Wednesday, 11 November 2009

lets not be too secretive shall we? ;)

some people love to be the center of attraction, while some people just enjoy a sit-back-and-relax kind of life. i guess at many times i may appear as someone who loves all the attention, but seriously, as far as i love the attention *ehem*, there are also times when i prefer to be a silent watcher from afar.

it really is interesting getting to know many kinds of people. however, the one type of people whom up until today, i can't totally figure out is the ones that prefer being mysterious. WHOA! sounds scary huh? T_T
oh, no no no. not that kind of mysterious! what i really mean is those who are too secretive. i repeat, TOO secretive.

yeah yeah i know. it is not wrong to be secretive, especially when everyone has something, well at least a little something to hide from others. i may have some secrets too (seriously, i do??) which i don't wish to share with people. anyway, what annoys me the most is when it is not even at all a secret, but since they want to appear mysterious, they tend to give unsatisfying explanations when having conversations with others. i guess, rather than claiming they have great and interesting life, (which they MIGHT have, who knows?) they just love making people in puzzles and expecting that people might check them out for some reason. HAHAHAHAH! oh come on, as if people have that much time to be that interested in their lives. at least not me. =P

i am not pinpointing to anyone, but i happen to know a lot of people who have these kind of habits. it can really irritate me to the max. can't people just be more straight-forward, more honest and more communicative so that no misunderstandings could be created? if you are asked, 'is it important?' could you please give a straight answer such as, 'yes', if you feel it is important to you. don't reply as 'im not sure' or any kind of confusing answers. it is also funny when people can reply with only one sentence, or sometimes, one word when being asked something. can't they at least tell and give more information so that people do not have to ask so many times. people might misunderstand and what's worse, people can sometimes get really worried of you because of your too-little information.

i understand well enough that not everyone is born expressive, but at least i hope people could think of what kind of situation others might be in because of their mysterious selves. if you are naturally a mysterious person, i guess it's fine. but please do not do it just to get on others' nerves.


  1. nice post la kak afiqah
    btw mmg bengang gak r klau asyik kite tny je
    org2 asyik jwp 'adalah', 'bese je', dll

    klau trus trg kn senang klau mende yg kite tny 2
    tkt mende2 bese je kn
    nnt klau bile org da 'terbuat gosip' plak psal
    die nnt ktla asyik suke ckp blkg phl
    die yg wat org tertanya2 kn

    hmm bgs2 post ni
    sgt menarik
    bg 5 bintang (^^)>

  2. yeay~ at least someone agrees! =)

    mmg sgt tensyen bila orang jawab pendek2 and betul la tuh, end up orang assume macam2, jadi cite bukan2. bila orang assume bukan2, dia tak ske plak. sape la suh jadi secretive sgt. kan dah nyusahkan sumorg. hahaha! thanks izzat! ada gk dapat bintang eh! heee ^__^

  3. aku macam tau je saper ko tgh cakap nih. kehkeh lap u darl

  4. hahahah! u might be right. but actually im not referring to only one person. banyak gak orang macam ni sebenarnye. =D

    lap u too darl! muahxXx

  5. 2 me its ok 2 b secretive n misterious..byk perangai byk colours..tapi itu bukan excuse 4 not being nice 2 people..
    secretive n misterious mebi npk kakkoi tapi sile jangan sertakan dgn tsumetai nnt aku rase nk lempang =p

  6. hahaha!! seram nyek. jangan lempang aku. aku kan kakkoi.. =D