Sunday, 30 August 2009

good things come to an end

yeah, this is perfectly true. good things will always come to an end.

my sister is now on her way back to london. huu~ i will definitely miss her although insyaAllah in 4 months' time we will be meeting again. =)
starting tonight onwards, i will be back in my room sleeping alone.
no more gossiping before entering the other realm.
no more laughing at each other's stupid jokes.
and no more getting advices on our eating habits.

thanks sis for taking a good care of us when you were around! u are such a good doctor, u know that? gonna miss u loads!! all da best in your final year darl! muah2! have a safe journey to london. bon voyage~

*but of course, not all good things are coming to an end. i am now very excited to wait for my brother! abang, balik cepat! lawan iqa main basketball jom. ^.^

Saturday, 22 August 2009

salam mubarak

it's Ramadan again!!! =)

happy fasting everyone, and lets hope that this year's Ramadan is much better than the previous ones. again this year, insyaAllah i will be fasting the whole month in malaysia! weeheww!! so, to my friends out there who want to meet up or wish to break your fast together, contact me ok~! (budget artis kah!) you know how to contact me. ^.^

lets fill this month with lots and lots of ibadah. smoga Allah menerima segala amalan kita. amin~!

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

padang & bukittinggi trip

since my sister and i are on holiday together, we use this opportunity to go on a vacation with my family. this time around, we planned to go somewhere different. yeah, padang and bukittinggi. besides to see the world, my father also wanted to visit some of the families there. hurm~ guess what, i am actually half, or maybe, a quarter minangkabau. heheh... oh~~ saya ada darah minang!!! =)

my father who was born in seremban, has once lived in bukittinggi for about 4 years. and till then, this was actually his first trip back to bukittinggi! our trip there was very memorable. we actually experienced big earthquakes and we were lucky that tsunami didn't happen. since padang is very near to the sea, it's not the earthquake that people are afraid of, but it is the tsunami. it was just an earthquake with 6.9 richter scale. (just ke tu?)

i love each and every moment spent there. i don't really feel like writing everything, so i think i'll just upload some photos and a video. a very low quality video though(bodoh2 je, sbb takde keje) :D

objek wisata cagar alam lembah anai air mancur

the delicious nasi padang! ;)

us, wearing the minang outfit at rumah gadang

my sister's catch of the day!!! sulam ayak! so pretty! =)

meeting ayah's cousin in padang

ayah's cousins and nieces in bukittinggi

Sunday, 16 August 2009

that was close

clinging sound of seat belts can be heard right after the landing announcement has been made. everyone is properly seated at their respective seats. i can feel the aircraft is descending and already on its way down. i take a look at the side window. the weather is really bad with heavy rain. in silence, i pray hard that nothing goes wrong to the aircraft. through the small window, i can already see the ground and the ocean vividly.

must be the indian ocean.

i close my eyes waiting anxiously for the landing. with my eyes shut, i can still see kuala lumpur very clearly in my head.


about 2 hours ago in kuala lumpur

all passengers to padang were already at boarding gate number 4, waiting to get on board. i glanced at my watch.


we should have been flying off to padang but not a single sign of the gate to be opened soon. not much later, there was an announcement saying that our flight was delayed for about half an hour as the plane from padang had yet to arrive.

i smiled a bit.

yey! i am able to go to the ladies first. (lamo dah den tahan, sebab takut terlepas flight) :P


i reopen my eyes when my body is taken aback. all of a sudden our plane is going upwards. this is not a landing, i tell myself. our aircraft makes a sudden sharp turn with a full speed. something is definitely not right. everyone else around me looks just as puzzled as i am. people are buzzing among themselves trying to figure out why. padang is becoming very small and slowly disappears from our sight. we are now again surrounded by dark clouds. a few moments later, our pilot's voice is heard.

'to all passengers, please keep calm. we are not able to land due to an earthquake that just happened in padang.'


alhamdulillah, we landed safely. it is such a good thing that our flight was delayed. also, i couldn't imagine an earthquake while landing. something bad could have happened for all we know. (oh, i don't even want to imagine it... *_*)

Monday, 10 August 2009

home sweet home

hohoho..... i have been so busy with my exams in the previous month that i didn't have the chance to update my blog. oh, and now i am posting this entry at home from malaysia! yey! my summer holiday has started. =) and i am all smiles now....!!!

feel like updating a lot of stuff, but im just not mentally and physically ready for it. as i am not feeling really well since yesterday morning. oh malaysia, what do u have that japan doesn't, which can make me feel unwell.... haih~~

so, people out there. better drink a lot of water and please take a good care of yourself. or else, you will only spend your time in your room during the long waited holiday till you get better. sigh!

till then! =)