Thursday, 15 October 2009

raya can also be tiring =D

raya fever is still here.

well, if you know what i mean. just take a look at your facebook account and you can see that most of the highlights are still on hari raya. so, just like everyone else, i am myself having fun in kobe too! without further ado, let me present to you some video of ours~ ^_~

actually i have compiled all the videos together, but it took me forever just to upload the video. sigh! so, you just have to watch the videos seperately. for the compiled video, click here

yeah, like what u can probably see, our university is situated on the hill. hoo~ very tiring yet the view from up there is worth it!

lastly~ say cheese everyone~!!

yes, i DO love kobe very much! =)


  1. 神戸最高!!!

    atas bukit pun atas bukit la
    yg penting kobe mmg best

    tibe2 rasa sedih la plak bile fikir nnt senpai2 yg nk sotsugyou nk blk nnt
    WAAA!!!!!! (T-T)

  2. huhu, betul2... tapi letak tuh jauh2 dulu... kite enjoy selagi boleh! yey~ =)

  3. canteknye wedges! jeles! T_T

  4. nampak eh.... thank u thank u~ penat giles mendaki gune wedges... hahaha

  5. Your loving friends make Kobe beautiful and easy to love. Lose your friends and even hollywood becomes dry and painful.

  6. true... with great people, great moments are easily created. =)

  7. kau npk sgt hepi gilak ok...
    hailahh gunma raye osoi giler...da nk abes raye pun...isk2

  8. atarimae kot happy raye2 nih... ^__^
    hahaa... lek2, asalkan ade smbtn raye, which u will be having so much fun too!