Monday, 8 February 2010

wedding videos!!! =)

what?? afiqah! you are still too young to think about marriage.

yeah yeah... i know. it's not time yet!

so people, please don't get any weird ideas just because i'm in a mood to watch wedding videos. =P

actually my seniors and i have always been like 'ooh' and 'aaah' everytime we watch wedding videos on youtube. especially when we get together in kak izzah's room... (macam aktiviti berhantu di hujung2 minggu la plak >.<)

starting yesterday, i have been watching one after another wedding videos because my sister's wedding video has been uploaded on the facebook!! to those who want to watch the videos, just click at the link below, but don't forget to log into your facebook account first. =)


i just love wedding videos. they seem so nice and memorable. but only one thing lacking in these 2 videos: there are not many video shots of me !!!!!!!!!! T________T

anyway, credit to dinawedding! you all did a good job! and i just can't wait to see the pictures by nazimzafri. ^^

oh, speaking of videos, i have also been watching some videos on kuala lumpur. (initially i was searching for seoul videos to inspire me on my upcoming trip to seoul this weekend, and only god knows how i ended up watching videos of kuala lumpur.)
it is interesting to watch the videos uploaded by the tourists who came to malaysia. many of them use chinese and indian songs in their video clips. see, this is the proof of how malaysia can be truly asia!

and there is one particular video which is much weirder. it is a video of kuala lumpur with a thai song in it! i wonder why this person used thai song. he might have got confused between a malay and a thai song.hehe, who knows. anyway, the video is still cute though!

p/s: happy birthday kak wan!! dah tua laaa!!! gonna miss u bila dah balik msia nanti........ *sobs*

banoffee pie specially made for u! haha, the last touch was a bit messy. sorry!!

celebrating with kak izzah, akachan, me, kak wan, kak ayu and kak adil =)


  1. totally forgot that you're going to Korea this weekend..wanna go again!!!huhuuu
    and I'm stuck here with my exams..tak aci!!

    btw have a nice trip dear..
    miss u!!muahhhzz!!

  2. mimi, dont worry dear! u just finish up ur exams first n think about the excitements ur gonna have after the exams. u'll be spending plenty n plenty of free time. beshnyeee~~~ all da best k!!

    cant wait 4 the trip though. wehewww~ ^.^