Monday, 19 October 2009

my sister is officially engaged! weheww~

oh my God, oh my God, OH MY GOD!
come on, just tell me how can i not be excited??
my sister just got engaged yesterday!!! and only god knows how happy and excited i am for her!
well, she wasn't actually at home when the rombongan meminang came to our house yesterday, so the engagement ring is not on her finger, but it is still safely placed in the box. =)
(tunjuk kotak je la eh, cincin dalam kotak tu... heheh =P)

hurm, now i am more than ever looking forward to go home for this winter holiday. for what?? u should get a hint already. for my sister's wedding!! i had a tough time with myself thinking a way how to get back this winter holiday as the wedding is on the 26th of december, and u know what? i will be having my experiment on the 25th? damn!! it's so annoying, ok! (plus,it is on christmas.... geez). i've tried to look for a suitable ticket so i won't miss my own sister's wedding. but it is practically impossible to get a ticket on the 25th, night, after i finish off the experiment. grrrr....
i went crazy for almost weeks thinking of the situation.

well, i did what i could do.

knock knock knock

so i knocked the door n finally i got to meet my sensei. he was at his desk when i knocked, and he jumped out of his chair when he saw me.

'do u have got some time sensei?'

he looked concerned and walked towards me, wondering what could be so important that an international student was there meeting him out of the blue.

after explaining the circumstances, and telling that kak aini is getting married on the 26th of december, he still looked calm.

'it's ok, i don't think it will be any problem if u were to miss only one class.'

'are u sure? is it ok for me to buy my tickets now?'

'yeah, please do.'

huh? that simple?

hahaha! i couldnt help smiling. and i almost cheered in front of him. well, but i could still control it. and guess what? ive bought my tickets~!!!!! alhamdulillah!!!!! =)))))))
(yang tak tau, nih tepak sireh namanye... hahah! =) )


  1. thanks darl. now i am engaged and i am super excited for things to proceed this december. pray that everything will go on smoothly ok. and by the way, thanks for sorting out your ticket dilemma early. nothing is difficult unless you really work hard for it. in this case, you didnt. haha penat berpk je. buang masa cuak tak pasal you darl. i expect you to be there on my wedding day!


  2. kak aini! i wish i cud be apart of your beautiful wedding..uwaaa !!nk usha ape lah agaknye rupe kak aini yg spastik cm fiqah in your baju kawen..huhu amek gbr byk2! n inspire fiqah ni sket..hahhaa..again..congrats!~

    ape pun,be happy =))))))
    i doakan kamu~~

  3. wawawa....saya adalah tumpang excited! tapi sedihnya tak dapat pergi the wedding! fiqah i depend on you for the pictures ok. congrats in advance kak aini and lut!

  4. kak aini - no problem darl! anything for u, anything 4 ur big day! i will regret for the rest of my life if i couldnt be there on ur wedding. i pray that everything goes perfectly well between u n lutfy! =) muah2

    pekah - hahaha, ngoks ko pekah! inspire ape kah?! nnt aku amek gmbr byk2 to inspire u, okeh! :P

    nadz - thanks nadz!! n yeah, hopefully i will have some free time to be an amateur photographer that day. =D

  5. haha thanks everyone for the wish. cheh2, aku nih macam bagus pulak gi comment lebih2 kat blog orang. huhu sorry mok...

    peqah, yg spastik tuh, iqa, not me kot. hahahaha

    thanks nadz!! lut kata thanks gak to you. =)

  6. Spastic tu apa? Biasa maksudnya cacat. Hisssh.Nauzubill....

  7. hahah! dont take it seriously. its just some old school inside jokes. =D

  8. iqa spastik? HAHA, couldn't agree more. :P

    eh, eh, your sister dah tunang meh, when is your turn ni cik Iqa? :))

    p/s : Kak Aini, *drumrolls*congratS!

  9. oh my God!! my twin is here!! hahah aishah dearie!! =)
    yup, true. (bukan bab iqa spastik, ok) but yes, kak aini dah tunang. n my turn? neh~ im waiting 4 ur turn 1st. ^^