Sunday, 31 January 2010

oops i did it again

did i mention about not spending anymore money? not if i want to enjoy my trip to korea and london?

haih.... so yesterday was the perfect weather for an evening walk. yes, i was only aiming to get some sun, and for the sake of walking. yeah, for health. nothing more. and moreover, i knew well enough that today would be cloudy and raining all day long. so i took the opportunity and wore my best shoes, and there i was, walking on the street of sannomiya.

from one street to another, i kept on walking without even blinking or thinking twice of stopping in any shops. i was so proud of myself that for the first 3 and a half hours i was doing nothing except brisk walking PAST THROUGH the shops. i also took the route which i have never been to, and somehow i ended up in kobe.

i contacted kak izzah and we promised to meet up at a particular food court in kobe to have dinner together that night (seriously i was craving for bukkake udon for quite some time). so, while i was on my way there, i walked myself into some shops and also supermarkets just to kill time. seriously, if people ever looked at me, they would right away know that i wasn't in a mood of buying anything particular. yeah, i went into the supermarkets without even bother to take a basket with me, and in every shops i entered, i just walked past through everything and my hands were practically in my pockets most of the time. i was really refraining myself from looking at gorgeous items.

just when i thought i would make a move and reached the food court successfully without lending my hands on anything, my eyes just had to land on a coat. just, right before i could step away from the shop. and i couldn't breathe properly, not because i was so hungry, but because i was so happy to see the coat which i was just about to buy in saitama 2 weeks ago, but ended up not buying it because i thought i didn't need anymore coats. and so i thought! i realized that i regretted not buying it the minute i left the shopping complex. T_T

i am not trying to justify for my actions, but please understand that it was like a dream come true. i knew at that time that i just had to buy it!! who would want to miss a second chance. oh no, at least not me! so i did what i had to do. i grabbed the coat, tried it once, and the moment i looked myself into the mirror i knew at once. i must have the coat. hating to make a second mistake, i quickly took the coat with me, took out my purse and went to the cashier to pay for it.

i was surprised that the girl at the counter gave me a blank look. she showed me the card,
and it was my bank card. >.<
ok, i was probably too excited to make the payment. sheepishly i took the bank card from her and handed over my credit card. (HAHAHAHAH! mongoks, wat maluuuu je)

right after getting off the shop, i saw a missed call from kak izzah. whoa! and at that moment i realized. ooooopssss, i did it again!!!!!!!!!! wasn't i suppose not to buy anyting anymore???

and i thought that for a change my will power was strong enough, not to buy anything while going out. DAMN!

well, at the bright side, at least i got the coat i longed for. :D

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

it's all about the money~

i dont know what have kept me busy lately, while everyone else is so busy studying for their respective exams. i don't have any exams to sit for this time around, so i am considered free and so much time on my hands. but i wonder myself, why cant i bring myself to write any entry for this blog??? huhu~~you know the answer: just bloody lazy i guess T_T

anyway, i have been going up and down, visiting my friends and also being visited by a friend. yeah, my holiday mood is already here. much earlier than the rest. i have bought my tickets to korea, going back home and also to my sister's place! yippee! (yeah, i know.... again...... can't help it because i just love going to london... hehe :D )

with mimi who gave a surprise visit to kobe! ;)

in saitama having a great time with jua, jimu n rina ^^

3 fiqahs in gunma! syafiqah, afiqah n afiqah =)

but oh, it doesn't look so heavenly actually. i have calculated and happily thought i have enough money, or more accurately, enough cash to bring along to korea and to the UK. but how wrong i was!! just yesterday i checked my bank account and got shocked to realize that my money is soOo much less than what i have seen a few days ago.

yeah! please laugh at me for how stupid i was to forget i have used my credit card to buy 2 tickets to korea, and then some. HUWAAA~~~~ how am i supposed to enjoy myself without having enough cash?? okay, i might be exaggerating, but as much as i hate being calculative, i just need to be, starting from today onwards. while doing my groceries, i cant help but to compare the price of everything. huhu, even 40yen means so much to me. (kat kantin sekolah dulu tuh dah boleh makan nasi lemak + keropok + air 50sen okayyhh!)

huh, i was totally spacing out yesterday on my way out to sannomiya after looking at the account. (dah la duit dari jpa masuk lambat!! huwaaaaaa!!!) i just followed where my feet had to bring me to. huuhuhuh.... sob3.... okay, from now on i guess i can only be seen in my house. haih, no eating outside and seriously, no shopping at the moment. damn, that's tough. >.<

okay, now i have done my job. hahah! writing a blog on how sad one's life is without money.
so, any suggestions on what kind of activity that doesn't require much money?
and any ideas on where i can get instant cash without working part time? robbing a bank? err, anyone wants to give backup? and no, i'm NOT selling my tickets to bsb concert for cash. hahah!

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

the ones i love =)

weird though, but up till today i still can't believe that my sister is already married. time sure flies that sometimes i feel that we are still kids studying at home under the surveillance(wow) of ayah and mami where by the 3 of us (abang, kak aini and i) can't wait for 10pm. at 10 pm sharp we would be happily or rather groggily go to ayah and mami's room to salam and say goodnight before going to bed.

i don't know about other siblings, but mine definitely love to reminisce our good old days. we always remind each other about the siblings power and share a good laugh on how funny we were during those days. abang with his temper, kak aini always trying to irritate others, and me, with my high-pitch voice. well, i guess there is one good thing about time. at least we are now much more mature than before. (please agree with me~~ hahaha)

i can still remember when i was 5, as usual we would go to the playground in front of our house to play in the evening. there were 2 boys who were older than i was, trying to bully me by using some violence. they pulled and squeezed my hands so hard that i screamed equally as hard. in a few seconds my siblings came rushing and saved me. they practically threw and kicked the *** of those boys. pheww~ i sure am glad i have such powerful voice. ;) well, i can never forget how my brother and sister have helped me a lot, protecting her little sister from danger all this while. :')

though we often quarrel, i believe that we will always be there for each other.

abang will always be a big brother to me. being positive towards things, he definitely makes me feel good towards life. if the situation ever gets gloomy, he really knows how to change it into a happier mood. trust me, kids just love to be around my brother because sometimes he acts like them too... heheheheheheh... and being athletic, no doubt he is the one who makes me so into basketball. i guess i love taekwondo because of him too. =)

kak aini, the quiet one. yeah right, she might appear quiet, but she is never a boring person. to the elderly, she is very polite and always on the move in everything. she is very helpful which i totally respect her for that. she might also look serious, but trust me, when she laughs, please turn off your speaker. hurm, she also dresses herself very well that i tend to follow her style in almost every way. heheh.. just about a few minutes ago i got some tips on dressing myself up by her through skype. hurm, see how lucky i am to have a sister like her. :D

anyway, no matter how time has passed and the fact that we are getting older, i trust that our bond will always stay strong. although kak aini is now married, and abang's wedding tah2 just around the corner, (who knows?heheh) i know that our love towards each other will never end.

to kak aini, i guess it is not too late if i wanna congratulate you again here. be a good wife, and respect your husband ok! like what we malays always say: semoga berbahagia ke anak cucu!! =)
i have got another brother now! ;D

p/s: congrats shera for the great news! really happy for you~ to ema and shera, i wish the both of you the best in the future life ie married life! (x lame lagi)... muahxXx! <3