Friday, 27 November 2009

a big THANK YOU to you.... yeah, YOU!

i know i should be sleeping by now. but i just dont feel like going to bed yet. too many happenings and yet i havent updated my blog as i am supposed to do. feeling a little bit worried and at the same time feeling bad for abandoning my blog, i decided to be here. yeah, writing a little something. at least. (but i guess it could turn out to be a very long post.... oh well, who cares. hehe)

so yesterday was my birthday, and today, is our hari raya haji!! salam eidul adha to all mulims in the whole world!!! =)

actually, before my birthday, seriously i felt a bit depressed at home as i just got back from a quite long and laid back holiday with my girlfriends in saitama and also a night in tokai. thanks to my ever good friends, jua, pekah n shera for spending ur time with me!!!! and yeah, not forgetting jimu and apek! it really was quite a holiday. 5 great days!! ^___^

those lovely days really meant a lot to me as as at that time i had a really strong reason just to be out of kobe. hahaha! and it really turned out to be one of the best holidays ever. the moment i arrived at jua's place, i was soOo surprised to be celebrated with a candled birthday cake. awww.... that was real sweet of u guys to prepare such surprise. :')

huda, jua, me n pekah at jua's place~

i dont think i will write too much as what ive mentioned earlier on, that blog doesnt actually work as a diary. i guess what i really wanna say is that, im just like everyone else: that i am easily touched with some simple words, sincerity and care that others show for me.

sometimes it may appear too random that out of nowhere someone ure not even closed to suddenly write on your wall at facebook wishing u happy birthday. however, im telling u, they have really really made my day. receiving more than a hundred wishes, presents from them whom i really appreciate and surprises after surprises can make me feel appreciated, and even better, i feel im loved by people around. =P (oh, saya tak gedik ok!)

it really doesnt matter to me at what time people wish me, whether it is too early or too late, i feel so warm inside, getting those sweet words. and of course, this eidul adha also makes me realised how the muslims can unite. it touches my heart looking at muslims in kobe whom are not that many can make the effort to gather in the mosque in the morning to perform eidul adha prayer. it's such a good view to look at. shaking hands and giving salam to each other, it does make people feel connected to each other.
muslims in kobe after prayer. really great weather =)

malaysians who went to the mosque =P

hurmmmm.... what am i babbling here?? so yeah, by now everyone can understand well enough that these past few days have been really great. with great people always being there for u, great moments can never be erased.

all i could say is, THANK YOU you lovely people for continuing making my days as precious as you all are to me. :')


  1. again and again, happy birthday twin! :D

  2. thank you aishah!!! happy birthday 2 u too~ ^__^