Monday, 10 August 2009

home sweet home

hohoho..... i have been so busy with my exams in the previous month that i didn't have the chance to update my blog. oh, and now i am posting this entry at home from malaysia! yey! my summer holiday has started. =) and i am all smiles now....!!!

feel like updating a lot of stuff, but im just not mentally and physically ready for it. as i am not feeling really well since yesterday morning. oh malaysia, what do u have that japan doesn't, which can make me feel unwell.... haih~~

so, people out there. better drink a lot of water and please take a good care of yourself. or else, you will only spend your time in your room during the long waited holiday till you get better. sigh!

till then! =)


  1. huii njoying msia?
    takutt la h1n1 ...heehe

  2. i am i am~~ to the max, but so not having fun with this h1n1 thingy~~ sengal!!! sob2!!

  3. If a person contracts H1N1 itu memang nasib tak baik. Kalau kena penyakit lain lagi teruk!

  4. no no no~ hope nobody gets any penyakit! *_*
    (pray hard)