Sunday, 1 November 2009

31st october =)

31 st october is Halloween for some people.

but for me, it is a much bigger and important date, i.e my parents' anniversary!!!

so, on the 31st October of this year, my parents celebrated their 27th anniversary. weheew~ again, i wanna wish, congrats and happy anniversary ayah n mummy!!! =) you are the best parents and the cutest pair in the whole wide world! im really proud to be your daughter, and i really really hope that your 3 children will have blessed marriage like yours! amiiiin!!

sad though, that i wasn't at home to wish the both of you directly. T_T all i could do was to celebrate Halloween with my friends, instead. haha!

guess what? we ( jua, pekah, atil, hanizah n i) celebrated Halloween at the Universal Studio of Japan in Osaka. as we all know, the Japanese don't really celebrate Halloween, but i was quite surprised how it turned out to be. we took more pictures with those who were in halloween costumes rather than with the universal characters themselves.

boy, we really had fun!! we took hundreds of picture that day. no, i'm not exaggerating here. we really did, take hundreds of pictures. how can we not, we were there even before the gate was opened, till it was closed again. hahahahahah!!!

for more info of our visit there, you better visit atil's blog on happy halloween.
sorry atil for exposing ur blog to the world! hehe, u wouldn't mind would you? ;) *wink*

ayah, mami, i miss the both of you so much, that i wanna dedicate this song to the both of you! muahxXX! =)


  1. ahahahah!of course i dont mind :)

    happy anni to your parents too :)

  2. Ayah: Sayang, I remember the opening of a song that goes, "nothing comes from nothing...." and I now finally understand what that lyric means. Mami and ayah have always attempted to bring the best out of us in the hope that you will be better than us. The product? Todate you have yet to fail us; and along the way towards that goal, in the hope of becoming worthy parents and thus not fail you, our family's bonds are now stronger. Remember love is a two-way track and our love for you,as we said to kak Aini, is "without reservation".

  3. i always believe i am loved by people. well, it doesn't have to be everyone, but at least i know for sure that i am loved by the both of u. and of course by my siblings too. love u so much for raising me up till now. like what we have talked in the phone just now, i will forever be your daughter and i know you will always forever and ever support me in whatever i do. love u loads ayah! muah muah! :')