Thursday, 1 October 2009

express your love

good night yah, good night mi, i love you! see you tomorrow. tata titi tutu!

those are the exact words i used to say when i was small. every night before i went to bed, i would hug and kiss my parents good night. actually right to this age, i still say those words if i am in malaysia with them. hurm, now i am back in japan after almost 2 months of holiday with my family. i feel ever so grateful to have such lovable and caring parents. though i felt sad to get separated from them that night at the airport, i still felt good to get to hug and kiss them goodbye.

there are just some people who would feel ashamed to express their love for their family in public. yet for me, i am glad that i can express mine freely without feeling ashamed to do so.

i miss my family so much! i hope time flies that i can go back and hug and kiss them goodnight each and everyday.


  1. hi sayang. i pray you will continue being our sweet, adorable, lovable baby girl. i will also hug you until i die. just want to say that you are really loved by all of us! please don't change your good habits like i won't stop calling you 'iqa bushuk '. love you soooo much.


  2. huhu and i wont stop calling you mok. kehkeh. tak pe, nanti tak lama lagi, il call u kepeng instead. nice post. i miss my mami and daddy too..

  3. hye mami!! thank u so much for ur lovely words... huhu, it makes me want to go home even more. i love u soooo much too!!!! :)

    hye mok! hahah, i hope u will start calling me kepeng real soon~~ :P

  4. blogwalking..XD
    though it's sad to leave ur parents
    it must be great living abroad right?

  5. To me expressing my love for my baby girl is second nature. It is so easy and so natural.I have no inhibition in telling the world...and I sure miss you like crazy. I miss the three of you, abe, Aini and you differently as you have different qualities. AND I love and miss you for what you are.

  6. hello budak bijak malaya! thanks 4 dropping by. yes, indeed it feels good to have the opportunity to be here. =)

    huhuhu.... thanks so much ayah!! u are such a great dad! n i miss ur famous words: 'i love the 3 of u equally but differently...' hehe... miss u like crazy too! muah2!! ^-^

  7. waaah~~~ sedey~ mane de melalut! >.<