Sunday, 26 December 2010

GREAT excuses to be excused

26th december! it's my sister's one year wedding anniversary. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY big sis n bro-in -law! =)

WHOA~ it also implies that i am one year older from the day my sister got married. at this same time of last year, i was busy entertaining people who came to our house for the akad nikah session. yeah, in MALAYSIA.

and now, at this time of the year, i am obviously in KOBE. doing some work at lab, trying to finish up my last minute experiment. uhuk3, so sad, thinking that everyone is probably enjoying a cup of hot chocolate in this breezing winter at a cool cafe, or probably enjoying the long queue at an entertainment park, or enjoying a snowboard trip yadaa yadaaa... T.T

okay, not jealous. definitely not. in fact, i am really excited myself to visit my lab on a weekend because tomorrow, will be my last day of schooling before my winter holiday starts!!! yeay!!! oh, im gonna miss my lab~~~ LOL! so, who cares whether other people have started their holidays earlier. to have a reasonably long holiday during my final year is better than nothing. right? :D

and to top that, my brother is coming to town~~~~ give 3 cheers for my big handsome brother!! hip hip! hoorayyyh! ( saje nk mintak abang belanja... :D)
yeah, he is coming on the 30th december and i can't wait to spend some quality time with him. besides, my dear friend syairah is also coming around that time, that i am really sure it will turn out to be a great winter holiday. insyaAllah!

i told my senior that i can't attend his presentation this coming january as i need to send my brother off to the airport. he just widened his eyes and said: 'and now it's your BROTHER?'
i just laughed. though it might sound a bit like a sarcasm, i guess he accepted it well enough as he said he doesn't mind, and he's going to save a copy of his presentation sheet for me later on. =P
thanks sempai! ^^

oh well, i don't blame any of my labmates if they ever think that i am only making excuses for not going to school. last june i had to go back to malaysia for my SISTER's wedding reception. last september i didn't attend the conference with the rest as my PARENTS were coming to kobe. and this time around, it's my BROTHER. he's coming to pay me a visit! hahahahaha!! how can i not love my family so much. they have given me some realllllly good excuses to be on a holiday! :D

it makes me think. imagine if i have more than 3 siblings.............. hurm~~~

HAHAH! okay, dream on afiqah! bagi betis nak peha!

there, mok 1, mok 2 and mok 3, ie: my brother, my sis n the patriotic me! =P

p/s: well, anyway, before it gets too late, HAPPY HOLIDAYS everyone!!!!! =))

Sunday, 12 December 2010

2007 to 2011

it's only the 6th day of our Islamic hijrah year. the 6th day of year 1432. what have we achieved in year 1431 and what are we aiming for this new year? not only we have opened a 'new book' for hijrah calendar, but our year 2010 is also coming to an end.

yes, at last!!! the year 2011 is coming. it is just around the corner.

i have been waiting for 2011 to come since 22nd march of 2007. that was my first day i ever put my two feet on this country of sunrise. that was the day i understood how people can live in a verrryy small unit. it was also the first day i was amazed by their toilet washlet system. well, definitely very advance! =)

my early days in japan, year 2007 ^^

during that year, my 4th year seniors always told me that 4 years is not that long. time just flies and without even realising it, it will be the time to take our scroll. hurm, and true enough it doesn't seem that long that i can't believe myself that i am going to leave this country for good in just a few months' time and i am super excited!!! to be exact, i am super duper excited!! =))

these past 4 years have taught me a lot, a lot more than i can ever learn in my own country. here, i learn to live as a Muslim in a country with people who most of them have no faith in religion, people who have not much idea of Islam. not many Muslims can be seen around but we appreciate each other more that we will always greet one another by giving salam whenever we meet. in Malaysia, i don't really get that warm greetings from other Muslims as it is too normal to find another Muslim i guess.

here, i also learn to be the black sheep. the one that is TOTALLY different from the rest. obviously i look different with my tudung and all. i also speak weird japanese. up till today i don't speak fluently. i know that sometimes my dearest labmates make fun of my kansai-ben. (kansai dialect) GRRRR!!! wait till i make fun of your malay! and that IF you can speak malay T.T
being the only one that doesn't drink those beers and sakes during drinking parties, the only one who doesn't eat meat, chicken, pork etc etc (and each time i have to explain why) but i still survive up till today and i still had fun hanging out with them. the most i appreciate is that they respect my view and never ridicule my beliefs. and the one that i love the most is when they try so hard and go all out to consider the food that i can or can't eat each time i join any parties. =)))

and here, i have a wider view of friendship. i know who i can rely on and who i can't really trust. as we grow older, we become wiser (i guess) and we can see people for who they really are. i can never be grateful enough for those who have stood by me through my thick and thin. you all are real keepers. also, leaving far away from the people whom i love shows that distance doesn't at all break a bond.

since year 2007 to 2011, i have met a lot of people along the way. hateful people who are hypocrites, backstabbers, sweet talkers with a dark evil side, gossipers, and a real pain in the a** kind of people. but of course, on the other hand i have also met real sweethearts who are really sensitive towards people's feeling, caring, generous, lovable and a real friend in need. these are the ones who keep me strong during my days in japan. no matter how little or much time we have spent together, the great memories will always remain in my heart. i don't have to mention names here as you know who you are =)))

