Wednesday, 27 January 2010

it's all about the money~

i dont know what have kept me busy lately, while everyone else is so busy studying for their respective exams. i don't have any exams to sit for this time around, so i am considered free and so much time on my hands. but i wonder myself, why cant i bring myself to write any entry for this blog??? huhu~~you know the answer: just bloody lazy i guess T_T

anyway, i have been going up and down, visiting my friends and also being visited by a friend. yeah, my holiday mood is already here. much earlier than the rest. i have bought my tickets to korea, going back home and also to my sister's place! yippee! (yeah, i know.... again...... can't help it because i just love going to london... hehe :D )

with mimi who gave a surprise visit to kobe! ;)

in saitama having a great time with jua, jimu n rina ^^

3 fiqahs in gunma! syafiqah, afiqah n afiqah =)

but oh, it doesn't look so heavenly actually. i have calculated and happily thought i have enough money, or more accurately, enough cash to bring along to korea and to the UK. but how wrong i was!! just yesterday i checked my bank account and got shocked to realize that my money is soOo much less than what i have seen a few days ago.

yeah! please laugh at me for how stupid i was to forget i have used my credit card to buy 2 tickets to korea, and then some. HUWAAA~~~~ how am i supposed to enjoy myself without having enough cash?? okay, i might be exaggerating, but as much as i hate being calculative, i just need to be, starting from today onwards. while doing my groceries, i cant help but to compare the price of everything. huhu, even 40yen means so much to me. (kat kantin sekolah dulu tuh dah boleh makan nasi lemak + keropok + air 50sen okayyhh!)

huh, i was totally spacing out yesterday on my way out to sannomiya after looking at the account. (dah la duit dari jpa masuk lambat!! huwaaaaaa!!!) i just followed where my feet had to bring me to. huuhuhuh.... sob3.... okay, from now on i guess i can only be seen in my house. haih, no eating outside and seriously, no shopping at the moment. damn, that's tough. >.<

okay, now i have done my job. hahah! writing a blog on how sad one's life is without money.
so, any suggestions on what kind of activity that doesn't require much money?
and any ideas on where i can get instant cash without working part time? robbing a bank? err, anyone wants to give backup? and no, i'm NOT selling my tickets to bsb concert for cash. hahah!


  1. Huh? Kahkahkah!

  2. yeah, thats what i really need. being laughed at... huhuhuhuhu... >.<

  3. Hey, i'll just make this short. im currently studying in AAJ, batch 29,so u r literally my daisenpai. through your blog i guess u r in kobe, which my first choice if i pass my EJU.hope u dont mind to consult me abt kobe n 勉強 thru facebook or mayb ym. <___>

  4. whatttt ure going to londonnnnn whennn whennn omggggg jealous!!!!! :( :(
    kirim salam dekat harrods for me.

  5. hi nabila! nice to hear from u! yeah, im now studying in kobe university. why dont u add my facebook account? my name: afiqah aisyah suriyadi. i'll be glad to help =)

    atil!! hahah, i didnt plan to go at first, but i got soOo tempted to see the price at! heheh... im taking a flight from msia on feb 19.. ok, i'll kirim salam kat harrods for u if i lepak sane. :D

  6. ish sedihnye. ada duit tak nak gi korea nanti? guna je credit card tuh.. nanti kat london kak aini belanja. cepat2 la datang. lap u

  7. hahah, thanks darl... tuh la, most probably i'll just swipe my credit card to buy everything there. yey!!! cant wait to get belanja'ed by u in london ^^
    oh, n masak nasi ayam best2 nanti~ lap u to darl!