Sunday, 30 August 2009

good things come to an end

yeah, this is perfectly true. good things will always come to an end.

my sister is now on her way back to london. huu~ i will definitely miss her although insyaAllah in 4 months' time we will be meeting again. =)
starting tonight onwards, i will be back in my room sleeping alone.
no more gossiping before entering the other realm.
no more laughing at each other's stupid jokes.
and no more getting advices on our eating habits.

thanks sis for taking a good care of us when you were around! u are such a good doctor, u know that? gonna miss u loads!! all da best in your final year darl! muah2! have a safe journey to london. bon voyage~

*but of course, not all good things are coming to an end. i am now very excited to wait for my brother! abang, balik cepat! lawan iqa main basketball jom. ^.^


  1. wahhhhh darllllll!! thanks, very sweet post. i hope you will continue taking care of ayah and mami since kak aini dah balik. and buat kuih raya kalau ko tak de keje. love you so much. miss you guys loads! and of course, i miss gossiping with you before tido!!!muah2!

  2. heheh, i knew u would read it. so this post goes to you! =)
    yeah, insyaAllah i will be the doctor of the house now. n esok2 bile dah abis kuih tuh, iqa seret mami wat kuih lagi... heheh..
    we all miss u so much too! love u~ muah2!!

  3. Since this post is dedicated to you Aini suffice if I say after 4 years barulah my jari baik. It has to be you to pulihkan jari tu, let alone you discovered mami's problem. We miss you like crazy as you really grow on us...despite the hiccups. Or is it becos of the hiccups? Study ok? Love you.

  4. thanks daddy. honestly, i dont feel like i have contributed much pun. i suppose memang your jari was meant to become better and i happened to be there to steal the spotlight. =)same goes to mami's problem. i know there are many hiccups, and i hope to improve! love you loads.

    iqa, ko nye blog jadi medium perantaraan. huhu how are the cats? miss them..

  5. oh no! kak aini is growing on me. tgk cermin nmpk muke kak aini... hahaha (scary)

    hahha, no worries darl! the cats are ok. they are really good at acting. everytime mengiow macam tak makan2 lagi... huhu

  6. haha.. iqa.. lagik 8 hari abe balik. yay! wait for me. gi practice sblm abe balik. lap u!

  7. yey, nak countdown la camni... okie dokie, you will meet a new basketballer champion kat sg buloh nih. having the same initial like urs. hohoh.. lap u too!