2010 is coming to an end soon. and i hope i will find more sweethearts and less pain in the a** kind of people before i make my move back to my beloved country. nobody wants to mix around with the wrong people or we will end up having a heart ache right? and as for that, my resolution for the new year is to be more patient and to be a better person in whole so that i won't fall into the hateful people category. ;)

now this is a real sweetheart! =)

Saturday, 4 December 2010

KY: kuuki yomenai

don't be so touchy!

ohkayyy, that is also one kind of being sensitive. but what i'm going to state here is about being able to read the situation and being considerate to other people's feeling. in easy words, put ourselves in others' shoes.

wonder how to be a sensitive person? just ask ourselves these few questions.

do we like to be treated in that kind of way? is it appropriate to do such thing or to ask such question at that particular moment? if we ourselves do not like to be treated in such way, than naturally others also don't. simple eh? we don't have to be mind readers to be able to read the situation.

people can sometimes be so insensitive and do something without considering one's situation. in japanese, people call it : KY, stands for kuuki yomenai.

try being pushy, inconsiderate, insensitive towards others feelings or situation, and say something without thinking, and voila~ you'll definitely be rated as the number one biggest KY.

the problem with these KY people is not that they are too lazy to open their eyes wide enough, but they are too cold-hearted and do not want to study the surrounding to respond or act accordingly. being sensitive doesn't kill you know.

for instant, take writing an sms as example. it doesn't hurt to have a friendly intro like asking how your friend is doing, whether he or she is in good health, any good news or perhaps just a 'hello' can never go wrong. these few words can make much difference rather than just typing your true intention such as, 'i want to borrow your shirt tonight, i'll take it on my way home later.' or 'i need you to come over and do a few things.'

(and the worst kind of all is those who just write 'k' in a reply to a loOong message.)

i can never understand when people need some help, but they end up making it more like an order. it's so much better to say politely so that others will feel easier to lend a hand. of course there are some people who can never reject when their help is needed, but never ever take their kindness for granted. no one likes to be taken granted for, no matter how kind that person is.

besides being very pushy in asking a favour, there are also people who do not know when to keep their opinions to themselves. they just say whatever as they like without thinking. of course there are things that are considered sensitive to a person, so it's better to respect their view and never talk something that they do not wish to listen or to be asked.

in simple words, just treat others the way how we want to be treated. it helps by asking ourselves whether or not we want to be friends with ourselves. if we find that we have flaws here and there which other people might not like, there is always room for improvement. definitely no one is perfect, that is why i need to remind myself too.

let's be a better person for a better tomorrow! =)

Thursday, 25 November 2010

the prize for being positive ^^


that's what everyone wants to feel. and that's what i'm feeling right now. being surrounded by love and more love everyday, that's the reason i'm smiling each and everyday. having family that understands and never stops praying for the best of me. having friends that support and share happiness with me. having people that contribute memories to my life. directly or indirectly, everyone has an impact on my life.

thank you for being there for me. =)

i always make this kind of post, and people might get bored already with my way of thinking. but being positive IS the easy way to get through the days. always and always remember how you are blessed by great people and the good things around you, and i'm pretty sure it will somehow brighten up your day.

many times my loved ones cry or feel down about something. neither i have the perfect way nor the perfect words to console them. all i could do is to make sure they feel good about themselves and no matter what situation they are in, i believe there will always be a way out. be positive towards everything, and you will be free.

you might not always feel special, but there are always people who feel you are special to them. believe in yourself more as there are always people who look up to you. to some people, you are like their hero, but you might just not notice it. just keep on moving and trust yourself more.

seriously, i really am feeling the good vibes. lately everything seems brighter and more fulfilling. i am so grateful of everything that has happened to me. Alhamdulillah is all i could say. =)

just a few pics of my latest happenings with the loved ones =)

Sunday, 14 November 2010

just call my name and you'll make my day =)

feel like making one's day?

why not start with a smile. a genuine smile which can brighten up one's day. inserting a 'hello' along with that beautiful smile will be much much better. seriously, you don't have to be the person's best friend in order to make his or her day. just be pleasant and the world will be by your side.

smile like him, and everybody will definitely melt! =)

if you have enough time, maybe you can be the one to start a conversation. break the silence, try to be a little bit chatty. if you really have no idea how, try with a simple compliment like, "you look really nice today." or "you seem happy, anything happen lately?". well, try not to use a busybody tone by the way. =P

however, just talk when you have something nice to say. people always say, "only talk when it's necessary." yeah, i like that, but i personally can't do that. i always find something to say and end up talking too much. ugh~ (you can find me a little bit quiet when i am around my japanese friends though. yeah2, language barrier. tell me about it! >.<)

words can either have good or bad effect. depends on how we convey them. even when we want to give out some opinions we really need to be careful with our chosen words. maybe we have good intention and never want to hurt anybody's feeling, but being a mr know-it-all doesn't at all help the situation.

well, it's not that difficult to make one's day actually. even small children can be unpredictable and make our day. just like today, my friend's daughter knew my name!

her mother asked her, "do you remember this kakak's name?" she nodded and replied, "kakak cun!"

YEAH!!! do you see what i mean?? she made my day just by calling my name! =))

yes, she's the one who made my day! =)

and this sweet boy here made my day by taking my picture =)

p/s: i had the greatest weekend! thanks dearest kobeians for always making my days in japan so so meaningful. though our real family is so far away, we all here are like family to each other. love you all to pieces!

