Sunday, 25 October 2009

weird dream

have u ever had weird dreams? hurm, i had one yesterday. maybe i had lotsa things on my mind last night. yeah, that must be it. >.<

i always have more than one dream at one night. so yesterday one of the wildest dream is that someone back from school told me......







i had actually got married to him?

in other words, i am his WIFE!!!


that.... is....... just..... so..... stupid!!! so absurd!!!!!! aaghhhh, ridiculous!!!

and i can actually remember the procedures of how i agreed to be his wife in that dream. it was soOo weird. i even remember screaming out of depression. (yeah, depressed because i have a husband... whom i have forgotten. yeah, so stupid... duh~) but i guess i didnt scream for real as i asked my housemate this morning and she didnt remember hearing me screaming... huh~ that's a relief.

weird dream, weird people, weird places and most of all, the weirdest timing.

though i had many things on my mind last night, i dont remember thinking of getting married. T_T
must be in the excitement of my sister's upcoming wedding. and ended up, i am the one getting cold feet...??

again, WEIRD.

* oh, also, yesterday night i dreamt of having growing eyelashes. i cut them with scissors but they grew even longer like hair. they grew so fast that i freaked out. i could see them growing even when i looked into the mirror. it was so hard for me to wear my tudung. seriously.
nothing is funny about that. it was damn SCARY. T_T

Monday, 19 October 2009

my sister is officially engaged! weheww~

oh my God, oh my God, OH MY GOD!
come on, just tell me how can i not be excited??
my sister just got engaged yesterday!!! and only god knows how happy and excited i am for her!
well, she wasn't actually at home when the rombongan meminang came to our house yesterday, so the engagement ring is not on her finger, but it is still safely placed in the box. =)
(tunjuk kotak je la eh, cincin dalam kotak tu... heheh =P)

hurm, now i am more than ever looking forward to go home for this winter holiday. for what?? u should get a hint already. for my sister's wedding!! i had a tough time with myself thinking a way how to get back this winter holiday as the wedding is on the 26th of december, and u know what? i will be having my experiment on the 25th? damn!! it's so annoying, ok! (plus,it is on christmas.... geez). i've tried to look for a suitable ticket so i won't miss my own sister's wedding. but it is practically impossible to get a ticket on the 25th, night, after i finish off the experiment. grrrr....
i went crazy for almost weeks thinking of the situation.

well, i did what i could do.

knock knock knock

so i knocked the door n finally i got to meet my sensei. he was at his desk when i knocked, and he jumped out of his chair when he saw me.

'do u have got some time sensei?'

he looked concerned and walked towards me, wondering what could be so important that an international student was there meeting him out of the blue.

after explaining the circumstances, and telling that kak aini is getting married on the 26th of december, he still looked calm.

'it's ok, i don't think it will be any problem if u were to miss only one class.'

'are u sure? is it ok for me to buy my tickets now?'

'yeah, please do.'

huh? that simple?

hahaha! i couldnt help smiling. and i almost cheered in front of him. well, but i could still control it. and guess what? ive bought my tickets~!!!!! alhamdulillah!!!!! =)))))))
(yang tak tau, nih tepak sireh namanye... hahah! =) )

Thursday, 15 October 2009

raya can also be tiring =D

raya fever is still here.

well, if you know what i mean. just take a look at your facebook account and you can see that most of the highlights are still on hari raya. so, just like everyone else, i am myself having fun in kobe too! without further ado, let me present to you some video of ours~ ^_~

actually i have compiled all the videos together, but it took me forever just to upload the video. sigh! so, you just have to watch the videos seperately. for the compiled video, click here

yeah, like what u can probably see, our university is situated on the hill. hoo~ very tiring yet the view from up there is worth it!

lastly~ say cheese everyone~!!

yes, i DO love kobe very much! =)

Friday, 9 October 2009

imagine if you could meet your younger self...

everything happens for a reason. but i wonder what it is this time? will i give a second chance to those who were outright rude and got so emotional for some weird reasons? haha! i don't know about that.

but really, as much as i do love my life right now, there are still a few things that i regret in doing. such as, sucking my thumb up till standard 6? hahaha! i got all my teeth wired up and i had to go to the dentist for the rest of my secondary school. i used to make faces when my my friends called me betty (from yo soy betty la fia). hurm, but then again.... i think i like wearing braces! not many people got the opportunity to have colours on their teeth! =D

ok, so i don't exactly regret sucking my thumbs. hehe... well, what i really regretted is to have spent my time wastefully with those who can't appreciate my existence. duh~ why bother anyway? and i guess i will regret even more if i were to give them second chance and then, they start doing it all over again.

i am currently reading ' Who's That Girl?' by Alexandra Potter. it's about Charlotte Marryweather who got the chance to meet her ten years younger self! and there were a lot of advices she would give to her self. it's really funny and to those who love chic lit kinda novels, please read this one, ok!

if i got the chance to meet my younger self:

1) i will definitely ask myself to learn how to cook proper meals. staying very far away from home really makes me feel less healthy by not eating nutritious food. luckily i have a housemate here. it makes my life much easier, if u know what i mean! =P

2) i will ask myself to jump a lot more so that i'll get taller. 158cm? man, i'm so short! >.<

3) i will remind myself to take a lot more videos of my life. now i regret for not remembering a lot of things in the past. or maybe i would ask myself to write diaries. huhu, only now i realise the importance of it!

4) surely i'll make more time with my family and express my gratitude and love for them even more! ^^

5) i will make sure i choose the right person to get closed to. not some passers by whom i don't really know. there is no such thing like instant best friends right? to my real best friends, you are the best! =)

6) hurm.... i can't think of anything else.

hahah! i must have felt contented with my life. actually, i really have not much to regret as this is the ideal and best life i have ever wished for. i love my life as it is, and nothing can change that. =)

Thursday, 1 October 2009

express your love

good night yah, good night mi, i love you! see you tomorrow. tata titi tutu!

those are the exact words i used to say when i was small. every night before i went to bed, i would hug and kiss my parents good night. actually right to this age, i still say those words if i am in malaysia with them. hurm, now i am back in japan after almost 2 months of holiday with my family. i feel ever so grateful to have such lovable and caring parents. though i felt sad to get separated from them that night at the airport, i still felt good to get to hug and kiss them goodbye.

there are just some people who would feel ashamed to express their love for their family in public. yet for me, i am glad that i can express mine freely without feeling ashamed to do so.

i miss my family so much! i hope time flies that i can go back and hug and kiss them goodnight each and everyday.