Sunday, 25 October 2009

weird dream

have u ever had weird dreams? hurm, i had one yesterday. maybe i had lotsa things on my mind last night. yeah, that must be it. >.<

i always have more than one dream at one night. so yesterday one of the wildest dream is that someone back from school told me......







i had actually got married to him?

in other words, i am his WIFE!!!


that.... is....... just..... so..... stupid!!! so absurd!!!!!! aaghhhh, ridiculous!!!

and i can actually remember the procedures of how i agreed to be his wife in that dream. it was soOo weird. i even remember screaming out of depression. (yeah, depressed because i have a husband... whom i have forgotten. yeah, so stupid... duh~) but i guess i didnt scream for real as i asked my housemate this morning and she didnt remember hearing me screaming... huh~ that's a relief.

weird dream, weird people, weird places and most of all, the weirdest timing.

though i had many things on my mind last night, i dont remember thinking of getting married. T_T
must be in the excitement of my sister's upcoming wedding. and ended up, i am the one getting cold feet...??

again, WEIRD.

* oh, also, yesterday night i dreamt of having growing eyelashes. i cut them with scissors but they grew even longer like hair. they grew so fast that i freaked out. i could see them growing even when i looked into the mirror. it was so hard for me to wear my tudung. seriously.
nothing is funny about that. it was damn SCARY. T_T


  1. hahaha sapela lelaki tak bertuah itu??

    ko ni kuat berangan ni fiqah smpi mimpi jd bini org..kalau ye pon bagila aku kawen dulu hahahaha..

    bagi akak mala ni dulu kawen..haha

  2. wah2~ time2 nih ngaku akak ye... sila2, sila kawen dulu akak mala.... hahaha!!!

    n utk makluman ko, bukan laki tuh tak bertuah... aku yg tak bertuah sbb terpaksa berkawen, tau! huhuhuhuhuhu >,<

  3. huyo.....
    kahwin 2!!!!
    sapekah jejaka pilihan yg menjadi gerangan suami 2
    mesti gempak r

  4. hahaha!! malang skali, itu bukan la jejaka pilihan... tah mamat yang lame tak muncul tiba2 datang kat mimpi....
    dalam mimpi pun boleh jd hotstuff nih...kehkehkeh

  5. Dream? No way. That's some nightmare for us....from every point of view! Fast growing eyelashes? Nasib baik bukan fast growing bulu hidung.....kahkahkah!

  6. seriously, it was like a nightmare for me too. hahahaha!!!! but oh well, mimpi la katekan. :D
    ewwwwww, bulu hidung???? that's super gross! >.<
    takmo imagine......

  7. aku cume blh bygkan sorg jek dari sek ko.....ALEP! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...hysteria sempai2 onna ko yg lain HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  8. ALEP??? hahahahahaah!!! bukan takat sempai2 onna, awek dia dari sydney pun turut akan berasap jugek....! zannen desngaaa~~ bukan alep! =D

  9. hm, scary nye mimpi ko iqa. i had a similar dream before, but i had some sort of a growth next to my lips!!!! and it continued breaking off and growing and breaking off and growing non stop!!! meremang bulu roma aku pk balik. eww... benda tuh dah lah macam fungus. ewwww


  10. ewww~ that is even more disgusting. eghh...
    if i were u, i would have lost my appetite for the whole week.... gile geli!!!

  11. iqa, nampak nye the my prophesy will come true.. iqa akan kawin kawin before abe!!! wakaka - sila baca blog kepeng utk kata2 abe. hehe

  12. duh~~ baca comment kak aini balik! wakakakakaka