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

this is my fairy tale

sometimes people wish that life would be more like a fairy tale.

just ask the magic mirror to make sure you always look good.

just get a pet mouse to help you make a beautiful dress.

just pluck a poison apple when you want to torture your enemy. T.T

just sing to your heart's content, and a prince will come along and join you singing.

ugh... okay, so life is not that simple. we need to work hard in achieving something, that's for sure. we even need to work hard just to wake up in the morning! forget all those dreams about having birds that chirp beautiful songs through your bedroom window as wake up call. learn to struggle with noisy alarm clocks or vibrating hand phones (and learn not to destroy them while hitting the snooze button). learn to finish up something ourselves. there are no elves living under our beds which will only crawl out at night to finish up our work. this is the real life. whether we like it or not, we have to learn to do everything ourselves. it's not that bad you know. =)

so, remind me again why we have to struggle to gain something?

yes! it's because it makes our success means a lot more and tastes sweeter when we achieve it with our own hard work. naturally, if everything is too easy and achievable in a blink of an eye, we won't know what the true meaning of satisfaction is. God makes life in such way that disappointments come hand in hand with happiness. in order to get something, there will always be some difficulties along the way.

well, if we look it from a fairy tale way, even the princes and princesses have to defeat the mouth-full-of-stinking-hot-fire dragons or at least got cheated by an evil fairy before they make their way to their live-happily-ever-after ending. phew, lucky we don't dragons in real life. or else, we need firemen in every corner of the town. >.<

anyway, like a quote i read this morning,

Life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale of all.
- Hans Christian Andersen

hooyeah! right after reading this, i'm soOo getting ready to face the world! i'm on my way to make my own wonderful fairy tale, peeps!

yeah, starting from getting ready to go to school. >.<


to all of you, all the best in creating your own version of happy ending story! you might wanna check out yourself if there really is a prince charming with a wide kingdom, waiting somewhere for you ^^

p/s: i don't know what happen to my laptop lately, it has been unwell these past few days. i can't type certain letters such as o, p, l and a few other functions. but once in a while, i can use it without any problem just like now. and so, that is my excuse for not updating my blog everyday like other bloggers... (hah! lame excuse! LOL)

yikes! i have zemi (my lab's weekly presentation) in only an hour's time! gotta rush! daa~ =)

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

higher!! higher!!

we made a circle and played with the balloon. pretending the balloon as a volley ball, we hit it and passed it among ourselves, around the circle. weird though how much we hit it, the balloon didn't go any higher. nobody paid any attention at how high the balloon was hit. everyone was more focused on talking rather than hitting. again, weird, i couldn't remember what topic we were discussing on. i was paying more attention to the balloon.

i guess.

came my turn and my eyes were bright. i collected my energy and determined to hit it higher. yeah! much much higher. that's what my mission was. no one wanted to do it properly, so let it be me!

1, 2, 3.... HIT!!!!!



huh? what happened? where did the balloon go?

it was hard to see. it was dark, but slowly my eyes caught some light. the moment i saw my surrounding, i knew there won't be any balloon, nor any chit chatting friends. i knew then that it was just a 'balloony' dream.... ugh

and guess what i hit instead???


it was on my side table. it didn't fall on the floor. but instead, i found my table lamp on the floor. oh, so it was u waking me up from that dream.... waaaaa!!! my favourite lamp!!!!!

i almost jumped out of my bed to check on my lamp. huh, it was a relief seeing nothing was broken. only the filament in the bulb was literally chopped off. oh, you poor little lamp. that must be some push i gave you T.T

stupid dream. because of you i had to play with wires, making sure my laptop and table lamp were okay, at 3 o'clock in the morning!!!!

ugh, seriously, why did i have to be so determined in everything. why the hell did i want to hit that stupid balloon anyway.... sigh!

p/s: i just finished up my 4th presentation yesterday! n today the whole japan is on holiday, celebrating for me!! yey!! eh, bukan ke?... it's their culture day today. hehe, whatever~ :P

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

*sneeze sneeze* *cough cough*

i think i am catching a cold and it sucks big time to be in this state where your family is nowhere near. i can't stop sneezing and everywhere is just too cold for me, but when i switch off the fan, i feel really uncomfortable. i don't feel like going to the lab but my work awaits. not forgetting i have a meeting with my sensei (lecturer) this evening. (sensei, can we have the meeting in my house instead? >.<)

haih, if only i were 7 years old. how i miss being pampered by my family. they will definitely take a good care of me. even when i got stomach ache i would be running to my parents' room and cry for some 'minyak panas.' when i had a fever, my mother will keep changing a wet cloth on top of my head to reduce the temperature. being fed with porridge and taken care of medicines, i would get better only in couple of days.

nothing seems appealing when we are not feeling well. but one thing for sure, my appetite for food still doesn't change. and tonight a great junior invites me and my housemate for dinner! oh, i do hope they won't be catching a cold from me. i suppose this must be because of the changing season. huhu... so, my last words to all you before heading school:
  1. drink a lot of water
  2. wear something thick enough according to the weather
  3. sleep well (not too little, not too much)
  4. take supplements everyday also won't hurt
  5. be active
  6. last but not least, eat well! you are what you eat =)

p/s: regarding to my last post about these busybodies, it's no doubt people just hate to be gossiped about. however, we should always beware not to be one of them. i've read this post on a blog and how true it turns out to be! ;)

Friday, 15 October 2010

deal with them with patience

there are two types of people.

