in the room is never strong enough.
8) you get freaked out looking at yourself. yes, stripes like zebras. T_T

i can list hundreds more but let just say i have to study for my upcoming exams. heheh... 2 more weeks to go! and i'm having a hard time trying to study in my room as it's HOT! help!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Would you like to exchange place with someone who gets rain, coldness, snow or desert heat everyday? Or be grateful for having spring, summer, autumn and winter and enjoy flowers, warmth, coolness and bits of this and bits of that all the year round? Imagine....and gratitude will not be far away.

  2. no worries as i am ever so grateful for being here. i am also very grateful for being born in malaysia, a very hot country. not at all trying to complain. all i wanna say is that the temperature is getting higher which means.... yeah, summer has arrived! weheww~ perfect time to go to the beach.. hehe... n plus, im getting darker! expect to see a darker afiqah in less than a month~ :D

  3. jgn lupe bwk air 2 botol g kls nnt yek..kalo panas jirus je satu bdn..ahaks

  4. hahaha!!! yela ko... aku ingat la nasihat ko nih ;P

  5. haha funny!! ice cream as lunch? yatta koto nai!LOL

  6. why dont u give it a try. u might feel much cooler for the rest of the day.. :D hehe