Sunday, 31 January 2010

oops i did it again

did i mention about not spending anymore money? not if i want to enjoy my trip to korea and london?

haih.... so yesterday was the perfect weather for an evening walk. yes, i was only aiming to get some sun, and for the sake of walking. yeah, for health. nothing more. and moreover, i knew well enough that today would be cloudy and raining all day long. so i took the opportunity and wore my best shoes, and there i was, walking on the street of sannomiya.

from one street to another, i kept on walking without even blinking or thinking twice of stopping in any shops. i was so proud of myself that for the first 3 and a half hours i was doing nothing except brisk walking PAST THROUGH the shops. i also took the route which i have never been to, and somehow i ended up in kobe.

i contacted kak izzah and we promised to meet up at a particular food court in kobe to have dinner together that night (seriously i was craving for bukkake udon for quite some time). so, while i was on my way there, i walked myself into some shops and also supermarkets just to kill time. seriously, if people ever looked at me, they would right away know that i wasn't in a mood of buying anything particular. yeah, i went into the supermarkets without even bother to take a basket with me, and in every shops i entered, i just walked past through everything and my hands were practically in my pockets most of the time. i was really refraining myself from looking at gorgeous items.

just when i thought i would make a move and reached the food court successfully without lending my hands on anything, my eyes just had to land on a coat. just, right before i could step away from the shop. and i couldn't breathe properly, not because i was so hungry, but because i was so happy to see the coat which i was just about to buy in saitama 2 weeks ago, but ended up not buying it because i thought i didn't need anymore coats. and so i thought! i realized that i regretted not buying it the minute i left the shopping complex. T_T

i am not trying to justify for my actions, but please understand that it was like a dream come true. i knew at that time that i just had to buy it!! who would want to miss a second chance. oh no, at least not me! so i did what i had to do. i grabbed the coat, tried it once, and the moment i looked myself into the mirror i knew at once. i must have the coat. hating to make a second mistake, i quickly took the coat with me, took out my purse and went to the cashier to pay for it.

i was surprised that the girl at the counter gave me a blank look. she showed me the card,
and it was my bank card. >.<
ok, i was probably too excited to make the payment. sheepishly i took the bank card from her and handed over my credit card. (HAHAHAHAH! mongoks, wat maluuuu je)

right after getting off the shop, i saw a missed call from kak izzah. whoa! and at that moment i realized. ooooopssss, i did it again!!!!!!!!!! wasn't i suppose not to buy anyting anymore???

and i thought that for a change my will power was strong enough, not to buy anything while going out. DAMN!

well, at the bright side, at least i got the coat i longed for. :D


  1. lol excited gila dpt coat idaman sampai salah bg kad.
    hehe tepek la gamba pakai coat tuh atau coat tuh je pon xpe

  2. cis mok, slamber je kata tuttet >.<

    huda, tuh la... camne tah boleh silap bagi... heh, nanti aku letak gmbr, mgkn dalam next blog ke... hahhah... ^^

  3. hahah tolong jangan spastik bleh tak~~
    WEH aku gelak kot sbb aku sure sgt aku tau muke ko cane tyme tu..
    mesti cam "oww..err.." kinda terkejut+cover malu type of reaction..suara lembut2 sket~ kan3! hahaha!! same cam ko kalau malu2 nak amek food laa...(like how kitorang imitate ko kat dorm dlu..ok jgn kate ko x igt cne)
    BURUK adorable laa..hahahaha..dah3 xmau gelak banyak2.

    bout the coat.aku slalu gak cm minat2 mnde tp x aku pcaye yg ..*ehem* ..kalau ko tjumpe laie 4 the 2nd tyme,then ur ment to b together...ecehh..haha... ko dh bli pun.meaning u like it enuff laa since ko pun dah ade tempoh yg pjg utk bfikir2 tentang the coat u saw in saitama b4 u came across the exact same thing nih.enjoy it!! yokatta beli ...hehe msti cun..amek pic sket..sure nk pkai kat ryoko nnt kan~ heheh

  4. suka sgt bazir duit..pakcik suryadi, marah dia, marah dia

  5. hahahah! pekah, ape assume aku wat muka cam malu2 tuh... aku buat macho je time bagi credit card tuh... :D (ok2, aku ngaku la.. u know me too well... >.<)
    yokatta! ada orang sama fikiran ngan aku. weee~ the coat and i are just meant to be together... :P
    hopefully that coat mampu beri heat yang secukupnya time ryoko nnt.. hehe

    eeeepp... mala, jangan jadi batu api!! T_T

  6. hahahha!the coat kt shintoshin tu ke yunk??petak2?hehehe.wehhh ak gelak gila baca!hahahahhahahahha.u made my day!=)

    jua comel

  7. jua comel!! wakakkkaaka~ yup, thats right dear! that's the one. apparently i saw the exact same coat here in kobe. yokatta kan! :P
    i really wanted to buy it that day at shintoshin, tapi pk macam2 la plak ari tu... n at last, bought it! good to hear i made ur day! ^.^

  8. hai afiqah...come be my follower in my blog...i already your blog follower...