1- people who can't shut their mouth and tell something that other people should not know.
2- people who just LOVE to know about other people's story. mainly because they just LOVE gossips.

sometimes i don't really blame people who tell 'inside' stories because i know, people like number '2' can be really persuasive at times. but no matter what, people should know their boundaries. there are things better left unsaid. for example, family problem is one of the topics one should not discuss with random people. it is best not to tell anything bad about any of your family members or your partners (wife or husband) to friends. problems should be settled among themselves. the involvement of a 3rd party always brings bad ending.

and what do we call people like number 2? oh, that's simple! BUSYBODY!! and in simple malay: suka jaga tepi kain orang lain. i know people have desires to know other people's update. but somehow this kind of people seem to enjoy stories that are bad which are 'hot and spicy' enough to be told to other people. they can really go all out just to get some stories and it means the most if they are the first to know. why can't they feel satisfied with just good stories of their friends?

haih~ i can really get speechless when i encounter with this kind of situation. these people are everywhere. the world is beautiful but we always need to be careful with unexpected turn outs. i just hope i don't explode if anyone ever does this kind of things to me.

i really need to learn to be more patient. yes, with this people, we need loads and loads of patience.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

how about a change in lifestyle?

too much time on computer lately. my eyes are getting soar. at school i have no other choice than to sit in front of two computer screens. dealing with work means dealing with computers. at home, having 'me me me' time also with my laptop. can't help feeling that my social life is already down the drain.

i tried to play less with my facebook. yeah, thinking that i will end up socializing with people more. during weekends it is kinda successful. but now, during weekdays? bah~ no can do. i try reading story books at home, and ended up sleeping on the bed earlier than i thought. no matter how hard i try, at the end i will still start looking for something to type. type type type. ooho, meaning, back to the computer. what a lame life.

sometimes i wonder, do we get stuck with this kind of life style till the day we reach 70? 80? i can't imagine my grandmothers playing with the internet. haha! and have u read this?

Malaysians have the most friends on their social networks, while Japanese users have the fewest.

weeheeeheee~~~ i'm in the middle of two extreeeeeme countries!!! a malaysian, studying in japan.

okay come on everyone! take our butts off the chair, take our eyes off the screen and lets do something healthy for a change. lessay, going out for a jog, NOW? we can really make a change, can't we?

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

when tomorrow never comes

when we are happy celebrating a new born baby, trust me, at the same time there must be someone at some part of the world is also crying for losing someone, forever.

that is life. no one lives forever.

last 2 days, a birthday reminder from my facebook noted that it's a particular person's birthday. normally i would just wish anyone on my friend's list no matter how close i am with him or her because i know even a random and simple wish can make the person's day.

yes, if i could, i would. except, i couldn't. even if i wrote on the wall, the person just wouldn't get to reply it.

why? because she is no longer in this world. it has been almost a year since this young girl has left us. i feel like i am still in a state of shock because lately there are too many bad news about the lost of people who are dear to some people. and of course, to me.

on the 2nd day of raya, i lost my uncle who was very close to my family. to my parents, he was more of a friend than a mere 'biras' or 'ipar'. i remember during my secondary school, i used to stay at his house during weekends as my family was in kelantan at that time, and he and his family took a really good care of me. he was a successful person and i know he is loved by many people as he is really really generous and kind-hearted.

a few days before ramadhan, a very good friend of my brother was involved in a car accident and he couldn't be saved. it was a shocking piece of news because just a few days before he left us, was his birthday. and also, on the 7th day of syawal, a friend of mine whom i knew during AAJ days died because of an infection of the heart. yes, it broke my heart to hear all these news. not even a hari raya wish or a sorry i could tell them for any of my actions.

these news really make me think. if i were to go tomorrow, am i ready? what kind of things will i be remembered of? will people pray for me? and most of all, my ibadah. is it enough??

i am struggling with myself thinking these scary questions. i really hope only good things will be remembered when i leave. and also, like these late friends of mine, i sure hope people will pray and sedekah al-fatihah for me. anyway, i am taking this opportunity to ask for forgiveness to everyone for my wrongdoings. if i have hurt you in any way, i am truly sorry.

haih~ must be the wind from outside blowing so hard that i suddenly feel so melancholic. =P

and then.... again, there's another birthday reminder i couldn't wish.
al-fatihah to you my dear friend.

Sunday, 26 September 2010

bye bye summer, helloOo autumn!

hey, you can now put away your summer umbrellas, fancy fans, shorts, sleeveless and everything that you wear during the summer. now it's time for you to show off your new high heel boots, fury coats, a pair of new gloves and trendy muffler as it's no more summer bebeh!

ooh yes, you heard me!

for the last couple of days, it has been pretty cold. the temperature shot down in just 24 hours. for one day everyone was still fanning their faces with the free fans they got, and the next day people were literally freezing, for wearing the wrong outfit being unprepared for the cold day. and that, includes me. who knows the season can change in a day?

so, ' it's time to go gray this autumn-winter!,'said the magazine i read from somewhere. huh, like i care about the fashion and all. i always wonder why people turn all gray, black and colourless during the cold season? even the stalls are not selling flowery and colourful clothes anymore. that's sad. i love wearing and watching people with cheerful tone outfit. hurm, who ever make this silly rules anyway? luckily i don't really care about the latest trend, the things you should or should not wear yadaa yadaa... soOo....yippee! it means i'm free to wear anything!! yeah,unless it is thick and good enough to cover myself from cold. ^^

anyway, whatever you all might be wearing, i hope you all are prepared for the changing season and take care not to catch a cold!

