Friday, 25 December 2009

reporting from hong kong

sleepless night.

yeah, i had one last night. normally i have no problem getting to sleep, but yesterday was a different story. all my senses and organs worked perfectly well. i mean, overly well and beyond their needs. okay, let me explain.

my eyes had captured all the lights it could possibly capture and i could see everything perfectly clear in the dark gray night.

my ears had successfully sensed all the voices and noises which i cant normally hear during the days. i could hear every single motorcycles that passed my apartment, the footsteps of my neighbours,the cracking sounds of the windows, the water leaking from outside the window, the clock ticking (damn, it was annoying. it was consistently ticking. i mean, every single second!...... oh, i forgot that it was called a clock >.<).

my skin felt as dry as my lips and my throat.

my nose was breathing in cold air which wasn't comforting at all.

my heartbeat was faster than usual. (i could almost here my own heartbeat).

my stomach was growling like mad. ( oh dearie little tummy, didn't u just have a buffet for dinner?? what else could u be wishing for??............nasi beriyani.......)

and most of all, my brain was at the most productive state, if i must say. it had been giving me loads and loads of flashbacks, dreams, hopes, memories and everything. oh, i even decided that i should try being a wakil rakyat when i grow up. (whoa, at the most weird time, and all of a sudden i got a new ambition??? baaaah!!)

ok, so it was yesterday night's story. a sleepless night christmas eve. like seriously, i only had maybe 15 minutes of sleep. anyhow, now, im in hong kong, transiting for malaysia. feeling completely different. fully energetic, extremely excited, anxious, and so looking forward for............tomorrow!!!!! my sister's wedding. in half an hour, my flight is departing to malaysia!! weeee~~~

p/s: merry Christmas to all my christian friends!!!!

p/p/s; happy birthday mala!!!!! my bff!!!!

p/p/p/s: thanks to my lovely neighbours, izyan and ashfa for the wake up messages. i was still quite wide awake when izyan's msg came in. hehehe. when i got ashfa's msg at 5.10am, i was neither here nor there. and i only woke up when suddenly one of my alarms went: 'gemuuuuuk!! banguuuun!!!!! gemuuuuk!!! gemuuuuk!!!!' >.<

ok.... that's my brother's voice. i've been using it as my alarm for almost a year now. huhu, abe, please be proud. though you are always so faraway, i practically hear your voice everyday!!! heheh ;)

p/p/p/p/s: oh, and of course, happy holidays everyone!!!!! (can anybody tell me what p/s actually means???)

blogging off!


  1. eh gi hong kong ke?
    ke transit je?

  2. hahahahaha!! tak pegi hong kong pun~ nyinggah sebentar saje :P

  3. huhu im soo touched la darl. i lap u soo much. hanx for the mention in ur blog. nanti abe buat alarm lain plak.

  4. no problemo darl! please jerit: kepeeeenggg!! plak k... hahahah... lagi laju iqa bangun nanti :D