Friday, 6 November 2009

aku-kau versus kita-awak

a few days ago, i logged into my facebook account, and there it was.

a friend request.

no friends in common, no mutual friend at all.

well, normally in this kind of situation, i will just click ignore and never again here about the person.

but this time, it's a bit different. i clicked accept, and wallaa~ in a second, she and i are friends. as simple as that. well, the reason i accepted her as my friend is that i remember her name well enough to know who she is. she is no other than my really good friend from primary school. due to the excitement, the adrenaline rush took over me, and before i knew it, i had written something on her wall.

'izni~ halu! thanks 4 the add. waaa~~ aku ingat ko lagi :P ingat ke aku? =)'

only after writing on her wall i realised that i used the term 'aku-kau' with her. as far as i can remember, i never used the word 'aku-kau' with my friends back in primary school. i normally used 'kita-awak' with everyone. hahahhha!! yeah2, i know. so cute, eh? *wink*

however, i was so relieved when she also replied with 'aku-kau'. heheh.... i guess no one uses 'kite-awak' anymore once people enter the secondary school, no? i really can't remember since when i got used to the term 'aku-kau', and when the last time i used 'kite-awak' with people. heheh... how i missed those days!

it can get really difficult adjusting with people on which word to use. with different people, we tend to use different terms. i hate when i forgot which pronoun i use with some people.

hurrmmm..... what do you do when you got stuck and don't know which one to use?

pening sudey~~ >.<


  1. hey pqah..yup..memang can be pening..i also have categories for "kau-aku", "u-i" or "awk-sy"..but x penah gune "kite-awk le"..hehehe...k.ina still uses kite kn?? cute lh die tu...dh bini org pon still "kite, kite" :)

  2. hmm...what a coincidence.this is the first time since years i read someones blog, and definitely the first time i happen to find somebody commenting on me:) *blushes*
    kite pon nak start wat bloglh! since i cant wait to share my new hobby..coming soon jengjeng

  3. hye kak emi! deshou~ sangat confusing bila nk kene tukar2 the words. actually smpi sekarang dah tak penah kot guna kite-awak. paling2 lembut pun awak-saya la. hehe
    kak ina je special case. tapi comel la dorang 2 tuh! =)

  4. wah kak ina~ i just commented on u too! what a coincidence! i think i know what ur new hobby is... toy camera tuh ke?? heheh... cant wait to read ur blog! ;)

  5. memane blh. janji mesra dan tidak meloyakan mana2 belah pihak ☂✿☀❥☁★♪(0-0)v

  6. okeyh~ kalau panggilan nama kat umah camne? loya kah?? ☂♪★☁ hahahahhahaha!!