**oh, the season really is changing as i can see that the stores are now having autumn sale and they are already selling pumpkins! yeah, for halloween. yeah, here, in japan. =P

Thursday, 23 September 2010

when you feel down

what do you do when you feel down?

A: pick up your phone and call your parents/friends
B: sleep
C: cry
D: eat
E: take a shower
F: go out and shop
G: you don't do anything, because you like it that way. >.<
H: all the above
I: none of the above (other answer:..................... )

i used to make a phone call (or phone calls) and talk non-stop with those who can listen to me talking when i feel low. well, obviously talking make me feel better. wayyy better than to be alone.

i was rather low when my parents left me for malaysia the other day. but instead of making a call to a friend or siblings, i went out shopping. shopping really is a cure to me. the moment i stepped off the bus, i went inside sogo, OIOI, daimaru and the list goes on.... i ended up getting home only around 8pm with almost 6 plastic bags in my hands. shop till you drop eh? yeah, you could say that. by the time i got home i was lethargic and forgot my sadness already.=)

oh well, sadness doesn't bring any good to me, you know. so to everybody out there, don't make me sad, or my purse will get thinner. =P

p/s: thanks to my ever good buddy pekah for calling me that day to make sure i was okay. hehe... so i didn't make a phone call, but i received some... thanks my great sis for your call and of course miss pekah.

p/p/s: i miss my parentsssssssssss T____________T

anyone, visit me will ya? air asia is making a promotion starting december.... rm99?? cheap huh? so what are you waiting for? you have a flight to book!! =D

Tuesday, 7 September 2010


i miss you.

yeah, 3 simple words yet they are truly meaningful. sometimes people might just say that out of habit, but it doesn't really matter because it never fails to make me warm inside. those words undeniably make people feel appreciated and remembered. such a good feeling eh? =)

well, in my case, i mean my words when i tell someone i miss him or her. looking at pictures, listening to music and even smelling something can make you remember someone. in a few days more we will celebrate aidilfitri and everyone seems really excited to get home to see family members. many and many posts on hari raya here and there. online raya card also seems the latest thing nowadays, that i assume the postmen in malaysia no longer have to work extra time. hehe, good for them!

due to many wishes and status updates especially on facebook, i really feel kinda left out. only having the lab technician by my side (i wonder what he is doing going in and out of the lab), i suddenly have this 'rindu' feeling to be in malaysia. even majority of the malaysians in kobe have gone back to malaysia. and out of all days, my labmates just have to go to a conference TODAY. GOSH!! how could you all leave me behind??? huh, only now i start to miss all of u! >.<

oh well oh well, i'm tough u know? the reason i'm still hanging around in kobe and not following the rest to kyushu for the conference is parents are finally arriving tomorrow!!! yipyipeee~!!!!! ignore everything else, put all the work aside, take the broom and start cleaning up!! yeah! that's my task for tonight =P

oh, wait a minute. did i say i miss malaysia?? oh, yeah. i do. still. i miss my friends, home and malaysian food. but what is there to complain when my parents will be here with me on the 1st raya? to abe n kak aini, jangan jeles!!! hahah! insyaAllah next year we will celebrate raya together as a family ok! I MISS YOU!!!!!! both of you!!! muah muah!!

p/s: selamat hari raya maaf zahir batin to everyone. may we get the opportunity to meet ramadhan again next year. be sure to drive or be driven carefully on the road. love all of u to pieces!!! last but not least, I MISS............... everything la!! heheh.. muahXXxx! *hugS*

Tuesday, 31 August 2010

PM to Actress to Engineer =)

what does 31st August mean to us Malaysians? i guess there could only be one answer: it's our beloved country's Independence Day!!! YEY!

so no matter where we are, we can still have the mutual feeling for our country. (oh, minus those who are racist, i guess they don't understand what independence really mean >.<) well, i am not that patriotic, but deep inside my heart i know i appreciate my country so much. from money to food, clothes and education, my country has directly or indirectly give me all these necessities in making me who i am right now. not that i am anybody. YET. hahaha! so it's not wrong to aim high, right? =P

speaking of being somebody, i remember how i used to have so many ambitions when i was young. just name it, lawyer, doctor, accountant, all of those above have crossed my mind so many times. some people may say i am a confused child, (huh, how rude!) but my father has always told us that it is better to have more than one ambition than not having any.
but being an astronaut?? NEVER! hahah

i have once dreamt of being a prime minister. the first lady! oh no, not as the wife of prime minister, but the PM itself!! also, on the other hand, i have always been interested in acting, that some part of me wanted to be an actress. aiming for a movie star might be a little bit high though. =P a theatre actress does sound appealing to me. no matter what i be, i just wanted to perform. yep, be it on stage or in tv. i just love to be the center of attraction. (senyap! jangan sebut capab!)

so that's why i guess people call these dreams as 'angan angan mat jenin.' now i end up studying something verrrryy different from what i initially planned. something that doesn't need to do social work that much. i am now en route to be... an engineer? InsyaAllah! and guess what? i just love every single thing that i am doing. from doing the brain-cracking programmings to doing various experiments on many data do not seem to affect my desire to become a successful engineer.

