Thursday, 10 September 2009

attention seeker

i have learned my lesson. never again to enter klcc at 10 am sharp.

the moment i arrived at klcc, the doors were about to be opened. i entered from isetan and when i made my entrance, every salesperson in there was standing as if respecting the national anthem. well, there was a song played(must be the isetan song i guess). almost a hundred of them were standing up straight on a line, at the same time greeting me 'good morning' and giving me the most pleasant smile.

hooo~~ i felt like a vvip on the red carpet. i had to refrain myself from laughing! i was alone that i really didn't know what kind of expression to make at that time. all i could do was to smile back and replied 'good morning' to them. but i think it was more a grin than a smile.

i felt so relieved to make it through all the staff and most of all, succeeded to get out of isetan. fuh~

than i realised that i really couldn't take that much of attention.

hurmph, so much of an attention seeker i am. not anymore i guess! >.<


  1. That's a funny story! Kahkahakah! Agaknya kalau bukan bulan ramadhan mesti dia orang hulurkan makanan....Tomorrow I will go early to KLCC untuk mencapap. Duuuh.

  2. Hehh,self-confessed attention seeker..atarimae jyann??

  3. yuck. the moment i read this entry all i could say is yuck. huhu
    gile perasan adikku ini. ko first customer kot. diorg kan percaya pasal first customer brings luck.

  4. hahahah!! ayah, lets try after ramadan. who knows they are giving out free food sample like u said. rendang ke? :D

    hey amzar... i am retiring as an attention seeker... huhu, not anymore ok! it seems that u are more qualified. LOL

    cis n cis lagi. how could u say that. nothing yucky about this post ok~ hahaha, if first customer brings luck, why didnt they give me any discount... that should bring more luck to them! haih~!