Monday, 7 December 2009

hello and goodbye

i can still remember
the day we met
i smiled and you smiled
we exchanged hellos
so much we talked about
suddenly it was time for bed

days and months and even years passed
we were so close
people thought we were inseparable
you gave me strength
i gave you hope
we supported each other
even we thought we were inseparable

no matter how dark
and how gloomy some days were
our friendship was alive and bright
that everyday looked shiny and full of light
the spark in our eyes showed
you cared for me
and i wanted the best for you

hellos will always end with goodbyes
it was equally hard for the both of us
well, who are we to decide
as all that we could do
was to stay forever in each other's heart

i am here you are there
though things are different in many ways
i'm hoping you are fine in everything you do
and i am pretty sure
you are thinking the same way too

this one goes to all my friends whom i miss so much! (if you think i miss you, then this is definitely dedicated to you. ;P)


  1. to me kan??kekeke..nice one fiqah:)

  2. hehe... of course shera!! specially for u <3

  3. so nice!!!!
    i'm so touched with all the phrases
    feels like i wanna cry (T-T)

  4. hehe.. thank u so much izat!!! dont cry la, x macho nnt. :D

  5. izzat ko xleh nangis...biar aku nangis...aku nangis pun macho jek hahahahaha

  6. yela tuh macho. bak kata akachan, jatuh saham kat stewardess ko nangis tak stop2.. HAHHAHAHAHHAA

  7. huuuhh cuak jerr..i tot it was 4 somebody else..igt kau dh kne bomoh n changed mind ke ape..fuhhh yokatta!

    yey!! dedicated 2 peqah kan! laviyalaviya!!

  8. uhoi! for whom did u think huh? haiyo, bomoh kebenda~ hahahahah

    yup2, dedicated to u too la dear~ =P miss ya!!!!

  9. Poignant and so 'feeling'. What comes from the heart is always pure.

  10. really? hehe, i guess i must have written it with my heart. :)