i guess no matter how or who u turn out to be, be sure that it is for the best of yourself and of course, for the country! i may not be the prime minister who needs to do every single thing for the country, or an actress who performs on Istana Budaya's stage performing some Malaysian theater, but i hope to be a useful engineer to everyone. well, not now, but someday in the future. YEAH, with the spirit of independence day lets hope that we can be someone useful to our beloved country! =)

i feel so merdeka because i have just finished my 3rd presentation today~~~ weeee~~~ lets countdown for my parents' visit to japan! another 8days to go!!! LALALALA~ i'm on top of the world now! ^^

Thursday, 1 July 2010

have i mentioned that i love my labmates?

there's just something about these japanese people that i really admire:
- they are very serious in their work. once they have put their minds into something, there's just no way out. they will finish them up and do their best for it.

i have been quite busy these few days as i need to get ready for my presentation this coming tuesday. as the most junior student in the lab, it is a norm to seek help from our seniors. since i am also a foreigner, i desperately need help especially this time around i have to translate an english thesis to japanese.

definitely not a simple task. T___T

so today i have finished writing my worksheet and asked my senior to check it for me. i was rather disappointed as he had some work to finish up that he said he could not check it for me by today. all i could do was to give an understanding nod n prayed he would finish his work quickly.

i was so surprised when suddenly my friend who needs to prepare for a very important interview tomorrow has offered to check my worksheet. GOD! isn't he sweet??? i was so touched by his kindness and couldn't thank him enough for his help. =)

well, there are still a lot more to do, but i can breathe properly now as i know that my worksheet is understandable. well, not yet perfect, but still~ hehe... anyway, to make my day more interesting, my pray was answered and this senior of mine who is in charged of me had finished up his work and came to offer his help.

and guess what! not only one, but 2 seniors came to my rescue and tried to help out with my work.
(note that one of them is very good looking. HAHAHAHAH)

the contents of the thesis is rather difficult, i might say myself. many things need to be understood and needless to say, a lot of research need to be done. and just imagine, they stayed there and did some research together with me, besides checking my spellings and grammar. they did their best to understand every bit of the contents that i just couldn't bring myself to say 'I'M EXHAUSTED. I WANNA GO HOME.'

i could just imagine if i were to get help from the malays, they won't be as determined as these japanese. (no offence though)

at that time i was so hungry. i haven't eaten anything since i left home but i just couldn't let them finish my work without me being there. seriously i was more worried for my senior because he needed to catch his train back home before 10.30pm. (SEE!! how unselfish of them!!! sangat terharu okayh!! >.<) finally at 10.10pm we made our move and locked the lab. i am just mentally tired and feel like sleeping. (but i can still afford to write an entry, hehe).

heh, can't help thinking that if i continue being busy like this, in no time i can be skinny!

oh, FINE. maybe not skinny. but losing some weight IS possible. HAHAHAH ;)

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

zap me back to reality


A - B - R - A - C - A - D - A - B - R - A
A - B - R - A - C - A - D - A - B - R
A - B - R - A - C - A - D - A - B
A - B - R - A - C - A - D - A
A - B - R - A - C - A - D
A - B - R - A - C - A
A - B - R - A - C
A - B - R - A
A - B - R
A - B


hocus pocus



can bring me back to malaysia (obviously!) T.T

i have to get a grip of myself and start working hard on my daily routine in JAPAN. yeah, enough already with the bridesmaid story. in 2 weeks' time i will be up front, again, not as a bridesmaid, ( DUH! ) but to present my work to the whole labmates. which means: busy days ahead!!! needless to say, working at the lab even on weekends. agghhh!!!! BARBITURATE in need here... anyone? anyone??

the only thing i can do now is to look forward to the days ahead after the presentation. =)

1. futsal with dearest labmates
-probably i will only warm the bench and take pictures as i am the only girl. SIGH!

2. meet up with besties in tokyo
- nothing can compare to girls' talk at a coffee show and pillow talk before going to sleep with the ones you can really trust. hehe.... pekah, jua~~ can't wait to see the both of u!!!!

3. raya with the loved ones, ie beloved parents
- oh well, skip august and come quick september!! i want to meet my parents!! since im not going to celebrate raya in malaysia this year, i'm bringing malaysia to japan. hehe... which means....... my parents are coming to my place!! =))

these are all not confirmed yet, but how lovely if everything goes as planned. at the time being, all i have to do is to work hard this 2 weeks for my presentation. please pray for me and hope that my smile doesn't fade away from this face. =)

Friday, 11 June 2010

fifa world cup 2010

the world cup is starting today!!! after waiting for 4 whole years, and i can watch the games here. here. here at home, from MALAYSIA!!!

hey, u know what, even i myself still can't believe that i am now in malaysia. and i just went to pasar malam yesterday with my family. OMG! is this really a dream? only last tuesday i was in the seminar room, refraining myself from sleeping, listening to my researchmates doing their presentation, and just a few nights before, i was hanging out with afia and izzat singing at the top of our lungs at super jankara. =)
(refer to their blogs for more details on our night out!)

so what's the catch this time? what am i doing in malaysia at THIS time around? am i here just to watch football at mamak stalls with other malaysians while drinking teh tarik?? or maybe to watch lagenda budak setan at TGV or GSC?

yeahhhh right!! as if~ :D

so, the whole reason i'm here in the cosy tv room watching GLEE on star world, is to wait for this sunday! for my sister's wedding reception which i am going to be the bridesmaid!! can you get the whole idea already? i am flown here in the middle of the semester to take care of my sister on her special day. and that makes me feel special... (hoi, yang kahwin kakak ko la fiqah... >.< ye2, paham2)

to those who get confused, my sister is already married last december, and this time around is only the reception. =)

okie dokie, i shall be back to update on the reception soon!! hope everything goes smoothly and be the best day for the newly weds.

