Wednesday, 13 January 2010

the ones i love =)

weird though, but up till today i still can't believe that my sister is already married. time sure flies that sometimes i feel that we are still kids studying at home under the surveillance(wow) of ayah and mami where by the 3 of us (abang, kak aini and i) can't wait for 10pm. at 10 pm sharp we would be happily or rather groggily go to ayah and mami's room to salam and say goodnight before going to bed.

i don't know about other siblings, but mine definitely love to reminisce our good old days. we always remind each other about the siblings power and share a good laugh on how funny we were during those days. abang with his temper, kak aini always trying to irritate others, and me, with my high-pitch voice. well, i guess there is one good thing about time. at least we are now much more mature than before. (please agree with me~~ hahaha)

i can still remember when i was 5, as usual we would go to the playground in front of our house to play in the evening. there were 2 boys who were older than i was, trying to bully me by using some violence. they pulled and squeezed my hands so hard that i screamed equally as hard. in a few seconds my siblings came rushing and saved me. they practically threw and kicked the *** of those boys. pheww~ i sure am glad i have such powerful voice. ;) well, i can never forget how my brother and sister have helped me a lot, protecting her little sister from danger all this while. :')

though we often quarrel, i believe that we will always be there for each other.

abang will always be a big brother to me. being positive towards things, he definitely makes me feel good towards life. if the situation ever gets gloomy, he really knows how to change it into a happier mood. trust me, kids just love to be around my brother because sometimes he acts like them too... heheheheheheh... and being athletic, no doubt he is the one who makes me so into basketball. i guess i love taekwondo because of him too. =)

kak aini, the quiet one. yeah right, she might appear quiet, but she is never a boring person. to the elderly, she is very polite and always on the move in everything. she is very helpful which i totally respect her for that. she might also look serious, but trust me, when she laughs, please turn off your speaker. hurm, she also dresses herself very well that i tend to follow her style in almost every way. heheh.. just about a few minutes ago i got some tips on dressing myself up by her through skype. hurm, see how lucky i am to have a sister like her. :D

anyway, no matter how time has passed and the fact that we are getting older, i trust that our bond will always stay strong. although kak aini is now married, and abang's wedding tah2 just around the corner, (who knows?heheh) i know that our love towards each other will never end.

to kak aini, i guess it is not too late if i wanna congratulate you again here. be a good wife, and respect your husband ok! like what we malays always say: semoga berbahagia ke anak cucu!! =)
i have got another brother now! ;D

p/s: congrats shera for the great news! really happy for you~ to ema and shera, i wish the both of you the best in the future life ie married life! (x lame lagi)... muahxXx! <3


  1. fiqah nmpk ayu dlm pic tuh.dgn baju n ur pipi pon merah2.pastu ur sis lawa la.baju die simple jek..xpayah berlabuci2 byk2 pon nmpk lawa.
    congrats dpt BIL =)

  2. thanks huda!! hehe, nih yang kene slalu pakai baju2 cenggitu. boleh maintain ayu... hahahahah
    best2 dah dapat bro-in-law~ :P

  3. aah la.. cute sgt cik fiqah kite dlm pic tuh! cam pompuan melayu terakhir, gitu..! ;)

    congrats to ur sis! & welcome to da club! ;P

  4. haha iqa2, now iv got a tear in my eye. hehe, abe tak ingt pun pasal incident playground tu. lama sungguh rase nye. (= rindu gile time duduk kt bilik kt melaka kt atas ramai2, n konon2 smgt studi sampai kul 10 tu. haha those were the days.haha, slmber je kutuk abe, ni yg tak sabar nk balik masia rematch lawan bsketball ngn iqa ni. i love n miss u soo much darl. muah2

  5. oh darling! miss u like crazy. u make me smile. ive a got tears in my eyes as well. huhu oh well, kak aini pun tak ingat incident tuh, tapi it's nice to know that u remember something good about us. huhu il do anything for my sister even if that meant spending the night in jail. just one night, not more. oh well, thanks again, pray for us ok? love you darl.

    ps: did i kick those boys? i hope i did.


  6. kak ros- thank you so much!! :) tuh la, only my sis yg dah join akak nye club. saya still long way to go... hahahah

    abe, tuh la, zaman2 tertido kat meja time konon2 study. pastu dgr footsteps ayah, trus buat2 study... wakakakak.... nway, ok darl! cant wait to play basketball with u!! muah2

    kak aini!!! miss u like crazy too!!! oh, masing2, tak perlu terharu n anggap la, a tribute to the both of u for being there for me, ALWAYS... sure darl! we will always pray the best for u both! muahXxX! :D

  7. aww.this makes me rindu my sisters too :(

    congrats to ur sister!(ive said this like a million times kan?fb n twitter n now blog..hahha)

    btw,rindu laa u n jua n pekah!!!*sob*

  8. Very touching and so meaningful for us too. Reading this blog merely confirms that we did something right along the way. We had three of the best kids any parent can hope for. Likewise we will never get bored with you guys; even if you repeat the stories a million times. You really fooled us. Now that we have Lutfi added to the team, for sure more memorable stories will be added to our library of memories.

  9. atil- i appreciate every single congrats u have said to me. thanks so much dear!! sometimes i just feel like writing about the things i miss ;) and definitely i miss u too atil!!! *hugs*

    ayah- huhu, terharu with ur words :') actually we are the lucky ones to get u both as parents. hehe, we didnt fool u that much. we did our part, studying, but maybe berlakon rajin lagi banyak kot.. hahahha... nway, to abang lutfi, welcome to the family!

  10. Thank you Adik Iqa, huhu, and ofcoz thank you to Ayah, Mami, Abg Afiq and my beloved wife Aini, ive been treated like anak emas and showered with love ever since i stepped into the house, u all have been nothing but nice to me :) and like ayah said, im sure in years to come we'll create new memorable stories that we could reflect on when we are in our 50s, insyaAllah Ayah Mami panjang umur so that we can still gelak2 sekali then hehe.... take care everybody :)

  11. wow! now i really am terharu! (hahaha, the penekanan of the word adik is very funny).
    insyaAllah everyone umur panjang n we can always share our laughters and memories together.. AMIN!! ;)
    u take care too!

  12. oh husband ku sungguh sweet... =)

  13. Hi 21 Years Iqa,

    This was my first time to hear this story , nasib la ada abang you yang gagah perkasa .. anyway 27 years old Iqa pun sama cantik .. :P

    1. You are so sweet do you know that? :') i had them then.. will have u in my future insyaAllah ;)