Monday, 31 May 2010

from the bottom of my heart

okayhhhh~~ so everyone has been reminding and torturing me indirectly (yeah, the look you all have been giving me....) for not updating my blog. i really am sorry for being so quiet (me? quiet?) for almost 3-4months.

please believe me, since i entered my 4th year, i have been pretty busy with my lab and all. especially during the preparation for my 1st presentation which finished exactly just a week ago, i got this feeling that i was the most hardworking creature on earth. i went to the lab even on weekends and only got back home during isyak. *clap clap*

i feel sorry to those who witnessed my tense and the ugly-sour-grape face. ugh... >.<

but don't get me wrong. being a final year student doesn't mean i am deprived of the best things of the world. just ask people around me, i am sure they are getting bored of me telling them about my lab stories. non-stop. (izyan, ashfa, kak adil, akachan... sure korang paham... hahahaha)

hehe, yeah... this is indeed my best year in japan. i believe it's still not too late to love japan right? you know that you love something when you couldn't stop talking about it. trust me, i've tried so hard to keep my mouth shut and stop making people bored listening to my stories, but oh well, i guess that just shows how much i love my labmates.

if i ever update my blog these past 3 months, i am sure i will flood my blog with my lab stories... :D

right, i shall be back with some updates. wait for me will ya? ;)

Monday, 8 February 2010

wedding videos!!! =)

what?? afiqah! you are still too young to think about marriage.

yeah yeah... i know. it's not time yet!

so people, please don't get any weird ideas just because i'm in a mood to watch wedding videos. =P

actually my seniors and i have always been like 'ooh' and 'aaah' everytime we watch wedding videos on youtube. especially when we get together in kak izzah's room... (macam aktiviti berhantu di hujung2 minggu la plak >.<)

starting yesterday, i have been watching one after another wedding videos because my sister's wedding video has been uploaded on the facebook!! to those who want to watch the videos, just click at the link below, but don't forget to log into your facebook account first. =)


i just love wedding videos. they seem so nice and memorable. but only one thing lacking in these 2 videos: there are not many video shots of me !!!!!!!!!! T________T

anyway, credit to dinawedding! you all did a good job! and i just can't wait to see the pictures by nazimzafri. ^^

oh, speaking of videos, i have also been watching some videos on kuala lumpur. (initially i was searching for seoul videos to inspire me on my upcoming trip to seoul this weekend, and only god knows how i ended up watching videos of kuala lumpur.)
it is interesting to watch the videos uploaded by the tourists who came to malaysia. many of them use chinese and indian songs in their video clips. see, this is the proof of how malaysia can be truly asia!

and there is one particular video which is much weirder. it is a video of kuala lumpur with a thai song in it! i wonder why this person used thai song. he might have got confused between a malay and a thai song.hehe, who knows. anyway, the video is still cute though!

p/s: happy birthday kak wan!! dah tua laaa!!! gonna miss u bila dah balik msia nanti........ *sobs*

banoffee pie specially made for u! haha, the last touch was a bit messy. sorry!!

celebrating with kak izzah, akachan, me, kak wan, kak ayu and kak adil =)

Sunday, 31 January 2010

oops i did it again

did i mention about not spending anymore money? not if i want to enjoy my trip to korea and london?

haih.... so yesterday was the perfect weather for an evening walk. yes, i was only aiming to get some sun, and for the sake of walking. yeah, for health. nothing more. and moreover, i knew well enough that today would be cloudy and raining all day long. so i took the opportunity and wore my best shoes, and there i was, walking on the street of sannomiya.

from one street to another, i kept on walking without even blinking or thinking twice of stopping in any shops. i was so proud of myself that for the first 3 and a half hours i was doing nothing except brisk walking PAST THROUGH the shops. i also took the route which i have never been to, and somehow i ended up in kobe.

i contacted kak izzah and we promised to meet up at a particular food court in kobe to have dinner together that night (seriously i was craving for bukkake udon for quite some time). so, while i was on my way there, i walked myself into some shops and also supermarkets just to kill time. seriously, if people ever looked at me, they would right away know that i wasn't in a mood of buying anything particular. yeah, i went into the supermarkets without even bother to take a basket with me, and in every shops i entered, i just walked past through everything and my hands were practically in my pockets most of the time. i was really refraining myself from looking at gorgeous items.

just when i thought i would make a move and reached the food court successfully without lending my hands on anything, my eyes just had to land on a coat. just, right before i could step away from the shop. and i couldn't breathe properly, not because i was so hungry, but because i was so happy to see the coat which i was just about to buy in saitama 2 weeks ago, but ended up not buying it because i thought i didn't need anymore coats. and so i thought! i realized that i regretted not buying it the minute i left the shopping complex. T_T

i am not trying to justify for my actions, but please understand that it was like a dream come true. i knew at that time that i just had to buy it!! who would want to miss a second chance. oh no, at least not me! so i did what i had to do. i grabbed the coat, tried it once, and the moment i looked myself into the mirror i knew at once. i must have the coat. hating to make a second mistake, i quickly took the coat with me, took out my purse and went to the cashier to pay for it.

i was surprised that the girl at the counter gave me a blank look. she showed me the card,
and it was my bank card. >.<
ok, i was probably too excited to make the payment. sheepishly i took the bank card from her and handed over my credit card. (HAHAHAHAH! mongoks, wat maluuuu je)

right after getting off the shop, i saw a missed call from kak izzah. whoa! and at that moment i realized. ooooopssss, i did it again!!!!!!!!!! wasn't i suppose not to buy anyting anymore???

and i thought that for a change my will power was strong enough, not to buy anything while going out. DAMN!

well, at the bright side, at least i got the coat i longed for. :D

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

it's all about the money~

i dont know what have kept me busy lately, while everyone else is so busy studying for their respective exams. i don't have any exams to sit for this time around, so i am considered free and so much time on my hands. but i wonder myself, why cant i bring myself to write any entry for this blog??? huhu~~you know the answer: just bloody lazy i guess T_T

anyway, i have been going up and down, visiting my friends and also being visited by a friend. yeah, my holiday mood is already here. much earlier than the rest. i have bought my tickets to korea, going back home and also to my sister's place! yippee! (yeah, i know.... again...... can't help it because i just love going to london... hehe :D )

with mimi who gave a surprise visit to kobe! ;)

in saitama having a great time with jua, jimu n rina ^^

3 fiqahs in gunma! syafiqah, afiqah n afiqah =)

but oh, it doesn't look so heavenly actually. i have calculated and happily thought i have enough money, or more accurately, enough cash to bring along to korea and to the UK. but how wrong i was!! just yesterday i checked my bank account and got shocked to realize that my money is soOo much less than what i have seen a few days ago.

yeah! please laugh at me for how stupid i was to forget i have used my credit card to buy 2 tickets to korea, and then some. HUWAAA~~~~ how am i supposed to enjoy myself without having enough cash?? okay, i might be exaggerating, but as much as i hate being calculative, i just need to be, starting from today onwards. while doing my groceries, i cant help but to compare the price of everything. huhu, even 40yen means so much to me. (kat kantin sekolah dulu tuh dah boleh makan nasi lemak + keropok + air 50sen okayyhh!)

huh, i was totally spacing out yesterday on my way out to sannomiya after looking at the account. (dah la duit dari jpa masuk lambat!! huwaaaaaa!!!) i just followed where my feet had to bring me to. huuhuhuh.... sob3.... okay, from now on i guess i can only be seen in my house. haih, no eating outside and seriously, no shopping at the moment. damn, that's tough. >.<

okay, now i have done my job. hahah! writing a blog on how sad one's life is without money.
so, any suggestions on what kind of activity that doesn't require much money?
and any ideas on where i can get instant cash without working part time? robbing a bank? err, anyone wants to give backup? and no, i'm NOT selling my tickets to bsb concert for cash. hahah!

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

the ones i love =)

weird though, but up till today i still can't believe that my sister is already married. time sure flies that sometimes i feel that we are still kids studying at home under the surveillance(wow) of ayah and mami where by the 3 of us (abang, kak aini and i) can't wait for 10pm. at 10 pm sharp we would be happily or rather groggily go to ayah and mami's room to salam and say goodnight before going to bed.

i don't know about other siblings, but mine definitely love to reminisce our good old days. we always remind each other about the siblings power and share a good laugh on how funny we were during those days. abang with his temper, kak aini always trying to irritate others, and me, with my high-pitch voice. well, i guess there is one good thing about time. at least we are now much more mature than before. (please agree with me~~ hahaha)

i can still remember when i was 5, as usual we would go to the playground in front of our house to play in the evening. there were 2 boys who were older than i was, trying to bully me by using some violence. they pulled and squeezed my hands so hard that i screamed equally as hard. in a few seconds my siblings came rushing and saved me. they practically threw and kicked the *** of those boys. pheww~ i sure am glad i have such powerful voice. ;) well, i can never forget how my brother and sister have helped me a lot, protecting her little sister from danger all this while. :')

though we often quarrel, i believe that we will always be there for each other.

abang will always be a big brother to me. being positive towards things, he definitely makes me feel good towards life. if the situation ever gets gloomy, he really knows how to change it into a happier mood. trust me, kids just love to be around my brother because sometimes he acts like them too... heheheheheheh... and being athletic, no doubt he is the one who makes me so into basketball. i guess i love taekwondo because of him too. =)

kak aini, the quiet one. yeah right, she might appear quiet, but she is never a boring person. to the elderly, she is very polite and always on the move in everything. she is very helpful which i totally respect her for that. she might also look serious, but trust me, when she laughs, please turn off your speaker. hurm, she also dresses herself very well that i tend to follow her style in almost every way. heheh.. just about a few minutes ago i got some tips on dressing myself up by her through skype. hurm, see how lucky i am to have a sister like her. :D

anyway, no matter how time has passed and the fact that we are getting older, i trust that our bond will always stay strong. although kak aini is now married, and abang's wedding tah2 just around the corner, (who knows?heheh) i know that our love towards each other will never end.

to kak aini, i guess it is not too late if i wanna congratulate you again here. be a good wife, and respect your husband ok! like what we malays always say: semoga berbahagia ke anak cucu!! =)
i have got another brother now! ;D

p/s: congrats shera for the great news! really happy for you~ to ema and shera, i wish the both of you the best in the future life ie married life! (x lame lagi)... muahxXx! <3